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Healing Cancer: Mistletoe Extract
A Proven Natural Treatment



Are you, like myself, concerned about the ever increasing cancer rate in this country?  This might just be one of the most important articles you may ever read.  With cancer rates continuing to increase the need for natural treatments is crucial.   


Please read on to learn more about an incredible and proven natural treatment for cancer, which is used world-wide and even covered by health insurance companies in certain countries. 



It's not often that there is a proven natural treatment to recommend to the approximately 12 million people in the US who currently have cancer.   I'm talking about an extract made from European mistletoe (Vis­cum album), a plant that grows on apple, oak, maple and other trees. (You know it as a decoration for holi­day kisses.)


Mistletoe extract has become one of the most well-studied com­pounds in complementary cancer therapy (with more than 120 pub­lished studies).   It is widely used in Europe, particularly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.   In Switzerland, it is fully reimbursable through health insurance.


In fact, in Germany, mistletoe extract is a licensed medicine that is partly re­imbursable through the health-care system...and more than 50% of can­cer patients are treated with the plant in some form.


Mistletoe extract has been used in medicine for centuries.  It had multidimensional uses, including treat­ing headache, menstrual symptoms, infertility and arthritis.  Interest in mistletoe extract as a treatment for cancer was ignited in the 1920s.


Today several companies manu­facture mistletoe extract under the brand names Iscador, Helixor, Isorel and others. One of the most studied formulations is Iscador.


Available from conventional medi­cal and holistic doctors in the US and around the world, mistletoe extract is most often used in conjunction with standard cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiation.   It has been found to increase the ef­fectiveness of, and reduce the side effects from, conventional therapies and to improve patients' immunity and quality of life, including vitality, sleep and appetite.


I regularly prescribe mistletoe extract to my patients-to help those with cancer battle the disease and as a post cancer treatment.



What Mistletoe Extract Can Do For Cancer Patients:  


·Patients with cancer of the colon, rectum, stomach, breast or lung who took Iscador in addition to the con­ventional therapies reviewed in the study (chemotherapy and/or radia­tion) lived about 14 months, or 40%, longer than those who did not take mistletoe extract, according to a study published in 2001 in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.


·Mistletoe extract extended survival time in patients with malignant melanoma in a 2005 study pub­lished in a German journal.   Patients had significantly lower rates of metastases compared with the con­trol group.


·Patients with colorectal cancer who were treated with Iscador in addition to conventional treatment experienced fewer adverse side effects...better symptom relief...and improved disease-free survival rates compared with those treated with only conventional therapy, accord­ing to a 2009 study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.


·At last year's American Society for Clinical Oncology meeting in Washington, DC, researchers pre­sented the results of a Phase I clini­cal trial that tested the safety of Helixor and the drug gemcitabine (Gemzar) in patients with advanced solid tumors of the breast, pancreas or colon. Finding: 48% of patients taking both Helixor and Gemzar benefited from enhanced immune function and an increase in infection-fighting cells.   Helixor also may allow for higher doses of chemotherapy.


·Mistletoe extract improved the quality of life of 270 breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy, says a 2011 German study published in Phytomedicine.  Physicians rated improvements in general well-being (87% of patients), mental health (71%) and disease coping (50%).  Patients also reported improved appetite and sleep and less pain. Well-being is believed to result from mistletoe ex­tract's anti-inflammatory effect, which can reduce pain and boost energy.


In addition, mistletoe extract has been found to inhibit growth of malignant cells and cause cancer-cell death (apoptosis)...and protect cell DNA.


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I hope you have found this information to be of support to you and your families' health and well being.  If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post a comment on the blog or CONTACT my office.





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