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Kid's Polymer Clay Class

   Thursday, July 14th 6:00 to 8:00pm
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Butterfly Millefiore Cane Class

Thursday, July 21st 6:00 to 9:00pm
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Pet Millefiore
Sunday, July 24th 2:30 to 6:00
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  New Silly Milly
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Strawberry Days

Glenwood Springs, CO
June 17th-19th

Art Fair Season is starting up. check out when Layl will be in your neighborhood this summer.
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June Newsletter   
Summer is here and Clay Squared is in full swing of creativity and adventure.  Layl is on a month long trek across America going to Kansas City, Salina, Kansas, Colorado then off to California and then heading home right before the 4th of July. She is doing a couple of shows and participating in a family reunion. You can follow her travels and all the work she creates on the road on her facebook page.

Josh is busy making new designer switch plate. Over the years he has made custom designed plates to match people tile projects and he has decided it was time to map out all the concepts to let everyone order them anytime.

Josh and Layl

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Tile Project of the Month

Tiles with Style that does not cost a mint 

Step up kitchen 
After people discover Clay Squared to Infinity tiles peoples thoughts tend to worry about how much do handmade tiles cost? We are all on a budget so the goal at Clay Squared is to first find what the tiles you are most drawn toward and then talk about ways to keep with in your budget.
For most people choosing colors to work with is the first challenge to figure out. Then we move to what features you want in your project ie decorative tiles, a mural, trim, patterns or just the beautiful variation in the field tile.
Most handmade tile kitchen and fireplace projects range from $300 to $1500. Surprisingly affordable and gives you style that all your friends will think you spent a mint on but didn't. The project featured is a simple design and only cost $200 to do. Click here for budgeting concepts
Check out the website for colors and concepts you want to consider. Contact us to order samples - five colors for $12.75 shipped right to your door. Or come in and talk to Josh and he can help you design and plan your project. Take out samples free for two weeks. Email or call 612-781-6409 for an appointment or just come on in any time from 11 - 5 Monday - Saturday.

Layl's Big Sculptures find homes
She blew away the doldrums     Layl creates about 10 to 15 large sculptures a year and she never feels like they are complete until they find their perfect home.  This past week six of her pieces sold at art fairs and at Clay Squared.  It's such a thrill to see these pieces go to a home where they will be appreciated and loved for many years to come.  Each of these pieces are totally unique and will never be replicated exactly again but if you ever see a large piece that you love Layl is always willing to do a personalized new version for you.  Check out her page of Large sculptures and be sure to click on each image to read about their creations.


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