Undie Run - Friday May 20th - Join the fun !!

Undie Run Hopes to Raise Thousands of Dollars for Muscular Dystrophy !!


Tatur's Undie Run

Friday May 20 - 7PM

Presented by Leon's 


History & Mission of the Tatur Undie Run  

 Strict Dress Code

The Idea - When the organizers of TATUR (Tulsa Area Trail & Ultra Runners) meet and brainstorm, we often try to focus on two goals.  One, how can we put the fun back in running (hence our tagline - Puttin the Fun in Run).  Two, how we come up with an event that has the possibility to raise a mountain of money to help out a fantastic charity.


The Charity - The  Undie Run was born, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association was declared to be our major beneficiary. Please read below to learn more about the MDA.  Leon's is proud to partner up with the Undie Run and believes in our mission.  


The Goal - We hope that all of Tulsa will stand behind us in our goal to have 20,000 Undie Runners in 2013.  We firmly believe that this event can make a huge difference in many kids' lives who are living with Muscular Dystrophy as well as bring a wealth of income to the city of Tulsa. 




View the Undie Run Website

Undie Run Basics

 Post Race Party !!

  • Benefits Muscular Dystrophy
  • No Nudity,thongs or transparent clothing  !
  • One mile run
  • Heats at 7pm and 7:30pm
  • 5 person teams - (you can sign up individually)
  • College teams also
  • Jello Shots at aid stations
  • Beach ball bouncing
  • Women's sexy legs contest
  • Men's hottest abs contest
  • Live music
  • Two free beers per 21 & older entrant
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Register at RunnersWorld Tulsa, Leon's, or online
  • Visit Undie Run website for more information




View the Undie Run Website

Ooh... What To Wear ? 

The Do's and Dont's of Undie Run Dressing   

Undie Run Reindeer



Do dress in any type of underwear such as long johns, housecoats, bras, bloomers, nightgowns, tidy whities, boxers, panties, sports bras, granny gear, bathing suits, etc.


Don't wear anything that is transparent or semi transparent in the "private" areas.  They call them private areas for a reason and at this race they should remain private.


Do wear something that you will be comfortable to run or walk in.  Remember it may be hot and  may be sweating.


Don't wear anything that may cause a wardrobe malfunction.  Remember Janet Jackson and Tara Reid?  Wear something that will stay in place while you are running, jumping or punching a beach ball.


Do feel free to dress up in any undie themed costume such as the undie reindeer pictured above.


Don't wear boxer shorts that have the peek-a-boo flap unless you plan on wearing something underneath them.


Do wear shoes !!  The terrain may be uneven and it is easy to cut your feet while running.  We recommend wearing running shoes, but if you feel that you can safely run in high heels or cowboy boots, more power to ya !


Don't wear thongs or pasties!  This is the state of Oklahoma which is in the middle of the "Bible Belt" ...baby steps !


Do invite your boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse to participate with you.  You are less likely to be forced to sleep on the couch if your significant other also participates.


Don't wear anything with profanity on it. This includes crudely drawn images of private parts.


Do invite your friends and co-workers to join you.  You can sign yourself up for a 5 person team, choose your team name, and pay for JUST YOU and tell your teammates to sign up later  Don't forget to give them the exact team name. 


Don't think that body paint on bare skin is a substitute for clothing.  It is not !


Don't try to enter this race if you are under 18.  This is strictly an 18 and over only race ! Enter the Tatur Mud Run instead !


Do dress up or down!! It is not mandatory but highly recommended.








View the Undie Run Website

Leon's - Two Locations With Tulsa's Best Food and Atmosphere

Eat at Leon's Brookside or Leon's Broken Arrow


Leons Tulsa and Broken Arrow 

Leon's is a proud sponsor of the 2011 Tatur Undie Run.  If you have not checked out the incredible food, drinks, and party scene at Leon's, you are really missing out. 


Leon's Brookside is located at 3301 S. Peoria

Leon's Broken Arrow is at 3302 W. Kenosha 


Check out Leon's new website

Beach Balls Bouncing, What Does That Beachball Say?

Write Something Funny on Your Ball !


What does your ball say?

Bring a ball - As part of your admission to get into the event, we ask that you try to bring a beach ball of any size and write something cute, funny or witty on the ball.


Whose Got the Biggest Ball Of Them All? The Undie Run organizers have purchases over 400 beach balls to get the party started.  Before during and after the event thousands of balls will be flying through the air.


Funny Ha-Ha Runners will punch them back up into the sky or grab one, read what it says, then send it flying again. 


Sharpies - Sharpies or Magic Markers work well for writing on the beach balls.  Bring as many as you want and feel free to take a couple of the balls that you think had something funny on them home with you.  


Bashful? Another great feature of the beach balls is that if you are wearing something that you feel comfortable around your friends in, but then you spot your boss or mother in-law, simply grab a ball and postition it so that you feel more uh...secure.  Ya never know how many uses those big balls can have !! 


View the Undie Run Website

New TATUR Website

Website Gets a Facelift

New Tatur Website

Please check out the new Tatur Website. It is full of great information about all things related to trail and ultra running.


Some new features to the website include: 

  • Calendar of area trail/ultra races  
  • New Chatroom
  • Volunteer Sign Up Page
  • Tatur Reporter section
  • Photo Gallery Page
  • Full list of TATUR races
  • Tatur Blog
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook Page
  • Tatur Committee Page
  • Timing and race planning page
  • More

    Click here to view the new website 

Reckless Redneck One Miler Downhill Road Race

Friday July 22 - 61st & Elwood - 7pm

Redneck Downhill Road Race 

Nowhere will you find better costumes than at Tatur's Reckless Redneck One Mile Downhill Road Race.

Entrants will FLY down the steep hills in redneck and hillbilly garb while they listen to the twang of banjos and bluegrass music.
  • One mile race
  • Steep downhills
  • Tech shirts to the first 300 entrants
  • Unique Redneck Finishers medals
  • Bluegrass music
  • Hilarious costumes
  • PR course
  • Costume contest
  • Prize money
  • Free Old Milwaukee beer
  • Discounts to costumed entrants 

$30 Entry Fee

$25 to those who dress up


Sign up coming soon

TATUR Tots Pictures

View Pictures of Previous Tots Run
 Tots at Turkey Mountain

Do you have any pictures from previous Tatur Tots training runs that you would like to enter into a slideshow? If so send them to brian@tatur.org

Check out a slideshow of a previous Tatur training run or even view pictures of dozens of other trails in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Tatur Tots Pictures

Tatur Facebook Page
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Muscular Dystrophy Association is Declared Undie Run Charity 


 Can we help this girl to walk someday?
MDA At the Front - At some events you know that the proceeds will go to a good cause, but you just really do not hear too much about the charity or where exactly our money is going.
Partners - The Undie Run is proud of our partnership with the MDA and wants the world to know it.  Your race proceeds will go to help a fantastic organization and we hope that you will read some of the wonderful stories below about children living with Muscular Dystrophy.

Tulsa's Hope - Will a story about a child from the Tulsa area be listed her next year? 


Meeting a Hero !!


Logan's Story - Logan Mitzel has one word for his swim with Olympic champion Michael Phelps: "awesome."

The 11-year-old from Aurora, Ill., who has Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) and relies on a manual wheelchair for mobility, loves to swim so much that in 2010 he completed a streak of swimming every day for 77 consecutive days. Read more...




Girl With MD does amazing things 

Caroline's Construction - Designers of a new accessible beach park in Virginia Beach, Va., are very glad they asked Caroline Pennell, of Chesterfield, to look over their plans. The 14-year-old with limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) came up with the best idea of all. 


"I suggested they make the ramp go up to the highest place," says Pennell, a ninth-grader and MDA spokeswoman. As a person who uses a wheelchair for mobility, Pennell understands what it's like to never have a view of anything but bellies and backsides.  Read More...




Stuart's Story

Stuart's Struggle - At nineteen, the age when most young men are getting ready to go out into the world to build a career, a relationship and possibly start a family, Stuart Wickison is facing up to his imminent death.


"I know that I will die some time soon, and that before I die I will be very ill - possibly paralyzed and in pain," says Stuart.


"Of course, I go through moments of great bleakness and darkness when I think about what lies ahead, but I try not to dwell on it for too long otherwise I would go mad."


Stuart suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a rare, degenerative muscular wasting disease that affects only boys.  Read more...   

Jello Shots - Jello Shots and More Jello Shots

What is Your Favorite Jello Shot Flavor? 




 Jello Shots


Why Jello Shots? Why not? They are great for the heat, they go down easier then a big thick frothy beer and they are fun!!! 


Two locations - Leon's is famous for their Jello Shots, which will be available at  two locations on the course for the 7pm heat. They are not too weak, not too strong and make the perfect mid race drink, or is it a food?    


Water also - In addition to the Jello Shots there will be water at the aid station for those who need it.    


18-20 year olds - Runners under the age of 21 will be wearing an alternate color race number and will not be allowed to have alcoholic Jello Shots.




View the Undie Run Website

Two Very Different Heats

7pm Heat - Non Timed - 5 Person Teams

7:30 Heat - Timed - Individuals


Enter as a 5 Person Team !


7pm heat  - The 7pm heat will be only for five person teams.  The heat will be untimed and just for fun.  If you and your four friends (teams can actually be 5 or more) want to just go out and have fun, knock some beach balls around, drink/eat some Jello Shots and compete in the five person team costume contest, then this heat is the heat for you.


Race organizers predict that the 7pm heat will be the largest heat and very crowded.


The cost per individual who is part of a 5 person team is only $30.  


Yes !!  You can register as a five person team and only pay for yourself !!


Simply follow these seven steps 

  1. Click the link below
  2. Choose five person team
  3. Fill out your info
  4. When it says "Do you want to add a second team member, click the "NO" button.
  5. Choose a team name
  6. Recruit at least four friends/co-workers and tell them the EXACT team name.
  7. Your team members can register at a later date.


Register as part of a 5 person team 




7:30 heat - The 7:30 heat will be a timed race for individuals (there are no two, three or four person teams).  This heat will not have Jello Shots or beach balls on the course to trip you up.


This heat will have fun prizes for age group winners.   


If you are a competitive runner and want to see how fast you can run a mile, this heat is for you. Or, if you cannot find four friends crazy enough to do this race, then this will be the race to choose.


The cost per individual in the timed heat is $35.  


Register as an Individual 


Hot Legs Contest, Sexy Abs Contest,  and Five Person Team Costume Contest


We are Looking for Male and Female Judges  !! 

 Hot Abs Contest

Dont Leave Yet - You do not want to leave early at this race.  If you do, then you will miss all the hootin and a hollerin as some of Tulsa's sexiest men and women take the stage for the Hot Legs Contest (for women) and Sexy Abs Contest (for men)


Also after the race, Tatur and Leon's will give a way some great prizes for the five teams with the best Undie-themed costumes.


If you would like to be a judge simply reply to this email and let us know why you think you are judge worthy.


Judges will be selected on several criteria most of the below are helpful but not required.   

  • Are you 18 or over ?
  • Do you have even a minor celebrity status ?
  • Do you have a fashion or beauty background ?
  • Are you a community leader?
  • Do you have a health, strength, or endurance background ?
  • How is your sense of humor, public speaking ability and do you have a catty snippy attitude ?





Tatur Mud Run

Saturday August 6, 2011

Mud Bowl Tulsa

  Girls Show Off Their Mud


View Videos & Pictures  


Heats will run from 11am -7pm

  • Heats from 11am - 7pm
  • Two Slip and Slides
  • More mud
  • More live music
  • Free beer
  • Massive costume contest
  • 10 or five person teams
  • Individual competition
  • Tulsa firefighters
  • Extreme Obstacles
  • Tons of Fun


  • Sign ups coming in April!


The Slip & Slide



These Are HOT !!!


Tatur Club Shirts

The new TATUR Club shirts should be in within a week.
  • Join Tatur and receive a shirt
  • tech fabric running shirts
  • Women's sizes and fitted
  • Two women's colors & two women's colors
  • Singlets (tanks) & tees
  • Asics and Brooks brand shirts


Save up to $50 on Tatur Races by being a member !!
Become a TATUR member to receive $5 discount codes for the following upcoming races:  
  1. Snake Run
  2. Lake McMurtry Trail Race
  3. Undie Run
  4. Midnight Madness 50 Miler
  5. Reckelss Redneck
  6. Mud Run
  7. Mud Sweat & Tears Adventure Race
  8. Turkey & Taturs Trail Race
  9. Pumpkin Holler 50K/100K/100Mile
  10. Polar Bear Plunge