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December/ URGENT CALL TO ACTION 2008                                 Louise Reichlin & Dancers                                                                  

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We thought we would be wishing you happy holidays , thanking you for your support, and probably a last minute reminder to donate, but following is a super short and urgent message.


Early December we began to get warnings from the Arts Education Office of the Los Angeles Unified School District  that we should finish off our current work and hold on off on starting our additional schools. The process  begins in May where the schools selected arts companies that are part of the Arts Community Partnership; then we are sent a list in July, and we contact them to schedule, also getting signed  reservation slips, where all signatures are binding. We did this as we have been with this exemplary program, one of the best in the country, since it began, and we have worked with the LAUSD since 1980. We scheduled through June with those schools, working it into our schedule of larger performances and new work creation schedule. And we began with the first school in September.

Now we are been informed that the whole program is in jeopardy and to stop until it is resolved. And - that we might not be paid for the work we have already done. The Arts For LA web-site says it way better than this, and has a sample letter and where it should go if you click on it. This impacts so many of our schools activities, and of course the students at these schools. All the schools, by the way, wrote grants to be able to use funds received for sequential arts services. All of us in the ACPN wrote applications that showed our ability to provide this at the highest level. For years we have experienced the results, both for the students and the teachers who we help empower in the staff development sessions. It impinges on all of us. Click on the sample letter link to go there directly. These is also a petition to sign.

We will be sending out a more traditional message of the holidays, as there is much to be grateful for this year, but lets take care of this first.

Thanks for the help.

Louise Reichlin

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Schools and Education
In the last three years we have worked with more than 50,000 at 65 schools in the LAUSD alone.  We will leave the following link in the hope that this situation resolves. For more about our Arts Community Partnership packages and for our new Professional Development packages under SB1131 follow the links. For now the SB1131 seems to still be in tact.
Special Thanks
Special thanks to our government fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Please go to our web site and make a donation.  To see who else is helping us please see the funding page of our Fall Newsletter.

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