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February 2010                                                                                         Louise Reichlin & Dancers

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Preview of a spring project -
Gimbdu Dance Suite -
originally created in 1982-83


Welcome to our February issue.

News about our April production of The Better To Bite You With in Santa Monica, a preview of a revival for May, more about the new arts education consortium, and a new link to a historic film featuring Alfred Desio.

We are delighted to announce we will present The Better To Bite You With at the Santa Monica Performing Arts Center Edye Second Space on Sunday April 18, 2010, at 1 and 3:30 pm. This is a very new black-box theatre connected to the Broad Stage, and a wonderfully intimate space for the work, not even a year old yet.

Keep checking our web site for more information on how to get tickets and about the new section of the piece.
We are on Facebook now, and if you haven't yet become a fan of our company or a friend of our director Louise Reichlin, you are invited -----
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The New Arts Education Consortium
An historic film with Alfred Desio
Middle & High School Programs
Southern CA Dance Directory - more than 536 Companies
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Photo Credits
Photo of a Gimbdu in my back yard by Louise Reichlin. Gimbdu by Elfi Chester.

Photo from The Better To Bite You With by Louise Reichlin

Photo of Steering Committee at the 24th St. Theatre by  Debbie Devine

Photo of Alfred Desio by Theodora Litsios.

Photo of Louise Reichlin by Elissa Zimmerman.

Dancers from our school activities by Paul Antico.
Dancers: Alexandria Yalj and Tamara Kagel.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz Photo by Sallie DeEtte Mackie.
Dancers: Shanon Schwait, Adrienne  Fisher
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"Equity, Access, and Impact for Arts Education"
In December we announced the formation of a new Arts Consortium, and as a member of the Steering Committee, I must admit I have never worked with a group with such passion to restore arts to the educational mix that was ruptured last year when our city's schools began cutting arts companies out of their budgets. Now signed by 61 companies of the Arts Community Partnership Network, the document now called "Equity, Access, and Impact for Arts Education", A Statement by the Professional Community of Los Angeles Artists, Arts Organizations, and Cultural Institutions in its full form can be read here. Pictured below is the Steering Committee including  starting at 12 o'clock and moving clockwise: Tom Crocker, Linda Johannesen, Jay McAdams, Leonardo Bravo, Judy Pisarro-Grant, Jackie Planeix, Clifford Cohen, Louise Reichlin, Shelah Lehrer-Graiwer,  and Lorrie Oshatz. Also on the committee is Sean Bradley, not there that day. There is now a one-page of the statement with the participants listed on the back, and we can be reached at

The next meeting of the whole membership will be at Media Dance Center in Burbank on March 5 from 12-3 pm. If you are an Arts Community Partnership Network member but not yet part of this group and would like to attend, please contact us at the email above for details. There will be a report on the planning meetings that began last fall and on the surveys that most of the members have now returned. We are pleased that we have been invited to have a representative at the weekly LAUSD Arts Education staff meetings, and feel very positive about what can happen in the future, despite a series of crises our city and state are facing with budgets. Look closely and you can see SMILES on every face here.
An historic film with Alfred Desio, New Photo Galleries at LA C&D website, a new album on Facebook

alfred.slideshowOne day last month google search delivered to my mailbox work of a another video of Donald McKayle's original production of the 1959 Rainbow Round My Shoulder, and unlike an earlier one on youtube, this one begins with the entire duet that Donny created on Alfred and Mary Hinkson so many years ago. Alfred was 23 at the time. See history now. Also see our new photo galleries and videos, not only of Alfred, but also many of both his and Louise Reichlin's works through the years. Look under the new History section for this. New solos of Alfred dancing from 1978 have  been added to Desio. Another new video is on Louise Reichlin's account  on YouTube and it is Gimbdu Dance Suite commissioned in 1982 for the Laguna Beach Arts In Motion. It is from one of the first of our concerts that we preserved on video, and it is in the original black and white. Photo of Alfred 90's, of Louise mid-80's.

sm early earthen
Middle & High School Programs
stonehouse.animalarchesstonehouse.animalarchesWe have been redesigning our Middle & High School programs as we refocus some of attention on their age and educational group again. Please see our web pages under education and some of our specific vetted programs described on the LA County Arts Ed. web site. Direct links are: Dance! with LA Choreographers & Dancers (6-8), Dance! with LA Choreographers & Dancers (9-12) [both performances which can be part of residencies), Onto the Stage (6-8), and Onto the Stage (9-12) [each a series of 10 workshops for 2 classes that lead to performance with the company],  and finally Dancing Your Name (9-12), which has a creative base and can be done as a stand-alone workshop or part of a residency series. You can also find descriptions of our complete programs for elementary school, including both student and professional staff development, and for colleges. Please contact us with any questions.
Southern CA Dance Directory - more than 536 listings
Yes- this block is always here, and it is one the most "clicked through" sections.
The Southern CA Dance Directory that Reichlin began in 1995 is alive and well with over 536 listings of professional dance companies and related organizations. This free service is accessed by thousands of people each month, and I've heard that dance jobs have often come about through the information! But....if the wrong email or phone number is there, it's up to you to contact us and it will be fixed, usually within 24 hours. If you are not there and would like to be, please email the information in the format that is there. This is a special project that is a labor of love - no grants funds involved - so if you want to use it, please help keep it up to date.
Special Thanks
Special thanks to our current government and corporate fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Last year was especially difficult, as is this year, and we very much need all donations, large and small to keep going. All of these grants are matching grants, and we can't use them without your matches. Thank you again to our individual contributers and for in-kind donations.  Please go to our web site and make a donation. No amount is too small! And to help all the arts in our state, consider buying a CA arts license plate. The funds go right into arts companies for their public services and arts in education and there is a new campaign for one million plates for the arts. This E-letter closes with all the links you need to get to our new photo album on FaceBook and videos on YouTube.

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Keep on the lookout for more details of The Better To Bite You With at the Edye Second Space on April 18!

Louise Reichlin, Director
Louise Reichlin & Dancers/
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