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FAQ's About the Snake Run !!


30 Frequently Asked Questions About the Snake Run

More Information Than You Would Ever Want to Know !!

2011 Snake Run Finishers Medal 


1) Will there be beer? 


Of course !!! THIS IS  A TATUR RACE ! DUH


2) Do you ever run out of beer?




3) Will I Get a Medal? The first 250 entrants that sign up will be guaranteed a 3 1/4" finishers medal which will be hung around you neck as you finish at noon or 3pm. Oh !! You also have to finish to get one.  What a concept !


4) Do I really have to wear my race number?


YES !  It is so important for you to wear your race number at this event that you could risk being disqualified for not wearing it.  Not only do you have to wear it, it has to be worn on the outside of your clothing and must be on the front of your body, so that it can be clearly seen. 


This race is not chip timed.  We will have a timing table where someone will be entering your race number into a laptop.  If the timer has to wait while you make your number visible it will slow down the whole process and you will asked very politely to fix your number and keep it visible.  


We recommended pinning it to your shorts/pants if you plan on changing, adding or removing shirts or jackets during the race


5) Is this a good race for someone who has never run a trail race? 




6)What is the terrain like?


The entire course is pancake flat !!  While there are some rocks on the course, the route is located on the easiest section of Turkey Mountain and is rated a level 3 of difficulty whereas other sections  of the mountain rate as high as 8.


7) Do I have to have trail shoes?


No.  Several experienced trail runners will wear road shoes on a course like this.  Trail shoes may help, but we recommend  just wearing whatever you are most comfortable in.  


8) Will I fall? 


Maybe.  You are not a "true trail runner" until you fall at least once.  You most likely will not get hurt if you fall.  If you don't fall, and are sad that you did not fall, notify a race organizer and we will trip you !



9) Will I get a shirt?  


Most likely. The bigger question is will you get one that fits you?  As of today, we are almost out of all the larger sizes.  We have plenty of extra smalls, smalls and mediums left. Shirts will not be re-ordered.  If we do not have a shirt in your size we will take $5 off of your entry.


10) Will there be post race food !! 


Yup!  The menu is still being negotiated.  You will like it though.  


11) Why is this race fun?


Because we tell you that it is !


12) What should I bring?


Camera, blankets, Lawn chairs, iPod. Ice chests are allowed.  


13) Can I set out a drop bag?


Yes ! You can leave it at the start finish area where you will see it every 4.2 miles.  If you want to carry an item to the on course aid station, you can access it up to three times per loop.


14) What can I expect to see at the aid stations?


At the bare minimum, we will have water, Lemon Lime Gatorade, Coke, pretzels, candy, PB& J sandwiches, chips, and boiled potatoes.  We will not have Gu or any other energy replacement items.


15) Do I need to carry a water bottle?


Not unless you need water more than once a mile. 


16) How far is each loop?


Each "circuit" is 4.2 miles  2.1 miles to the turnaround point and 2.1 miles back to the start.


17) Is there plenty of parking?


No.  You can park up on top of the REALLY steep hill where Elwood curves and becomes 61st St. or you can park in the main parking lot of Turkey Mtn and hike up the REALLY steep hill. Or if you arrive late you can park on one of the side streets adjacent to the REALLY steep hill.  The good news is that the REALLY steep hill is not part of the course.


18) Is there an address that I can plug into my GPS to find Turkey Mtn. 


Yes. Plug in the address to this church ( Lily of the Valley House of Prayer)  6808 S. Elwood , Tulsa OK, 74132 


19) Are there aid stations on the course?


Yes.  There is one aid station on the course and you will hit this aid station THREE times per circuit. The first time it will be on your left, the second time it will be in front of you, and the third time it will be on your right.  This is the same aid station not really fast aid station workers that move around alot :)


There is also one aid station at the start finish area.


20) Is there a time limit for this race race?  


YES ! Six hours or Three Hours....Hello !!!


21) What happens if I am still out on the four mile loop when the ending gun sounds ?


Then you are out of luck and get no credit for your last partial circuit.  That is why we start making announcements beginning at 10:45am and 1:45pm that if you don't think that you can finish another 4 mile circuit, then you should start running a separate 1/2 mile loop over, and over, and over and over, and over, and over...well you get the point.  You can run these loops until the noon or 3pm gun sounds. 


Your half mile loops will be tallied and added to your total mileage.  This is where you separate the men from the boys and women from the girly girls.


22) Can I run less than three or six hours, go home, and then pick my medal up later?


NO !!!  Do you get a finishers medal for running 25 miles?  NO !!  To be considered a finisher you  must be active in the race when the finishing gun sounds.  However, there is no limit to how long of a break you can take. 


We will make an announcement at 11:45am and 2:45pm that if you want to be considered a finisher and get the medal then you have to end your "break" and resume running or walking.  Also You HAVE to finish at least one four mile loop at the beginning of the race. 


23) Can I wear an iPod?


Yes ! But unless you are a very fast runner, you will be passed many, many times on a very narrow trail.  If your music is very loud and you cannot hear the faster runner announce "On Your Left" before they pass you.  You will seriously annoy many runners. 


24) Can I run with a dog?


Yes ! As long as it is kept on a short leash and we do not hear any complaints, bring Fido and he or she will have a great time. 


25) Will there be awards to all age group winners?


No !  The very coveted Snake Trophies will only go to the top three men and top three women in both the three and six hour events. 


Other age group winners will receive a certificate.  Hey don't complain.  We wanted to spend the money on your  finishers medals.  If you sponsor the race next year you can buy us some better age group awards. 


Certificates will be given for the following age groups.


Men's: 5-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-99

Women's: 5-20, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-99


26) Are there Clydesdale, Filly, Masters, Race Walkers, Teams,  and other divisions? 


NO, NO, NO, NO, NO and NO !!! This is trail running.  There also will not be spilt callers, mile markers, mylar blankets or bands along the course.


27) Will I get lost?  


No. The course will be marked extremely well. There are only two miles of course that will be heavily marked with pink & black polka dotted ribbon.  Unless you are the leader, you will just be following the crowd


28) Where can I find out more information about the race?  


You can reply to this email or check out the website at http://tatur.org/SixHourTaturRun.html



30) Do you need any help with the race ?


We always need volunteers.  We have lots of positions that still need to be filled. Simply click here or email race director Ken Childress at trail_zombie@yahoo.com



Taturs Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd

100 Mile/100K/50K


Sat-Sun October 15-16
Tahlequah OK



Want to really challenge yourself?  Want to do a race that you will never forget.  Well this is it !!
Training programs will be available.  Yes people can run distances further than a marathon, and even further than a 50 mile race.

The Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd will be contested in the beautiful Nickels Preserve near Tahlequah. 

50K - One loop
100K - Two loops
100 Mile - Three Loops
  • Mostly flat country dirt roads
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Belt buckles to all 100 mile finishers
  • Medals to 50 and 100Kers
  • Fleece jackets to 100 mile race entrants
  • Pre and post race meals
  • Pacers allowed after first loop
  • 30 hour time limit
  • Camping/cabins available
  • Training schedules for 100M and 100K coming soon


Tatur TOTS Trail Run

Turkey Mtn.  7:30am - Sunday 3/20

Beginner & Intermediate Trail Runs  


View pictures of previous TOTS training runs


Trail Groups 

View the schedule to see where the TOTS are running each Sunday


Pink Trail The new pink trail has been marked with blazes and is ready to run.  It is close to a six mile loop.

Weather The weather should be fantastic.  We have been averaging between 40-60 people of ALL abilities who have been coming out to run, walk/hike some of the beautiful trails up at Turkey Mtn.

We will split up into groups based on pace and ability. You DO NOT have to be a TATUR member to take part in the training.  Simply show up, introduce yourself and find a group that is going the distance and speed that you want to go.

The Tots' motto is that "no one gets left behind". We will have groups ranging from walker to fast runners.    

We will meet at the main Turkey Mountain parking lot at 7:30am, then break up into groups.


Please reply to this email if you have any questions. 

Trail Run Training

Tatur Committee Meeting

Be on the Committee

Tatur Race Committee
Wednesday April 13th- 7am - Doubleshot Coffee at 18th & Boston

Would you like to be more involved with the running scene in Oklahoma?

Would you like to help with the planning and coordination of Tatur races?

Do have an interest in promoting trail running to others in the Tulsa area.  If so, then we need you!!

Our next Tatur committee meeting will be on Wednesday February 9th at 7am at DoubleShot Coffee at 18th & Boston.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in please reply to this email.

Volunteer for a Tatur Event
Give Back to the Running Community
TATUR is trying out an new online volunteering system.

We have lined out dozens of volunteer opportunities that are coming up for several upcoming events

We can now monitor more accurately who has volunteered how many hours for not only one event but for all events combined.  

We will begin giving volunteer incentives based upon hours worked and hope that this will entice some of you to consider working some of the many exciting events that TATUR organizes.

Click the button below to see a list of volunteer positions available for the Snake Run.


Voluntreer Your Time !

TATUR Tots Pictures

View Pictures of Previous Tots Run
 Tots at Turkey Mountain

Do you have any pictures from previous Tatur Tots training runs that you would like to enter into a slideshow? If so send them to brian@tatur.org

Check out a slideshow of a previous Tatur training run or even view pictures of dozens of other trails in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas.

Tatur Tots Pictures

Did You Pre-Register? - Your packets are Ready !!

Sign Up Now to Get Your Goodies !!

Bling !! 

  Tech Shirt  -----3 1/4" Medal---Race Number  




You can pick up your packet at the following times:


Tuesday - till 6pm

Wednesday 10-6

Thursday 10-7:30

Friday - 10 -6

Sat - At the race beginning at 8am


Sign up online today

All your Snake Run gear has arrived and looks fantastic !!
The short sleeve running shirts are  high quality black Brooks technical fabric unisex garments with vibrant colors. The shirts do run a half to a full size big !
The Snake Run finishers medal are 3 1/4" colored diecast metal and will go to ALL finishers who are running/walking when the three hour or six hour gun fires.
All racers will receive a custom Snake Run race number. The three hour entrants will get red numbers and the six hour runners will get a black number.


Sign Up Now to Get Your Goodies !!

Bling !! 

  Tech Shirt  -----3 1/4" Medal---Race Number  
All your Snake Run gear has arrived and looks fantastic !!
The short sleeve running shirts are  high quality black Brooks technical fabric unisex garments with vibrant colors. Plenty of extra small, smalls and mediums left.  Shirts run big and will not shrink. 
The Snake Run finishers medal are 3 1/4" colored diecast metal and will go to ALL finishers who are running/walking when the three hour or six hour gun fires.
All racers will receive a custom Snake Run race number. The three hour entrants will get red numbers and the six hour runners will get a black number.

Tatur's Six or Three Hour Snake Run

Saturday March 19 - 9am - Turkey Mtn.

Snake Run Flyer 


Sign up online today


Come out and see how far you can run within a six or three hour period. The course is a relatively flat and rock free area of Turkey Mountain.


Entrants from all over the country will travel to Tulsa to take part in this unique race

  • Snake shaped finishers medals to all who run for the full six or three hours
  • Free post race meal
  • Limited Supply of Technical fabric shirts
  • Free Beer (Duh!)
  • Perfect "First Trail Run" course
  • On course training runs offered every Sunday at 7:30 A.M.
  • Four mile circuits (two out - two back)
  • Limited parking 


Six Hour race: - $40

Three Hour race $35.


Lake McMurtry Trail Race

Saturday April 2 - 8am - Lake McMurtry



 Lake McMurtry Medal

3 1/4 Polished Silver Finishers Medal   

Experience the "Leap O' Doom"  

Sign up online

View photos 


The 13th Annual Lake McMurtry Trail Race is coming.  This race is considered by many to be one of the most scenic and "easy" trail races in the state. 


Run alongside babbling brooks, lazy rivers inlets, a beautiful lake and soft padded trails. 

  • High quality medals to all 25K/50K finishers
  • Leap O' Doom
  • Technical fabric short sleeve shirts
  • Four full service aid stations
  • Peninsula panoramic views
  • Barbecue and Jambalaya post race dinner
  • Wild turkeys, armadillos, deer and other wildlife
  • Staggered race start times

50K - $60 - 8am start

25K - $50 - 8:30am start

12K - $30 - 9am start


Stay afterwards for some delectable barbecue by Dirty Sanchez some of Tulsa's best grillers around.  We will also be serving some of the traditional ably to all you hungry finishers.


Tulsa Best Grillers


Leon's Tulsa presents the

 TATUR Undie  Run 

Friday May 20 - 7pm - Brookside Bar District 
Tatur Underwear Run
Jello Shots on the course for all 21 & older participants.
Inaugural Undie Run. College style underwear run. No nudity or thongs. One mile run/walk.  

Wild shirts & finishers medals for the first 400 entrants

  • Clothing donated to homeless shelter
  • Beach Balls
  • Wear bloomers, underwear, bras, long johns, bathrobes, tidy whities, etc.
  • Live music.
  • Body painting.
  • Women's sexy legs contest, men's six pack ab contest.
  • College/University competitions. 
  • Two free beers for each over 21 entrant.
  • Wild and Crazy !! 

            On course Jello Shots

Become a Facebook Friend for more info

Sign ups coming soon !!

Tatur Mud Run

Saturday August 6, 2011

Mud Bowl Tulsa

  Girls Show Off Their Mud


View Videos & Pictures  


Heats will run from 11am -7pm

  • Heats from 11am - 7pm
  • Two Slip and Slides
  • More mud
  • More live music
  • Free beer
  • Massive costume contest
  • 10 or five person teams
  • Individual competition
  • Tulsa firefighters
  • Extreme Obstacles
  • Tons of Fun


  • Sign ups coming late March !


The Slip & Slide



These Are HOT !!!


Tatur Club Shirts

The new TATUR Club shirts should be in within any day now.
  • Join Tatur and receive a shirt
  • Tech fabric running shirts
  • Women's sizes and fitted
  • Two women's colors & two women's colors
  • Singlets (tanks) & tees
  • Asics and Brooks brand shirts


Save up to $50 on Tatur Races by being a member !!
Become a TATUR member to receive $5 discount codes for the following upcoming races:  
  1. Snake Run
  2. Lake McMurtry Trail Race
  3. Undie Run
  4. Midnight Madness 50 Miler
  5. Reckelss Redneck
  6. Mud Run
  7. Mud Sweat & Tears Adventure Race
  8. Turkey & Taturs Trail Race
  9. Pumpkin Holler 50K/100K/100Mile
  10. Polar Bear Plunge  


Reckless Redneck One Miler Downhill Road Race

Friday July 22 - 61st & Elwood - 7pm

Redneck Downhill Road Race 

Nowhere will you find better costumes than at Tatur's Reckless Redneck One Mile Downhill Road Race.

Entrants will FLY down the steep hills in redneck and hillbilly garb while they listen to the twang of banjos and bluegrass music.
  • One mile race
  • Steep downhills
  • Tech shirts to the first 300 entrants
  • Unique Redneck Finishers medals
  • Bluegrass music
  • Hilarious costumes
  • PR course
  • Costume contest
  • Prize money
  • Free Old Milwaukee beer
  • Discounts to costumed entrants 

$30 Entry Fee

$25 to those who dress up


Sign up coming soon

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New TATUR Website

Website Gets a Facelift

New Tatur Website

Please check out the new Tatur Website. It is full of great information about all things related to trail and ultra running.


Some new features to the website include: 

  • Calendar of area trail/ultra races  
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