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BC3 Events

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July 21
AB 32 Project Team Kickoff Meeting
Join fellow BC3 Members to advocate against the effort to repeal AB32 and share best practices on how to take advantage of the economic opportunities AB32 provides to environmentally conscious businesses. 
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July 22

BC3-BAC "AB32 Symposium - The Economic Value"
Please join the Bay Area Council and BC3 for a Symposium discussing the potential economic benefits of AB 32.
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July 27
Electric Vehicles Workshop for Leaders
Come for an update on new electric vehicles, their benefits, local funding opportunities, and regional EV initiatives you can join.  This workshop is for CSR / Sustainability Officers, Transportation Directors, and other decision-makers managing transportation issues in your organization. Click here to RSVP.

July 29
Trends in Sustainability Reporting, with EcoStrategy Group
EcoStrategy will share the findings of their study, "Trends in Sustainability Reporting" describing how the top Bay Area companies communicate about their environmental sustainability and climate reporting efforts.
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August 4
Idle Reduction Workshop
Come learn how to reduce fuel usage & your carbon footprint. Experts will present solutions & answer questions about idle reduction technologies & air quality regulations. 
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August 19

"Communicating Climate" - Findings from the Cal Academy of Sciences
Aaron Pope, Manager of Sustainability Programs, Cal Academy of Sciences, will share their current social research and key findings.
Join us to learn best practices around "communicating climate change" to the public, your employees and your clients. Click here to RSVP.

August 25
"A Common Green"
Join as San Francisco's leading nonprofits, foundations, and businesses will gather under one roof for an extraordinary evening soiree and chance to meet face-to-face.

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BC3 events are Members Only. 
All Guests must be accompanied by a Member.

If you are a member, but have not received our event invitations, please email us at bc3@bc3sfbay.org

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A Proposition:

Join a BC3 Summer Project Team today!


If you're looking to become involved in electric vehicle policy, please join the BC3-BAC Electric Vehicle Project Team.

We had a successful EV Kick-Off Meeting on June 23rd where members shared a variety of ideas on how the Project Team can help Bay Area businesses demonstrate leadership in this arena.

AB 32

The BC3 AB32 Project Team will be helping members advocate against the effort to repeal AB32 and sharing best practices on how to take advantage of the economic opportunities AB32 provides to environmentally conscious businesses.

July 21, 4-5:30pm
Blue Shield of CA
50 Beale Street
San Francisco, CA
RSVP: kyle@bc3sfbay.org


Our Policy & Climate Action Intern, Kyle Aarons, will be facilitating the Project Teams over the summer.

Please email Kyle at kyle@bc3sfbay.org to JOIN or LEARN MORE about a Project Team.

Other Climate Events in the Bay Area  


Take Action R
esources from our recent events

From May 13th
Navigating the American Carbon World

Jeff Caton, ESA
Fiona Berry, SAIC
Stephanie Glazer, ARUP

From April 13th
Protecting AB32: The Critical Role for Business Leaders

Susan Frank, CA Business Alliance for a Green Economy
Mike Mielke, SVLG
Jasmin Ansar, Union of Concerned Scientists
Wade Crowfoot, EDF

From April 9th
Transportation Secrets

Calla Ostrander, Climate Action Coordinator, SFE
Paul MacGrath, CEO and Founder, RideSpring
Adeline Canez, Transportation Demand Coordinator, SFE
Lydia Thornton, 511.org

From March 23rd,
Making YOUR Office Building More Energy Efficient: Upcoming Legislation & Incentives

Barry Hooper, Commercial Green Building Director, SFE

Event Resources URL:
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BC3 Members on Triple-Pundit
GRI Course

GRI Certification in Sustainability Reporting
Berkeley CA | July 29-30

BC3 member  TriplePundit.com, an online news source for sustainable business, presents a certification in Sustainability Reporting this summer in Berkeley.

They are pleased to offer BC3 members $300 off the corporate rate for admission. Register soon! This special rate is only valid until the 15th of July. 

After completion of this 2 day course, participants will firmly grasp GRI's sustainability reporting methodology and devise a sustainability reporting process that meets their company's needs and the GRI guidelines. Instructors will provide participants with a hands-on instruction by utilizing GRI's third generation (G3) sustainability reporting framework. Upon completion, participants will receive certificates directly from GRI for their demonstrated knowledge"
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Welcome to the Summer 2010 edition of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3) newsletter!  These quarterly updates are intended to fill you in on recent events, inform and remind you of upcoming seminars and meetings, and communicate best practices and programs. 
AB32 & Electric Vehicles

By Kyle Aarons, BC3 Summer Policy Intern

The Latest on AB32

Elements of AB 32, California's landmark climate legislation, are falling into place this summer at the Air Resources Board (ARB), including:

Capitol Building** Low Carbon Fuel Standard that will make our transportation fuels 10% less carbon-intensive by 2020

Renewable Electricity Standard that will make our electricity 33% renewable by 2020

** Reporting protocols that will be used to track the greenhouse gas emissions from large sources.

The ARB is always interested in hearing a business perspective, especially since the cap & trade element of AB32 is still under development. Learn more here.

Yet as this historic law is progressing, Texas oil companies are working to repeal AB32 through a November ballot proposition. This proposition was recently approved by the Secretary of State to appear on the ballot, and is now known as Proposition 23. BC3 is working with the "Stop the Dirty Energy Proposition" campaign to fight this dangerous proposition and ensure California's clean economy can continue to grow. If your company has not already done so, please consider joining the "Stop the Dirty Energy Proposition" campaign's coalition of leading businesses such as Blue Shield California, Google, and Natural Logic, Inc., by clicking here.

Some BC3 members are already speaking out against the anti-AB32 proposition. For example, Blue Shield of California announced its opposition to the proposition in early May due to AB32's air quality and public health benefits.

See BC3's
blog post to learn more.

EVElectric Vehicles on the Rise 

The electric vehicle market is about to get much more exciting, even for those of us that cannot afford a Tesla Roadster.

Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid is slated for release by the end of 2010, and the fully electric Nissan LEAF will be close behind. Where public transportation is inconvenient, these vehicles and their electric brethren provide the opportunity to travel without consuming dirty, costly oil.

All levels of government recognize the public benefits of plug-in vehicles, and many business incentives are available for the purchase of vehicles and charging equipment.

For example, Bay Area company Coulomb Technology was recently awarded a Department of Energy grant to provide
free chargers to businesses in several test markets, including the Bay Area, provided that they will be publicly accessible.

State programs and federal legislation are likely to offer further incentives. Most climate and energy bills being discussed in Congress contain further financial and regulatory support for plug-in vehicles.

In a move that will further help the deployment of plug-in vehicles, California is set to implement the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) by early 2011. This groundbreaking law requires transportation fuel sold in California to be 10% less carbon intensive by 2020. This goal will be reached by providers of low-carbon fuel, such as electricity, trading fuel credits to traditional suppliers. Visit the official LCFS site to learn more.

Join BC3's Project Teams to get more involved in advocating against AB32's repeal or in Electric Vehicle leadership.
May 2010 Full Membership Meeting: A Success

BC3's Spring Full Member Meeting was held at the California Academy of Sciences on May 20. Nearly 50 BC3 member companies attended and participated in presentations, discussions, and networking. The meeting ended with a fascinating talk about the museum's green building and sustainability initiatives. Afterward, participants were given free admission to the museum, a VIP tour of Cal Academy's newest exhibit, and entry into NightLife.

Check out the full summary and photos here:

New BC3 Dues & Sponsorships Announced

Membership Dues and Sponsorship Opportunities. During a session of the full membership meeting, BC3 Advisory Committee Members Lori Duvall (Sun Microsystems, former) and Kirsten Ritchie (Gensler) explained the new levels and thinking behind BC3's new membership dues and sponsorship opportunities. The intent is to greatly reduce the cost of membership dues, improve BC3's value to member companies, and solidify the financial sustainability of BC3.

As a member, what's next? Throughout the summer, the BC3 Advisory Committee, Program Manager and Interns will contact each of your individually for a personal conversation about what these changes with mean for you and your business.

BC3 New Dues Structure
Member Spotlight: EcoStrategy Group

EcoStrategy Group highlights sustainability communications.
How should businesses communicate their environmental sustainability to clients and the outside world? BC3 Member EcoStrategy Group, a consulting firm that helps companies gain competitive advantage through environmental sustainability, has some key answers to that question.

Alphabet Energy logo EcoStrategy Group recently published a report detailing sustainability reporting trends within the Bay Area business community. This report has particular value to BC3 member companies, who commit to improving "transparency and disclosure" as part of the Fifth Principle of Climate Leadership.

The report found that many of the most successful companies make a conscious effort to inform stakeholders about their environmental performance. In fact, almost 60% of the Bay Area companies with revenues of $1 billion or more did so. Moreover, these companies managed to take credit for their progress without "greenwashing," or deceptive green advertising. They successfully balanced the increasing demand for transparency with the need to protect company information. 

Sustainability reporting is not currently mandated by federal law, but it has become increasingly mainstream in recent years. The overall trend toward greater transparency is driven by a number of factors, including market competition and demand from consumers and investors. Some companies also believe that such reporting may one day become mandatory, as the SEC's recent guidance regarding the inclusion of climate risks in financial reporting suggests.

EcoStrategy Group assessed the sustainability communications of the 200 largest Bay Area companies, reviewing only publicly available information such as company disclosures. BC3 member companies Autodesk and Cisco received top ratings in the survey.

You can read the executive summary of the EcoStrategy Group report by clicking here: http://ecostrategygroup.com/trends.pdf

Meet EcoStrategy Group at our upcoming BC3 Event, "Trends in Sustainability Reporting" on July 29: RSVP HERE
"Climate Leadership Profile" Tool Coming Soon

BC3 members should look forward to the new "myBC3 Climate Leadership Profile", soon to launch in the BC3 website.

This improved tool is a quick, high-level online survey featuring questions related to each of BC3's Five Principles on Climate Leadership.These questions are intended to recognize a company's  efforts to mitigate climate change and also identify potential areas for improvement. Moreover, the interface is user-friendly and the questions simple enough to be completed in less than twenty minutes.

The tracking tool will add value to member Sustainability Chartcompanies by enabling them to share information and create community; develop peer support and best practices; track climate data and progress easily; and take clearly defined action on the Five Principles of Climate Leadership. The information gathered will also help BC3 to program events and support communications.

The Climate Leadership Profile was developed by a BC3 Member Project Team with varied experience in GHG accounting. At the most recent Full Membership Meeting, participants reviewed a sample of the tracking tool questions and offered valuable feedback on how they could be improved. The final Climate Leadership Profile will be included in the BC3 web site later this summer.
Meet BC3's Newest
Advisory Committee Members
Franky MoFranky Mo
Senior Manager of Environmental Affairs/Global Responsibility
Gap Inc.
  (Member Seat)

Franky Mo is the Senior Manager of Environmental Affairs/Global Responsibility for Gap Inc. (Gap) and has over 13 years experience in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability.  Franky manages Gap's corporate environmental footprint strategy and sustainability efforts and leads supply-chain environmental responsibility program globally.  Prior to joining Gap, Franky worked in an international environmental consulting firm, ERM, in Hong Kong . 
Franky has a Master's degree in Environmental Management from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from UCLA.  He is also Registered Environmental Auditor under the UK 's Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA).

Nancy ShawNancy Shaw
Social Responsibility Manager
Blue Shield of California  (Member Seat)

Nancy Shaw is the social responsibility manager at Blue Shield of California, a not-for-profit health plan with 3.4 million members. Nancy's role includes strategy, communications, employee engagement, public policy, and championing and implementing environmental practices. She is most passionate about transforming corporate culture to embrace sustainability.
Nancy has over 15 years experience in sustainable business and philanthropy, including work for Craigslist, the Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, HBO, Williams-Somona and BrightSource Energy. She holds an MBA in sustainable management from the Presidio School of Management and a BA from the University of California at Berkeley. Her goal in joining Business Council on Climate Change is to help create an even more powerful coalition of business leaders who are actively addressing climate change.

Stephanie GlazerStephanie Glazer Cropped
Senior Climate Change Specialist
ARUP  (Member Seat)

Stephanie has 14 years of experience as an environmental consultant, managing strategic sustainability projects, supporting cleanup and reuse of Brownfield sites, and advancing climate change mitigation measures, with a focus on carbon accounting and GHG emissions reductions.  As an accredited GHG lead verifier in both the voluntary and compliance markets, she has developed and verified GHG emissions inventories for clients in the telecommunications, power and water/wastewater utilities, waste management, retail, and entertainment industries. 

Her work includes creating quantification models to evaluate the potential effectiveness of various policy options aimed at prioritizing implementation measures and forecasting likely results. Stephanie is currently drafting a carbon accounting protocol for development projects, which incorporates both the embodied carbon and operating emissions associated with buildings and infrastructure, and evaluates the possible tradeoffs between them to optimize design decisions that support a low-carbon, sustainable development.

Laura TamLaura Tam
Sustainable Development Policy Director
SPUR  (Partner Seat)

Laura Tam is the Sustainable Development Policy Director for SPUR, the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. In this role, she directs SPUR's work in five major policy areas: green buildings, water supply, wastewater, energy and climate change. She led SPUR's assessment of 42 options for San Francisco to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, evaluating them by cost and carbon reduction potential, and making recommendations for climate mitigation priorities for the city and region. She recently wrote two white papers on sea level rise in the Bay Area, and is the staff leader of SPUR's task force on climate change adaptation, whose recommendations are forthcoming this year.
Besides serving on BC3's Advisory Committee, Laura serves on the Citizens Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. She previously worked for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and for the Northern Forest Center, where she wrote the book, At Home in the Northern Forest. She has a Master's degree in environmental management from Yale and a BA in Geography from Dartmouth College.
New Summer Interns Join the BC3 Team

Kyle Aarons, Climate Action Intern Kyle Aarons

Kyle is a law & public policy student at the University of Michigan, and will be with BC3 through August. Prior to starting at Michigan, Kyle spent three years with PG&E, working in air quality compliance and clean air transportation. Kyle will be our lead contact for the EV and AB32 Project Teams. Kyle loves meeting BC3 members, & invites you to get in touch at kyle@bc3sfbay.org

Kate Gasner, Program Intern 1bog

Kate graduated from Yale University a year ago, where she studied Environmental Engineering and worked with the Office of Sustainability. After returning to the bay area, she worked with The Artemis Project to develop a listing of the best water technology companies, and she continues ongoing work with ImagineH2O. Kate is thrilled to join the BC3 community. Please feel free to connect with her at kate@bc3sfbay.org

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