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TriArt Festival 2011.


The fifth Annual TriArt Festival will take place September 24/25th, 2011 in the Ports O' Call Village in San Pedro. This is a free family event that will feature dance and music performances on two stages. For more about the Festival please see their web site at: Last year we received many more applications than there was room for, so if you were not selected before, please try again, perhaps with a different piece. There is always great diversity in the programming.


There is an interest in all dance forms performed by professional companies including traditional ballet and modern as well as ethnic dance forms and hip-hop. Most of the works were traditional in their presentation last year, but three companies did interactive pieces that involved audience members, and this is another area of interest. This is for an outdoor stage approximately 36 x 30 feet. Each set will be 15-30 minutes. It is a showcase (no funds for the companies), but we have moved the festival location to insure a good-turn out on both days. We anticipate good coverage for the event, both before and after.


Last year we received a great review from the Beverly Hills Outlook. Excerpts follow:


"Taking in the Tri-Art"


"The Tri-ART Festival, a street fair, was very well organized this year by Louise Reichlin, the Artistic

Director of Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers.  Ms. Reichlin organized two days of dance on an outside stage on 9/11th and 12th. I attended on Sunday and was entertained by five top-notch performances.


The program opened and closed with the Ruby Karen Project. Ms. Karen is a world-class dancer who hasgone in the direction of aerial arts. Her partner in the opening duet is her partner in life and the connection was very strong on stage. In the end the performance moved off stage to an 18' high rig for an aerial demonstration with a ring and silks.


Sohini Ray from Northeastern India has mastered the art of Pung Cholom (moving with drums). Traditionallyan all male skill, few women have mastered the Art of Manipuri Dance, but Ms. Ray is one of them.In her white pants and blue top carrying her drum on a red strap she looked and danced the part ofan authentic ritual Indian Dancer.


"The Patchwork Girl of Oz" and "The Better to Bite you with" were excerpts performed by Louise Reichlin & Dancers.  Both of these imaginative works have been previously reviewed in these pages, but it was good to see them again as they are always entertaining and good for the whole family.


The San Pedro City Ballet was represented on the program by Randon Spear, who choreographed a solo for herself to guitar music. ... Her performance was brightened by her short colorful costume.


The program had the diversity of content to make it a short and sweet event. The Tri-ART Festival is in its 4th year.  I hope it has many more years to come."



Beverly Hills Outlook 

To apply contact Joe Caccavalla, Founder/Director  or Louise Reichlin, Dance Coordinator. Please send a link to a proposed work and digital press packet. If you prefer a DVD, please see the address at the bottom of this email

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