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Are you one of the hundreds of thousands who have seen our performances or had your children study and perform with us at one of the hundreds of schools or theaters we have worked with since 1979? Or perhaps you ARE one of those students who has become motivated and more curious about the world and found your individual voice when you participated with us. Or maybe you are one of our former dancers who gave so much to others and grew as an artist when you worked with us. Are you one of the companies that have a free listing on the Southern CA Dance & Directory that we publish? Are you one of the presenters or a school or teacher who has collaborated with us. Or maybe you are about to do this---


            We wish all of you in our extended community most wonderful holidays, and invite you to make a financial contribution to our company. The non-profit name is Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, which covers the two professional companies Louise Reichlin & Dancers and Zapped Taps(TM))/Alfred Desio. We have also presented the work of more than 75 dance companies and choreographers including our early New Works Dance Festivals and more recently the annual TriArt Festivals; we publish the Southern CA Dance & Directory that currently has 550 listings. Our current activities include our first New York performance of The Patchwork Girl of Oz at the Long Island Children's Museum (1/7/12 @ 2 pm- 516-224-5845)showcases at the Alvin Ailey Theater during the APAP conference (1/8/12 @ 2:15 and 8:20 and 1/9/12 @7:35), and working with schools in January from the LA Unified School District and the Los Nietos School District.

            Please join us during some of these activities, and please  DONATE NOW to help them thrive and to keep us alive. Thank you in advance.


We hope to work with you in the coming year.

Louise Reichlin, Director

Zsolt Banki, Jen Hunter, Lindsay Marquino, Steven Nielsen, Elizabeth Poinsette, Angelina Prendergast, Louise Reichlin, Bekah Spurgeon, and Angela Todaro, Dancers

Louise Reichlin, Joanne Divito, Betty Castaneda, Hiroshi Hamanishi, Loretta Zerby,  and Tamara Shayne Kagel, Board of Directors

Happy Holidays!!!