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October Educational Focus                                                              Louise Reichlin & Dancers

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Welcome to our October issue - Educational Focus. 

It includes details on how to attend and participate in our free "Dance At the Stone House" field trip (4th-6th grades), how to get a matching residency (County Supervisor Don Knabe district 4), and how to get us to your school for performances, teaching workshops, and professional development sessions (all).

Also included are links to the new web site of the Los Angeles Arts Consortium (used to be the ACPN membership) and more.

This year -  Dance At the Stone House November 17, 2010

Above, students from the 3 schools working with us last year (King Jr. Elementary, Stonehurst Elementary, and Rockdale Elementary) yell "timber" after chopping the wood for the base of the building.  "Dance at the Stone House" performed by Louise Reichlin & Dancers is a work that uses audience participation to design a dance piece based on the unusual architecture and art combined with a standards based piece on "dance" itself that is the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center in Sun Valley, CA.

This year the unique interactive work is again offered for free through our partnership with the Sun Valley Youth Arts Center and grants from the CA Arts Council, Los Angeles County, and the city of Los Angeles. Please see our closing block for credits. If you have a 4th-6th grade you would like to bring, please contact us immediately as seating is quite limited. Click here for a pdf of the details with more photos. Click here for an all text version. The times are 10:30 and 12:00 noon on Wednesday, November 17. Contact us at 213-385-1171 or by email.

In November 2009, reviewed this interactive piece presented free for the students and public: "This past Wednesday I witnessed 45 remarkable minutes of dance...and 60 of the performers didn't know the steps when they showed up...Each performance is truly a miraculous achievement in communication, mathematics, spatial organization, time management, community building, education, and most certainly, dance....It all happens in a 45 minute whirlwind of meticulously choreographed activity that culminates in a performance involving five company dancers...and...60 4th- 6th graders." After vividly describing the experience, she concludes "I'm sure all involved would offer their thanks to Los Angeles Cultural Affairs and the LA County Arts Commission for making this amazing program financially feasible in such tough economic times. And of course, thank you to Louise Reichlin and LA Choreographers & Dancers for modeling the tremendous collaboration that's possible when professional and budding artists come together for even three quarters of an hour.(Please see writer Anna Reed's article for the rest.)
stonehouse backarch09
At the Dance At the Stone House in November 2009, dancers become garden scuptures as the students explore.
Quick Moves
Dance At the Stone House November 17, 2010
Matching Education Partnership Grant from County Supervisor Don Knabes
Bring Us To Your School for Performances, Workshops, and PD's!
The Los Angeles Arts Consortium
Special Thanks
Quick Links
Photo Credits
Photos from Dance At the Stone House: Steve Sobalvarro.
Dancers: Sung-Yun Park, Steven Nielsen, Danielle Catone, Katya Sussman, Samantha Hoe, Louise Reichlin + students from King Jr, Stonehurst & Rockdale Elementary Schools.

Photo of Gulf Elementary students and our dancers: Louise Reichlin
Dancers: Sung-Yun Park, Steven Nielsen, Danielle Catone. Angelina Predergast also performed.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz Photo by Sallie DeEtte Mackie.
Dancers: Shanon Schwait, Adrienne  Fisher
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Matching Education Partnership Grant from County Supervisor Don Knabe

gulf2 weightA repeat photo from our first residency at Gulf Elementary School in Wilmington in July through an Educational Parnership grant from County Supervisor Don Knabe, in case you missed it in the last issue. We are thrilled to have this grant, and we can accommodate 2 more schools. (as this goes to press we will also be at Broad Elementary in February). For this residency, your school does need to be in Supervisor Knabe's County District 4. The match for this residency is $2,650. Please click here for more information, and if interested contact us by email or phone (213-385-1171). It includes an expansion of our ACPN residency with 10 student workshops, additional PD's, planning meetings, etc.
Bring Us To Your School for Performances, Workshops, and PD's!
If you don't qualify for the programs above, either because of grade levels or locations, we would still really love to come to your schools or districts. We are not raising our regular fees and if you are close to the amount, contact us so we can see if there is another grant we have that might help with this. For regular fees and much more about our educational programs, please visit our web site www.LAChoreographersAndDancers, and in the left column, click on Education, and follow the links for residencies including performances, workshops, and professional staff development. You can also find links  on our web site for ten vetted programs on the LA County's Educational web site as  part of the Arts For All Program. For the Santa Barbara, Ventura, and San Luis Obispo Counties we are part of the vetted Children's Creative Project with their offerings on the Santa Barbara County Education web site. Once there click on Arts Catalog 2010-2011. The direct link to the LAUSD Arts Education Branch is
The Los Angeles Arts Consortium
For those of us who worked closely with the LAUSD, this has been a challenging year as we (the arts organizations) all struggle to continue to provide the educational services that are such an integral part of our mission, but have found the schools are also struggling to continue to include as much art as possible. The Arts Education Branch is determined to get its message out - and so are we. Arts Education is a key to helping produce a successful person, whether they are Pre K or grade 12, or an adult. And because it does connect and is now showing a positive relationship with test scores, it is even more important to find the funds for it, whether it be Title I, Parent Groups, government help, etc. The steering committee of the new Los Angeles Arts Consortium has been reporting now for a year about where we are. To see more about this group of 62 former ACPN partners, please visit the brand new website Be sure to look at the slide show on the home page, as well as the member companies, philosophy, etc.  To reach the steering committee email: This takes the place of any past contact emails.
Special Thanks
Special thanks to our current government and corporate fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. The last two years have been especially difficult and we very much need all donations, large and small to keep going. All of these grants are matching grants, and we can't use them without your matches. Thank you again to our individual contributers and for in-kind donations.  Please go to our web site and make a donation. No amount is too small! And to help all the arts in our state, consider buying a CA arts license plate. The funds go right into arts companies for their public services and arts in education and there is a new campaign for one million plates for the arts. This E-letter closes with all the links you need to get to our new photo album on FaceBook and videos on YouTube.

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