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April  2008                                                                                   Louise Reichlin & Dancers

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Welcome to Part II: Performances at the Madrid
4identitysmallOur April E-NEWSLETTER. is divided into two parts because we want to emphasize the two major areas that have been the center of our work this year. PART I: EDUCATION NOTES focused on varying levels of education from elementary students and teachers to Continuing Ed. If you missed that edition email and I will forward.  PART II: PERFORMANCES AT THE MADRID is about the creation and upcoming performance of "The Reality Series", the selections from "The Tennis Dances", and the just announced "Tribute to Alfred Desio". We hope you enjoy the instant access to our activities.
Dance/ Multimedia Premiere at the Madrid on May 10

Our "Introduction" under Quick Links in the right column will take you to our on-line color Spring Newsletter 2008. From there you can explore our entire newsletter. Or,just click here. You can also see our postcard about the performance on-line here.  You will also find the names of our dancers there. Our performance at the Madrid Theatre on May 10 begins with a reconstruction of selections from "The Tennis Dances" including the section "Harem", not performed since 1999. The photo below is from one of our premiere's - but before that - finishing out our first act is a Tribute to Alfred Desio.
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Quick Moves
Dance/ Multimedia Premiere
Tribute to tapper Alfred Desio
Selections from "The Tennis Dances"
"The Reality Series"
Quick Links
Photo Credits
Performance Photos:  Dustin Pearlman
Studio Photos:
Paul Antico
Desio's Tribute credits:
Portrait: Russel Baer
Group: Linton Morgan
Channing: Paul Antico
Hiroshi: Alfred Desio

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Tribute to tapper Alfred Desio
alfred/face/to Rkids.alfred.harold
The performance at the Madrid Theatre will include a Tribute to tapper Alfred Desio. On the left is a photo of Alfred Desio the summer before he became ill, and on the right is Alfred centered in the back row, and left to right beginning with Gina Nicholson, Channing Cook Holmes, the legendary Harold Nicholas, M'saada Nia, and  Ayeisha Morgan taken around the time of the "Brandenburg Boogie" premiere, April 21, 1994. Alfred and Harold have passed on, but the others are alive and quite well. In the tribute to Afred section, two of those dancers Channing Cook Holmes and M'saada Nia will be performing, along with some of the students who studied with Alfred more recently and are now studying with Hiroshi Hamanishi (pictured below) at the Colburn School . He has staged some of Alfred older works on the students who include Rachel Rosenbaum and Joshua Villanueva. Louise Reichlin will also show some video footage of Alfred solo with both traditional and Tap-Tronic(tm) work, and possibly some of his group choreography. In our newsletter is a section "Desio's Memory Continues" with news of activities on his behalf. Go there to read about it. And more about Channing (below left) and Hiroshi (below right). The hard copy version is in the mail. If you would like to receive our ground mails, please go to our web site and e-mail to be added to that mailing list in the future.
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Selections from "The Tennis Dances" including "Harem""The Tennis Dances" is our oldest work, dating from 1979. We often perform excerpts of it in schools but with a 4-person cast. Now with an 8-person cast, these excerpts include "Harem", shown with the photo to the left. Come see it at the Madrid on May 10. Some of the many reviews include:

'Louise Reichlin created a sensation with The Tennis Dances.'   Dance News
'Clever evocations of theatre dance styles...everything from Fokine and Graham to Bejart and beyond, all unified by rackets and nets and tennis balls.'  Los Angeles Times
(The program) 'ended brilliantly, thanks to Reichlin's Tennis Dances, which dates back to 1979.  In this ten-part suite the tennis court becomes a metaphor, of course, for life's stage.  And life, as Reichlin sees it, is indeed a stage, one crowded with a broad spectrum of attitudes.  ...Here is a choreographer who arguably picks up the feminist point of view where Isadora Duncan and Ruth St. Denis left off.  To observe the universe as it is inhabited by women, she harks back to ancient times and mythic symbols.'    Dance Magazine
"The Reality Series"   'The Shampoo'   'Los(t) Angeles'   'Identity'
3 from shampooOur new "The Reality Series" is being developed as an interactive dance/multimedia work based on parts of our lives that we often don't pay too much attention to.  It has been aided by a "Creating Public Value" grant from the California Arts Council, the Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and the Department of Cultural Affairs, City of LA. We are so very pleased to announce that just today we found out we are again getting a CPV grant from the CA Arts Council. If you live in California, please get those special issue license plates for the arts. Although our state is poor on funds, the money from the plates does go directly into our artists of the state.

In "The Shampoo" an audience member has a simulated hair wash while the dancers explore the feelings and emotions a simple shampoo evokes. In "Los(t) Angeles" the entire audience rises to learn Korean classical arm movements with our dancer Sung-Yun.  Others volunteer to learn a simple hip-hop combination with Anaja. Salinee on point and guest Flamenco dancer Batista in her heels accentuate the disconnectedness in our common city. In "Identity" audience members see copies of real emails Reichlin has received, see the dancers in shadow silhouettes and then all in full lights doing everyone's characteristic movements, and finally making choices on their identities. Director is Louise Reichlin. Media collaborator is Carol Gehring. Featured dancers include Karla Hagen, Anaja Holloway, Tamara Kagel, Sung-Yun Park, Stephanie Simpson, Salinee Vanichanan, Teya Wolvington, and Alexandria Yalj. Guest Flamenco artist is Batista Gremaud. The Hairdresser is played by Lynn Campbell. In this block are a few of the photos from the preview and then the logos of our government fundors that certainly deserve our attention. Without them (and many of you who donate to our company) we could not continue. Please go to our web site and make a donation.  This E-letter closes with all the numbers and facts you need to get to our May 10 performances. If you are in LA we hope to see you there.

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Louise Reichlin & Dancers/ LA Choreographers & Dancers
The Reality Series (Premiere), an interactive dance/multimedia work.  Audience members volunteer and propel the work as it unfolds. Some participate on stage, others watch from their seats.

"The Shampoo" "Los(t) Angeles" "Identity"
Also excerpts from "The Tennis Dances" including "Harem" not seen since 1999.
Plus Tribute to tapper Alfred Desio.

Where:    Madrid Theatre, 21622 Sherman Way, Canoga Park CA 91303
When:     Saturday, May 10, 2008, 2 performances @ 2:00 and 7:00 pm.
Tickets:   $25, $20 general, $20, $15 DRC/senior/student
Box Office:    818-347-9938 or click here for on-line orders
Low-priced group sales:    213-385-1171
Videos at: click here for Reichlin on You/Tube

Please contact us if you would like more information about anything you see here or in the on-line Newsletter Spring 2008. Besides articles about our performances and activities, there is also info about the Southern CA Dance Directory (490 companies at press time), auditions (coming up on May 18 and June 1), and our fundors.  Here is direct link for last season's online Education Notes '07, this season's  Education Notes '07-'08, and last year's newsletters. To learn more about our activities in general and our premiere "The Reality Series", please visit our company web site.
Louise Reichlin, Director
Louise Reichlin & Dancers/
Los Angeles Choreographers & Dancers