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Come see us at the Edye Second Space with The Better To Bite You With on April 18. Seating is limited so order now. There are still seats for both, but more for the 1:00 pm  show. Plus more about the piece and some of the teeth that inspired it.

To the left - Steven Nielsen as Mr. G Wolf and Angelina Prendergast as The Tooth Fairy

Also a press release to download for more detail.

Event on the left, and just a bit more
Some of the teeth that inspired "The Better to bite You With"
The Better To Bite You With postcard
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The Better To Bite You With at the Edye Second Space on April 18.

Buy tickets now for April 18, 2010
Photo Credits

The Better To Bite You With photo: Louise Reichllin
Dancers -  Steven Nielsen as Mr G Wolf and Angelina Prendergast as The Tooth Fairy

Postcard Artwork:
Kristi Mathias Design

Teeth, courtisey of Dexis,,LLC and Gendex

Special Thanks bloc from the Patchwork Girl of Oz photo:
Sallie DeEtte Mackie

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Some of the Teeth that inspired The Better to Bite You With.
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"The Reality Series" is a body of dances Louise began in 2007 about objects around us we usually don't pay much attention to. The first  part was an outside site specific work called Dance At the Stone House, and next a 3-part interactive dance/multimedia group that included The Shampoo, Los(t) Angeles, and Identity. In the fall of 2008, Louise was at her dentist's and noticed that the x-rays were being done in a very different manner, and they appeared on a computer screen. She tracked down the company, Dexis, LLC with a subsidiary Gendex Dental Systems, and their media person emailed her a number of jpeg's and quicktime files with permission to use. In a section called The Action-Distraction Game they have been used in a wonderfully interactive piece with Dixieland music performed by Mr. Grey Wolf (Steven Nielsen) and Li'l Red (Emily Show). stonehouse.animalarchestooth freyed At a certain point Louise decided to use a story as a base, and it turned out to be the classic Little Red Riding Hood. To put the two elements together, in our story Li'l Red has a tooth ache and has to get to her Grandma Blue's who will take her to the dentist. In this dance, she and G Wolf pay a game with each other and the audience to keep her distracted from her aching teeth. A Culver City Arts Grant with help from Sony Corporation led to the original performance at the Jazz Bakery in Culver City, and it was developed further when the City of Fontana presented the performance in December. Please join us in this ever evolving work at the new Edye Second Space in Santa Monica. It is an intimate black box setting with the audience on 3 sides. We think you will have fun (and learn some new things about teeth) whether you are 3 or 83.

Characters in the production include Li'l Red: Emily Show, Mama Green: Danielle Catone, Kristin the Caraboe: Kristin Rapinchuk, Grandma Blue: Sung-Yun Park, Mr. G Wolf: Steven Nielsen, The Tooth Fairy: Angelina Prendergast, and Narrator: Louise Reichlin.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to our government fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Please go to our web site and make a donation.  To see who else is helping us please see our funding page.

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