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REHEARSING FOR OUR NEXT PERFORMANCE! Come see us at the Miles Memorial Playhouse with Baggage, a new suite of dance and multimedia works, on May 20-22, 2011. Seating is limited so

purchase now. 

To the left - Zsolt Banki and Angelina Prendergast in Tap Dance Widows Club, one of our new works this season.
Also a  press release to download for more detail.

Program includes The Kiss, Mourning Light, Woman Sleeping ('81), Remembrance, Tap Dance Widows Club

Event on the left, and just a bit more
Performance Details for the Miles Memorial Playhouse
Adding Images & Thoughts of your departed
TriArt Festival 2011
Educational Activities
Administrative/ Marketing Intern Wanted
Special Thanks
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Performance Details for the Miles Memorial Playhouse
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Adding Images & Thoughts of your departed - Contact us 

You can read about some of the content of our upcoming program above, but here is where the idea came from, and an invitation to add someone who may no longer be with you to the piece. We will be adding more names and images to the dance/media section called "Remembrance"


An exciting new participatory project this season is a work called "Baggage", an expansion of "The Reality Series". "Baggage" is being created in conjunction with a revival of a theater piece from our 1981 season, "Woman Sleeping". It focuses on how we continue to carry with us in life those who have passed by integrating the experience of artifacts and emotions that remain. At the time, I didn't know where the inspiration came from, but now after almost 100 dances and the death of Alfred Desio, my partner and husband of 39 years, I understand the sources better. I see the world differently as I carry the spirit of his vitality with me.


Knowing that many others share this with their own departed, I think of this as "baggage" (but with a positive connotation). Unlike that first piece, this one will be formed of images and stories of others as well as myself who have discovered that death changes their perception of reality. How do we incorporate continuing life with a loved one who is still present, but no longer corporal? This is one of the questions in making this work. It includes combining elements of the original "Woman Sleeping". A large part of the work is the celebratory work called "Tap Dance Widows Club", described with many photos in the flyer above.


By joining the Baggage Project group on Facebook, you can upload images, thoughts, or even just a "name" of a departed your would like to include. If you would like to record a line or two about the person, please email the sound clip. The image and/or sound clip will be included in the work, and can also allow you to interact with others who may have gone through a similar experience. If you would like to participate in the work and prefer to email me the information directly, address your email to If you would like to send a video clip as a DVD, please address it to 351 S. Virgil Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90020.

TriArt Festival 2011 
The fifth Annual TriArt Festival will take place September 24/25th, 2011 in the Ports O' Call Village in San Pedro. This is a free family event that will feature dance and music performances on two stages. For more about the Festival please see their web site at:

Last year we received many more applications than there was room for, so if you were not selected before, please try again, perhaps with a different piece. There is always great diversity in the programming. If you have performed for the Festival in the past, please let us know of your interest for this year, as we are now accepting new applications for programming.


There is an interest in all dance forms performed by professional companies including traditional ballet and modern as well as ethnic dance forms and hip-hop. Most of the works were traditional in their presentation last year, but three companies did interactive pieces that involved audience members, and this is another area of interest. This is for an outdoor stage approximately 36 x 30 feet. Each set will be 15-30 minutes. It is a showcase (no funds for the companies), but we have moved the festival location to insure a good-turn out on both days. We had good reviews last year, and anticipate good coverage for the event, both before and after.


To apply contact Joe Caccavalla, Founder/Director  or Louise Reichlin, Dance Coordinator.


Please send a link to a proposed work and digital press packet. If you prefer a DVD, please see the address at the bottom of this email.

Educational Activities 
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For our company it is a busy time in schools.

In February we were in residence at Broad Ave. Elementary (see photo above). A mysterious blue ball seems to be levitating above our dancers in the top row, including Angelina Prendergast, Angela Todaro, Zolt Banki, and Sung-Yun Park. Thanks for a matching grant from the Don Knabe Arts Education Partnership that includes this school in San Pedro.

March & April, 2011- Two after school programs at Vine St Elementary (LAUSD) through a partnership with the Hollywood Arts Council, and a continuation of our after school program at Our Lady of Loretto, Los Angeles. We just began a school residency at Chase Ave. Elementary. This is a curriculum project working with 5 classes on international dances that they then teach to the other classes in their grade level. The project culminates in June with the whole school performing the dances, which this year are from continents including North America, Africa, Asia (Japan), Pacific Islands, and Central/South America. Each year different locations and dances are selected.
Administrative/ Marketing Intern Wanted  

We are please to announce an open position we have through a grant from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Summer Intern Program. A  short description includes:


Job Title :            Administrative/Marketing Intern 

Wage/Salary:      $3500 for 10 wks

Employment Start Date:            after 5/30/11

Employment End Date:            10 weeks before 8/19/11


Job Description:            PLEASE NOTE: THE STUDENT MUST BE AN UNDERGRAD AND MAY GRADUATE UP TO SEPT 1. THEY MUST EITHER ATTEND SCHOOL OR LIVE IN LA COUNTY. The summer project is both comprehensive and specific. The comprehensive areas include the continuation of the development of our WEB 2.0 strategies in order to enhance our company in terms of communication and social media that is both one to one, and many to many. Although we have recently redesigned our web site, augmenting or adding our Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Wordpress, etc pages and sites and the integration of our historical past along with both our present and future is part of this. This will also involve marketing and research for both earned and donated income, as well as our educational components.


Following are specific projects that the intern can choose to focus on for more in depth work:

1- Since we are involved in producing at the end of the summer, the intern can also have first hand experience in the preproduction area.

2- Reichlin's newest creative project "Baggage" focuses on death and how we continue to carry with us in life those who have passed by integrating the experience of artifacts and emotions that remain. It involves participation from others through the internet submission of images and stories of others in developing the work. The intern can choose to focus on developing a marketing campaign for this work.

3- Our company develops new educational projects, and the intern can choose this area as a main focus.

4- We are developing a new wellness-training program for businesses, and the marketing of this can be a main focus.


For a complete description please download this job description.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to our government fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Please go to our web site and make a donation.  To see who else is helping us please see our funding page.

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