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March  2009                                                                                 Louise Reichlin & Dancers

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Beware the Ides of March.

-Updates on LAUSD/ arts crises
-Free previews and a premiere of
     "The Better to Bite You With"
-Free performance at OCMA
-Notes and extras

The Ides of March have come and gone, and the devastation from the LAUSD contract freezes continues as all arts categorical funds are pulled - see below. On the other hand, we have free previews and a premiere of our new family program "The Better To Bite You With" coming up at The Jazz Bakery, and a free performance at the Orange County Museum of Art.
Devastation Through Our LAUSD Contract
stonehouse students 11/08

Several years ago while at a performing arts conference for those who present and create arts for youth, I realized that the rest of the country thinks of the LA Unified School District (LAUSD) as a leader, specifically for its unique partnership of professional arts companies that are integrated into the goals of the state educational mandates. The Arts Community Partnership Network (ACPN) that has nurtured so many young students while encouraging selected arts organizations to partner with the district has come to a grinding (and probably final) halt. Watching it slip away while our entire school scheduling was frozen was agonizing, knowing that every day that passed since mid December would be harder and harder to make up as activity after activity had to be cancelled.

On March 10 I spoke to the Board of Education at one of their meetings about the successes of the program and the history of our own programming in the district for almost 30 years. That particular day teachers were protesting the impending vote that sent pink slips to 9000+ employees, and after 3 hours of waiting in the cafeteria to be sheparded to a small room where they had moved the proceedings due to the demonstrations, I had my chance to speak. I do need to report that despite my own efforts, which included multiple emails to the Board and the Superintendent, nothing could change the way the winds were blowing. With the vote of the school board on Tuesday, ALL remaining catagorical arts funds will go to pay off the districts other expenses. For our small company the $51,000 that we had in signed contracts and written into our calendar almost daily until June have been basically erased. Some of the other arts companies affected lost less - some more, up to $300,000. Many people sent letters and more than 1,300 of you signed the Arts for LA petition that went up in December - thank you - although it didn't move the superintendent or school board, the personal expressions of so many of the importance of the work that many of us do and that the arts do in creating a connection with the world and how to succeed in multiple areas for young people reinforced that what we do with our art is a legitimate way of life. Sometimes its hard to remember that with the devaluation of art in our culture.

An example of of the effect we have was summed up by a teacher last spring: She had been reluctant to have us work with her students as it took them away from their classroom studies. Our program includes five workshops for several classes where they then learn a dance to perform with our professional company as well as create their own costumes, and this teacher said to me after the project's completion "Today you were an inspiration to our students. They have never had the focus and motivation that you helped them find today - your words and movement examples have provided them with something I, their regular teacher, had never found for them during our (academic) classes."

To read the entire presentation click here.

We are still working in some of the schools that have found other funds, and we are proud that we have provided programming for nine schools during the fall, as well as able through contributions to offer so many free performances this year, but we do need funds to continue. March is realization time. But read on for what is going right!
Free Previews and a premiere of "The Better to Bite You With" at the Jazz Bakery in April

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A calendar style listing & a short description of our new work for families and children is below. We are hoping to see you at a free preview or at the premiere which is part of the The Jazz Bakery series. The photos of the masks at the top of the page and these animals are part of the production.

Event:      LA Choreographers & Dancers presents
                "The Better to Bite You With"
                A new interactive dance/multimedia program for families
                and children based on a fairytale popular all over the world:
                Little Red Riding Hood
                Created & performed by Louise Reichlin & Dancers

When:       Tuesday April 7, 2009 at 10:30 & 12 noon (previews)
                Sunday April 19, 2009 at 3:30 pm (premiere) and
                "The Reality Series" at 4:30 pm

Where:       The Jazz Bakery- 3233 Helms Ave, LA 90034

Admission:  For previews on April 7. FREE! 
                   For reservations - 213-385-1171

                   For premiere & performance April 19 - $25 general,
                   $15  students for 1 or both works
                   For tickets & info - 310-271-9039
                   For info - 213-385-1171

Louise Reichlin & Dancers/LA Choreographers & Dancers creates a new interactive program for families with previews on Tuesday April 7, 2009 at 10:30 & 12 noon. The forty-five minute dance/theatre/multimedia performance is called "The Better to Bite You With" and features a modernized fairytale based on "Little Red Riding Hood," found in just about every culture around the world. The interactive work was inspired by the new technology in computer x-rays that creator Louise Reichlin's dentist used last year. A number of these type of x-rays are actually part of the presentation, along with original masks and a set-piece by Stephen Kwok. Part of "The Reality Series", this new work turns to the theme of teeth, one of the most basic and important parts of our (and many animals') bodies. This sophisticated theatrical adventure is woven with technology, narration, music ranging from Dixieland and Liz Story to King Crimson, and of course dance.

The premiere is on Sunday April 19, 2009. The ticket price includes the 3:30 start time for "The Better to Bite You With" and stay or arrive at 4:30 for three dances from the dance/multimedia "The Reality Series". These interactive pieces ask the audience to explore everyday events that often go unnoticed. They include "The Shampoo", "Los(t) Angeles", and "Identity".

Director is Louise Reichlin. Featured performers include Lynn Campbell, Genna Forkey, Samantha Hoe, Anaja Holloway, Steven Nielsen, Sung-Yun Park, Louise Reichlin, Jaclyn Speas and Salinee Vanichanan.
The performances are made possible in part by the Culver City Performing Arts Grant Program with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment. Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers is funded in part by a grant from the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. Also the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and the City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs. X-rays graphics provided by Gendex and Dexis.

For the complete press release please see our E-news archive page.
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Free Performance at the Orange County Museum of Art

The Orange County Museum of Art is presenting us as part of their Target Free Second Sundays on Sunday April 12, 2009, at 2:00 pm. We will be doing  "Lets All Dance to a Bluegrass Beat", "Grounding" (a work about animals), and selections from "The Tennis Dances". The theme at the museum is Art in Motion, and activities range from 11-4 pm. Their description of what is going on is:  Experience art through motion! Activities include kinetic sculptures, action art, and a live performance of DANCE with Louise Reichlin & Dancers. Stay for free tours of our new exhibition, The Moving Image: Scan to Screen, Pixel to Projection, on it's opening day.
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Devastation Through Our LAUSD Contract
Free Previews and a premiere "The Better to Bite You With"
Free Performance at OCMA
Notes & Extras
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Masks, Animals, and Grandma photos:
Louise Reichlin

Education and Dance At the Stone House photo:
Steve Fobalvarro

Special Thanks bloc with the Patchwork Girl of Oz photo: Sallie DeEtte Mackie

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Notes & Extras - including a concert produced by Hiroshi Hamanishi, tap dancer honoring Alfred Desio +  Southern CA Dance Directory reminder
  • On Saturday April 4 is a program "Honoring the Tap Masters" 2009 Honoree is Master Tap Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Inventor, Broadway Veteran the late Alfred Desio. Go the the site at El Camino's Marsee Auditorium for tickets and more information.
  • Dont forget to visit the The Southern CA Dance Directory that Reichlin began in 1995 with over 500 listings of professional dance companies and related organizations. This free service is accessed by thousands of people each month. If you are not there and would like to be, please email the information in the format that is there. This is a special project that is a labor of love - no grants funds involved - so if you want to use it, please help keep it up to date.
Special Thanks
Special thanks to our government fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Please go to our web site and make a donation.  The loss of $51,000 the LAUSD contracts is devastating and we could use your help. To see who else has been helping us please see the funding page of our Fall Newsletter.

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Try to come see us at:    The Jazz Bakery
                                           3233 Helms Ave, LA 90034
                                           Tuesday April 7 at 10:30 & 12 noon - FREE Previews
                                           Sunday April 19 at 3:30 pm -  Premiere of "The Better to Bite You With"
                                                                      & at 4:30 pm "The Realty Series" $25 gen, $15 students
                                                                      gets you tickets for one or both!

Don't forget - Videos at: click here for Reichlin on You/Tube
                                            click here for Desio on You/Tube

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Louise Reichlin, Director
Louise Reichlin & Dancers/
Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers