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May into June 2012                                                                          Louise Reichlin & Dancers 


Between school shows at Rancho El



Let Me Catch My Breath

Free performance
Sunday June 3 
Teaching & performing in Schools





Free Performance at Lummis Day 2012 this Sunday
Mourning Light
The Seventh Annual Festival of Northeast Los Angeles   
June 3, 2012 at 2:45 pm    - Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers performs on Stage 2.
Address: Heritage Square Museum, 3800 Homer Street, LA .
 Map and driving or MTA directions including free parking.
 -Performing a dance from The Patchwork Girl of Oz, Mourning Light from the Baggage Project, and Selections from The Tennis Dances.    -Directed & choreographed by Louise Reichlin
 -Featuring: Zsolt Banki, Jen Hunter, Steven Nielsen, Elizabeth Poinsette, Louise Reichlin, Angela Todaro
Quick Moves
20/20 Vision at Dance USA June 30
Free School Residency Available through special grant
Educational Activities - More than One a Day..
Special Thanks
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20/20 Vision at Dance USA June 30

 Louise Reichlin is one of seven artists selected to present their current work in the pecha-kucha style. Her topic is Tap Dance Widows Club/ The Baggage  Project. The forum is curated by Mark Bamuthi Joseph. Dance USA annual conference is in San Francisco this year June 27-30. 

Free School Residency Available through special grant  

from LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas 

 We currently have educational residencies for almost every grade level, both during curriculum and after school. We are pleased to announce a new special educational grant and we will be able to offer a full residency with 2 performances, 10 student workshops, a PD, etc. for free to just one elementary school who has a year round program as we would like to do this in the summer. You must be in Ridley-Thomas's County District for this (# 2). Contact us now.

Educational Activities - More than One a Day

- We will also be performing at  the Frederick Douglass Academy HS campus on June 5 at 10:50 am, along with selections performed by the HS Dance Program. Steven Nielsen and M'saada Nia provide their choreography.


- We recently completed a residency at the Los Nietos School District with student workshops and performances at Rancho Santa Gertrudes El and performances at Aeolian El Schools.   


-Providing after school programs through LA's Best at Columbus Ave and Noble El.  


-Professional development for teachers at Patricia Nixon Academy in ABC District.


-Student workshops at Jordan HS, Long Beach School District in June.
I like this photo from our recent residency at Rancho because even though a few of the heads are turned, we can still see some of the colorful designs they came up with from their costume session with our costumer Linda Borough.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to you for your support! Please continue to contribute and consider raising the amount if you are able. The budget for our New York tour was one of the highest project budgets we have ever strived to meet. Our school activities need matching funds. Special thanks to the Milken Family Foundation that recently renewed their annual educational contribution. Please visit our website to make your donation.



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Videos of Louise Reichlin & Alfred Desio:


click here for Reichlin on You/Tube 


click here for Desio on You/Tube 


Please contact us if you would like more information about anything you see here.





Louise Reichlin, Director

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers