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Auditions/ LA C&D
Season in Review/
Showcase Opportunity
TriArt Festival Line-Up

SUNDAY JULY 18, 2010 @ 10 am

Auditions at MKM Cultural Center
11401 N. Chandler Blvd., N. Hollywood, 91601

Also by appointment on Tues. & Thurs. mornings if you can't attend.

Experienced Male and Female Dancers, all ethnic types, for paid performances and teaching activities with Louise Reichlin & Dancers for the 10-11 season. Rehearsal honorarium. Dancers should have strong modern, ballet and jazz background, strong stage presence, expressiveness, musicality, and technique. Floor work important. One female part is on point and she must also be strong in contemporary. Season begins in July. For information:  213-385-1171 or e-mail

See more about our work through our home page, or look at our videos to see general style on

Louise Reichlin & Dancers burst into the public eye in 1979 with their first performance at the Anson Ford Theatre when "Reichlin created a sensation with "The Tennis Dances" (Dance News). Over the years she has continued to examine our society from its most primitive nature to the emergence of the information age with "The E-mail Dances" in 1996. Through multiple performances for the 23rd Olympiad, a summer series at the LA Zoo, touring the US and Mexico with "Dream Scapes" and "The Patchwork Girl of Oz," Reichlin has consistently created "probing and provocative" works. (Dance Magazine)

Louise Reichlin & Dancers also works in partnership with many schools in the Los Angeles area providing performances, staff development training for teachers and residency workshops with children. The newest work is "The Better to Bite You With" which will be performed this year as well as new work. The company, a performing unit of Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers, was founded by Louise Reichlin in 1979.

Our Season In Review
In looking back at the 09-10 season, we were working again with a reduced budget, but we feel a sense of accomplishment. The season began with a school tour up to San Luis Obispo, and ended with a return to Chase Ave. Elementary where we worked with 5 of the classes on cultural dances for their International Day. This year, dances included a Mexican Chiapanecas, an American Square Dance, Guatemalan and Afro Brazilian dances, and an Italian Tarantella. In June we were able to give performances at Baldwin Hills and Ritter Elementary helped with a donation from County Supervisor Mark Ridley Thomas. Our activities ranged from out door site-specific interactive events (Dance At the Stone House, Sun Valley) where students from King Jr, Stonehurst, and Rockdale Elementary joined us in performance, to performances of "The Better To Bite You With" for the City of Fontana at the Steelworkers Auditorium and at the Edye Second Space.
Earlier last season we performed for the second year at the Tri Art Festival , this time on an outdoors stage. It was fun to show a longer version of "The Tennis Dances" than we had been doing for several years. Louise is Dance Coordinator for the Festival this year, and directly after this is this year's announcement of dance companies.

Special thanks to our dancers this year who included Steven Nielsen, Sung-Yun Park, Louise Reichlin, Genna Forkey,  Samantha Hoe, Danielle Catone, Katya Sussman, Kristen Rapinchuk, Emily Show, and Angelina Prendergest.
Quick Moves
Auditions...SUNDAY JULY 18, 2010 @ 10 am.
Our Season In Review...In looking back at the 09-10 season,
Announcing the Line-Up for the TriArt Festival 2010
Still Accepting WAA Showcas Applicants...+ Special Offer
Coming up in July
Special Thanks
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Fall Newsletter 2009
Photo Credits
- School photo by Louise Reichlin

- In the Auditions block are 4 dancers from an earlier piece 'Come Fly Away' from Dream Scapes. They are Tina Tsunoda, Steven Nielsen, Elizabeth Brookman and Ellen Rosa. Photo: Sallie DeEtte Mackie

- Dance at the Stone House. Participating students are from Charles H. Kim Elementary School. Photo: Steve Sobalvarro

- Special Thanks bloc with the Patchwork Girl of Oz photo: Sallie DeEtte Mackie

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Announcing the Line-Up for theTriArt Festival 2010
We are please to announce the line-up of this years TriArt Festival 2010, which will have two days of dance and music performances, September 11 and 12 beginning at 12 noon each day. The outdoors festival takes place in San Pedro along Mesa. Joe Caccavalla continues as Festival Director and Louise Reichlin is Dance Coordinator. We had many more applicants than spaces available, and the program below is one with a range we are especially excited by. More information in our next E-news.



blue13 dance company                                                               Bollywood-Tech

Andalosi Dance Company                                                            Middle Eastern

Ingrid Graham/ Collaboration Movement                                                 Modern

D.Long Dance                                                                                          Modern

New Beginnings Dance Co.                                                                     Modern

Brockus Project Dance Company                                                  Contemporary

Arpana Dance Company                                                            Bharata Natyam

People's...Dance Team / Disco Ballroom                   Audience Participation           




Ruby Karen Project/ Orange County Aerial Arts                    Circus, pas de deux

Sohini Ray                                                                     Manipuri Dance/ No. India

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers                       Modern

San Pedro City Ballet                                                                                    Ballet

Pentimento, Company of Dancers                                Modern/jazz - mixed ages

Creations Dance Theatre                                                                             Ballet

Ruby Karen Project/ Orange County Aerial Arts                Audience Participation
Still Accepting WAA Showcase Applicants + Special Offer
Louise Reichlin and Linda Sohl-Ellison are co-producing the Affiliated Dance Showcase at the Western Arts Alliance conference this fall in Long Beach and it is expanding.

One of our supporters is Alvas Dance Products who is donating the use of a brand new marley dance floor for the performances (30 x 36) and they have offered to sell it to one of our readers after our two performances on August 31 and Sept. 1 for an amazing $1,000. If there is a studio or dance company who would like to take advantage of this offer, please contact us right away for details.

We have 12 companies performing in the Showcase to date, and we are now opening it to other disciplines who might be planning on attending WAA. It is an investment that has helped us to find new presenters, and here are the details.
To our knowledge this is the only dance showcase being presented on the WAA premises during the conference. We are now opening it up and inviting you to present your work on this showcase.  If you are interested in showcasing please get in touch with Louise at 213-385-1171 or or Linda at 562-428-6411 or Below are the costs, info and components of the showcases. Your promotional materials can be placed the Beacon Ballroom resource tables at the performance site for presenters if you are showcasing with us.

Tuesday 8/31/10 from 8 pm - 12:30 midnight (tech times in the afternoon)
Wednesday 9/1/10 from 8 pm - 12:30 midnight (tech times in the afternoon)
NOTE: YESTERDAY THE WESTERN ARTS ALLIANCE ADDED AN 8-9pm slot on Tuesday. It is very open now besides the remaining late nite slots.

LOCATION: The Beacon Ballroom at the Hyatt, the official conference hotel

THE COST: $888 for a 20 minute performance slot  or $568 for a 10 minute slot

Performance floor dimensions: 30 feet deep X 36 wide (limited wing space)
Audience seating for 70 people on risers, plus standing room in back and in the side aisles.

These prices were determined by adding the cost of the following expenses:
     -Event Space & crew
     -Lights/sound/theatre draping/risers for audience sight lines/DVD projector and screen
     -Dance floor (wood covered with white marley on Tues, wood & limited marley time on Wed)
     -Lighting Designer/TD
     -Food for buffet to attract presenters & no-host bar
     -Administrative Costs

Please note, we will NOT be including promotional postcards and ad for non-dance, but you would be publicizing and listing yourself. Dance companies would still get publicity including a mailing, email blasts, a special Dance Showcase web page, and signage.
Each company will also have short dedicated time for set up.
There will be no changes to the dance plot; theatrical lighting will be basic front and side light (no specials are available - as hotel power supply is limited).  We have an in house TD/Light Designer to assist you in setting your light cues who will run the show. Each company must have their own cue person to assist at the tech table. How you use your tech/spacing rehearsal time is your choice.

We hope to have each available time slot filled by the end of this week in order to meet our deadlines for marketing (payments should be made by check, payable to Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers and mailed to 351 S. Virgil Ave, Los Angeles CA 90020  to hold your slot). The event does not take place until 8/31/10 & 9/1/10, so if you miss this deadline you may still contact us to reserve space until those dates.
Coming up in July- A new school residency & a new video with Alfred Desio
Thanks to a grant from Los Angeles Supervisor Don Knabe's 2010 Arts Education Partnership Program we are starting a new school residency at Gulf Elementary in Wilmington. We will be working with two of their fourth grades who after a series of dance and costume workshops will be performing with our company at the school.

In a feature article about Donald McKayle retiring from UC Irvine and turning 80 in the Los Angeles Times, there is a link to that early video of the first cast of his Rainbow Round My Shoulder, and Alfred Desio plays the boy in it, still in his early 20's at the time. Watch for the duet with Mary Hinkson near the beginning. It is breathtaking.
Also coming up in July & August - some must see performances
It's hard to pick out what dance to see this month, as there is soooo much to see. Carolyn Krueger presents her Gulistan Dance Theater in YOLDOSH: An Unexpected Journey to Uzbekistan & Beyond at The Arena Stage @ Theatre of the Arts in Hollywood. For ticket information (and beautiful music) visit her web site. Then in August at the Ford Amphitheatre are two companies that have beautiful dancers that also do aerial work. They include  Luminario Ballet of Los Angeles/ Taking Flight and Catch Me Bird/ Iron. At the Ford web-site you will find descriptions of their programs, as well as a number of other dance events.
Special Thanks but Don't Stop Now!
Special thanks to our government fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Please go to our web site and make a donation.  Do date, we have heard that we have grants this season from both the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of LA, and from the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. A new grant we are especially thrilled to receive is featured in the article just before this one - for our educational activities.   To see who else has been helping us please see the funding page of our Fall Newsletter.

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