WAA Showcase
The Better To Bite You With

Beacon Ballroom, Hyatt Hotel, LB
Tues (9:25pm) and Wed (9:10pm)
Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers

Louise Reichlin has packed houses with her family oriented dance/multimedia show The Patchwork Girl of Oz and her choreography for Dream Scapes and Caution, Men At Work: TAP.

Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers celebrates 30 years with The Better To Bite You With, Reichlin's new interactive dance/multimedia work based on Little Red Riding Hood. Each of the two showcases features the work. Turning to the theme of teeth, this sophisticated theatrical adventure is woven with technology, narration, music ranging from Dixieland to Vaudeville to Tchaikovsky & Stravinsky, King Crimson and of course dance. "Imaginative and delightfully inventive... fun for the whole family."
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