25, 2012
Jay Batchen talks MDS at Alpine WInes this Thursday!
Bear Safety
May Fitness Schedule
2012 Race Schedule
Athlete Success Stories
Inspiration: Just start moving....
Running/Fitness Camps
Garage Sale at Dreamchasers this weekend.
Vegan Oatmeal Cookies!
Training Tip: Ice Baths.
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Our trend of great weather keeps on going.  With May just around the corner, full-on summer is not far away!  That means river trips, fishing, hiking, trail running, cycling, and more!

In case you did not notice last edition, we have many new features and useful information in each newsletter.  Please take a moment to check it out!

Lisa & Jay

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"Dig Driggs" at Alpine Wines this Thursday the 26th  

5:00pm - 7:00pm


Alpine Wines 


Dreamchasers own Jay Batchen will be giving a talk and sharing his experiences running the Marathon Des Sables across the Sahara Desert.  MDS is a unique stage race across the Sahara Desert in Morocco.  Jay has done this race 9 times!


Our bears are out and about!

You can never play it too safe when it comes to bear safety in Teton Valley.  Most of you are aware of a 3-yr old grizzly that was killed this week after ransacking several farms and displaying no fear of humans.  We need to protect our bears so they do not become habituated like this bruin was this weekend, but we also need to protect ourselves.  That means following some common sense rules every time we go out in bear country AND having bear spray.
Go HERE for some great safety tips on traveling in bear country.  Be sure and check the expiration date on your bear spray.  We are a disposal facility and carry new canisters for sale.
New DC fitness studio
  Our May Fitness Schedule is posted!

 The weather keeps getting better and better and we  still  get to enjoy it in our new fitness space with the  garage  doors wide open!  Don't like to workout inside  when it  is beautiful out?  Neither do we!  We open the  doors  wide and we will be doing many classes  outside as  well!

 There are also several changes and new classes  added to the schedule.  Please take a look HERE!

NEW CLASS  Teton Barre:  The barre method derives from an injured professional dancer who developed a series of exercises that were based on her experiences as a dancer combining rehab therapy techniques.  The result is long lean muscles without creating impact on joints.  This makes it a highly effective, yet intense program that lengthens the muscle with heavy emphasis on proper technique and core strength.  Come check it out Mondays at 10:15 and Saturdays at 10:45!


Mon-Wed 6:30am- 8:00am Boot Camp Class with Dave:  
Circuit Training, Plyometrics, Cardio, intense ab work.  You never know what you might get.  A little bit of everything, including a great all-around workout!  Taught for all levels.

Sunday Church for Athletes:  9:00am - 10:30 am:  
Taught by Lisa and Char, this class will deliver the bootcamp/group fitness experience you have come to expect.  Taught for all levels. 

Don't forget about our 7am Run/Walk group on Saturdays.  Meet at the store.  Stay after for the 9:00am fitness class!  More run/walk groups are being organized for evenings during the week.

Targhee Hill Climb-Finish
Set a goal and chase it down!  We have all kinds of events this summer that will fit the bill for your running/fitness goals!



June 30: Targhee Hill Climb - "Wrun for Wray"
2.7 mile uphill run 1840' to the top of Fred's Mtn. at Grand Targhee Resort in Alta, WY.  


July 12:  Tin Cup Challenge

Spectacular views of the Tetons.  Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half-Marathon, 10k, 5k, and 5k Fun Run.  All proceeds benefit Teton Valley non-profits.


Aug 4: John Colter Half Marathon & Fun Run
36th running of this event in Driggs, ID with amazing views of the Teton Mountains.  


Sept 1: Grand Teton Races
50-mile, 50k, Marathon, and 10k races that wind though the spectacular Teton Mountain Range.  There's also a Fun Run for the little trail runners in the Valley! 


Sept 23: Jackson Hole Marathon, The Hole Half Marathon and Marathon Relay 
Races starting on the historic square in Jackson Hole, WY and finishing in Teton Village.  


Oct 6-7: Yellowstone-Teton Endurance Races
100-mile, 50-mile, and 100-mile Relay races starting in beautiful West Yellowstone and 
following the Scenic By-Way to the doorstep of the Teton Mountains. Amazing scenery

Dec 11: Tucson Marathon
A fast, downhill marathon with warm winter temperatures along the Santa Catalina Mountain 
Range. Marathon, Half Marathon, and Marathon Relay.


Go HERE for details on all races and to go to registration links!



Local Athlete Success Stories
Each newsletter we will share the story of a success story of someone in our community.  We all measure success differently and there are examples around us all the time of people doing some amazing things or just consistently making progress towards their own fitness/lifestyle goals.  

This issue we spotlight Alisha Horrocks.  She is a regular fixture in classes 2-3 times a week every week!  Consistency pays off.  This past weekend she traveled to Salt Lake City and completed the Half Marathon.  Way to go Alisha!
Stuck in reverse.  We all feel that way sometimes.  In a rut.  Slowly inch by inch we let go of our dreams and aspirations in life.  Here is a great video of a guy who took a little bit of inspiration, took it forward slowly and consistently for a long time.  He is still moving forward.  He put his stake in the ground and made the decision.  It could be about running, health, fitness, a career, or anything important to you in this life.  

My 120 pound journey.
My 120 pound journey.
Running and Fitness Camps 

June 12-16, 2012  Women's Running/Fitness Camp
Coaches:  Lisa Smith-Batchen and Julie Bryan
STRONG! FIT! BEAUTIFUL!  Come run, train and play in the majestic Teton Mountains and receive some world-class coaching in a very intimate setting! 
Oct 2-6  Fall Running/Fitness Camp
Coaches:  Lisa Smith-Batchen, Marshall Ulrich, and Ray Zahab
You don't want to miss the expertise and experience this trio of coaches bring to the table.  Soak up the amazing Indian Summer weather as the leaves change in the mountains, get hands-on coaching, and run in one of the Yellowstone-Teton races! 
Nov 6-11, 2012 Women's Running/Fitness Camp  
Location:  TUCSON, AZ
Coaches:  Lisa Smith-Batchen and Julie Bryan
Enjoy the warm winter weather in the beautiful desert climate while immersing yourself in great fitness, great running, and great friends!
  Email Lisa for more details and to register:  [email protected]


Rain or shine!  This one is indoors in the old Eagle PT building behind the NEW Dreamchasers.  57 S. Main Street in Driggs. 
FRIDAY:         12:00pm to 6:00pm
SATURDAY:   11:00am TO 5:00pm
Lots of NEW and used mens, women, and childrens clothing.  Athletic gear, back packs, running socks, hats, and more!
This issue's recipe:


Ingredients:  1c Whole Wheat Flour from Grapevine Grains*, 1.25c Organic Rolled Oats from Grapevine Grains*, 1/2c Raisins, 1 Flax Egg (1 Tbsp Ground Flax Meal soaked in 3 Tbsp Warm H2O), 1/2 Tsp Baking Soda, 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon, 1/2 Tsp Nutmeg, 1 Banana (smashed), 2 Tbsp Homemade Peanut Butter, 1/2c Organic Unsweetened Applesauce

* You can get a 10% discount on these great products from Grapevine Grains by using the discount code CTER

Servings: 8

Nutritional Information (per serving): 179 calories, 3.4g Fat, 32g Carbs, 4g Fiber, 5.8g Protein, 11g Sugars

Nutritional Breakdown: 70% Carbs, 13% Protein, 17% Fat


  1. Preheat oven to 350*
  2. In large mixing bowl add all dry ingredients and combine well.
  3. In separate bowl add all wet ingredients and combine well.
  4. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and stir until well combined.
  5. Using an ice cream scoop distribute cookie batter evenly on a silpat on a baking dish.
  6. Place in oven and bake for 18-20 minutes.
  7. Remove from oven and place on cooling rack to allow to get to room temperature.
  8. Once at room temperature enjoy.
This recipe comes to us courtesy of our friends over at CookTrainEatRace:  More goodness HERE
Cryo-therapy and Carbo-loading combined!

Training Tip:  Icebaths!!!                    
Nikki Kimball, a physical therapist in Bozeman, Montana, was named USATF's Ultrarunner of the Year in 2004, 2006, and 2007.  Excerpt from Runners World.

Long runs are essential to the training distance runners because they enable the body to adapt to running greater distances safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, long runs also increase the runner's risk of injury, which can result in unplanned-and unwelcome-time off. One simple way to offset the risks inherent to long bouts of running is cold-water immersion, known to many runners as the ice bath

Cryotherapy ("cold therapy") constricts blood vessels and decreases metabolic activity, which reduces swelling and tissue breakdown. Once the skin is no longer in contact with the cold source, the underlying tissues warm up, causing a return of faster blood flow, which helps return the byproducts of cellular breakdown to the lymph system for efficient recycling by the body. "Ice baths don't only suppress inflammation, but help to flush harmful metabolic debris out of your muscles," says David Terry, M.D., an ultrarunner who has finished both the Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run and the Wasatch Front 100-Mile Endurance Run 10 consecutive times.

Though you could use individual ice packs, cold-water immersion generally produces a greater and longer lasting change in deep tissues and is more a more efficient means of cooling large groups of muscles simultaneously. The discomfort associated with sitting in a tub full of ice water scares off some athletes. I admit that after my long runs I'd rather reward myself with a hot shower and a big plate of scrambled eggs than an ice bath. However, I have been running ultramarathons for nearly 10 years without any significant injuries, and I credit my ritual of post-workout ice baths for much of my orthopedic health. 

Over those years, I've discovered tricks to make the ice bath experience more tolerable. First, I fill my tub with two to three bags of crushed ice. Then I add cold water to a height that will cover me nearly to my waist when I sit in the tub. Before getting in, I put on a down jacket and a hat and neoprene booties, make myself a cup of hot tea, and collect some entertaining reading material to help the next 15 to 20 minutes pass quickly.

Though scientific research exists to support the use of ice baths to promote recovery, no exact protocol has been proven better than others. In general, water temperatures should be between 50 to 59 degrees Fahrenheit, and immersion time should ranges from 10 to 20 minutes. Among top runners, I see ice bath techniques that vary within and on either side of these ranges. My favorite method is the post-race soak in a cold river or lake with fellow competitors.
Everyone have a great weekend!!!



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