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Welcome Summertime! 
June 2011

June Class Schedule:
MindBody Pic of Schedule

Great Classes on Saturday!


8 - 9am
 Group Pilates Reformer
with Rachael (Andra)


9 - 10am
New! Restorative Stretch 
with Alexis


10 - 11am
New! Adv Group Pilates
with Rachael (Andra)
Barre Fitness
with Sophia


11:15 - 12:30pm
Yoga 1-2 (75min)
with Valerie


Schedule for Monday, July 4th

4th of July Firecracker 
8am Group Pilates Reformer
9am All Level Yoga with Glen


Join Us for Anaheim Hills

22nd Annual Firecracker 5k/10k

5k 10k Firecracker Race

6am 10k Dawn Run
7:30am 5k Run/Walk


Please join us!

Have friends that want to get fit too?

You plus 2 friends & we'll create a Group Personal Training session time that works for all of you! 



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The fun of Summer officially starts after celebrating all of our Dads and Grads!  Check out our Special Gift for Your Favorite Dad!


We often get the question: "How can I get quick results for Summer?" Check out our Top 5 Slimming Tips for Summer and our special downloads.


Check out why Bootcamps can be unsafe and ineffective using a one size fits all approach compared to our New Group Personal Training program.

Great New Saturday Schedule with a new Restorative Stretch class with Alexis at 9am  starting Saturday June 11th! Great for those that want a gentle class or fitness enthusiasts that need a class dedicated to stretching.  Plus 4th of July Holiday Schedule of classes.


Your Friends & Instructors


5 Slimming Tips for Summer!


1. Start Eating Clean NOW: Notice we didn't say DIET because you get ON and OFF a diet.  True health and happiness comes from eating well and not over-obsessing about food. Make the effort to eat fresh foods (lots of vegis, lean meats & proteins, some whole grains & a little fruit). Strive for less sugar and processed packaged food, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results in your energy, skin tone, and most likely weight loss! Want a personalized assessment with recommendations using our New Nutritional guidance program?  Contact us for a Free Consultation today! 


2. Drink lots of Water: With the warmer weather, we are more prone to dehydration. Dehydration makes exercise or just being active in the Summer sun feel torturous because water has a direct impact on heart rate and endurance. Being properly hydrated also supports an increased metabolism and regulates appetite (often thirst gets misinterpreted as hunger). Plus dehydration causes those cute little dimples, known as cellulite, in our skin to show more easily... if that's not motivation enough to drink up we don't know what is, but we have many more with How 8 Glasses per Day Keep Fat Away!


3.  Improve Your Posture & Lose 5lbs Instantly: Better posture allows you to look instantly 5lbs thinner because your shoulders are squared making your midsection and hips look smaller. Keep in mind that "good posture" is a habit so establishing that mind-body awareness with your body will take time, but we promise you will feel better with better posture! Tension in the neck and back is usually reduced.  Key components to "good posture" is: Keep your chest slightly lifted without "flaring" your ribcage.  Engage your abdominals without sucking in but by mindfully pulling them in while slightly tucking your pelvis. And try not to "lock out" your knees. Still not sure how? Schedule a 30min Postural Analysis at Private Fitness... it may just be the culprit to your chronic neck & shoulder discomfort!


4. Strength & Tone:  We have said it before and we will say it again... above all things MUSCLE is going to help you develop your best shape possible. You will lose more inches than weight on the scale but you won't care because you will be more comfortable to "bare" those arms and legs this Summer!  Plus the most important thing is, you will be healthier from the inside out because MUSCLE is the #1 biomarker of good health. Want Fast Results for Le$$? Check out our Group Personal Training program!


5. Choose Clothes Confidently: You know we've all seen those people who could wear just about anything (even though they shouldn't) because they have great confidence and attitude?  Find a specialist this summer who can help you find clothes that fit just right and pair them with complimentary pieces and accessories. Personal Stylist for Nordstrom's, Lisa Wilkie, has these following Slimming Summer Fashion Tips!

New Group Personal Training:
Why the Bootcamp Fad has Faded
Lori doing Abs with SCDestany & Cris with Ball Cardio in BackgroundBob with Cones

With the shift in the economy, there is tremendous interest in Group Training which is evident with the growing popularity of Bootcamps seen in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, we have seen many people time and time again that join these Bootcamps with good intentions only to find themselves in an overcrowded group getting pushed beyond their fitness levels and limitations. Then in retribution having to spend money on physical therapy or private personal training for therapeutic based exercise in attempt to heal their injuries incurred or worsened in that impersonal Bootcamp.


These are the reasons we were inspired to develop a program that would guaranteed to give just the right amount of personal guidance, direction and motivation with our Group PERSONAL Training.  Limited to just 3 people per 1hr session, you can choose from 4, 8 or 12 sessions per month for as low as $20 per session! Compare that to a $15 Bootcamp with 30 people and 



 Classes start Monday, June 7th!


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A little bit about us...
Personal Training ~ Pilates ~ Yoga ~ Barre ~ Zumba


Private Fitness and The Pilates & Yoga Room 

 was built upon the important of crosstraining.  With the complimentary yet diverse benefits of Personal Training, Pilates, Yoga, Barre and other specialty classes such as Zumba, we have created a place that provides services that appeal to a variety of consumers while maintaining the personalized service and attention unique to our studio.
We have continued to build upon client successes and have been honored to be recognized in 2009 & 2010 for
 Top 5 Personal Trainers in Orange County.


 We invite you to experience a Free Consultation & 
Goal Assessment, please call us today at 714-283-3411


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Our gift for you & yours... Special ready to go Gift Certificate! Just print & give to your favorite Dad!




Happy Father's Day!

1 Week of Unlimited Yoga Classes, plus 

1 Private Intro Session of

Personal Training or Pilates Reformer


*Includes a Personalized Consultation & 

Assessment to help him get started!

*New Clients Only. Exp 9/30/2011                Call to schedule & redeem at 714-283-3411