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The Conquerors returned November 14 from a 10 day trip to the nation of Cambodia. It was a trip 2 years in the making and started with a Pastor's dream to have a strength team come to this nation whose population consists of mostly 30-and-under aged people. With a near genocide in the 70's at the hands of a vicious communist regime, where anyone with an education or connected to the government was systematically slaughtered, the nation has struggled to recover and rebuild from the devastation.


The spiritual landscape of Cambodia is 89% Buddhist who believe that suffering is the only way to reach "Nirvana", a state of non-existence. So the people are encouraged to embrace the impoverished and broken state of their nation and hope for a better life once they are reincarnated. Buddhism is also the State religion of Cambodia and the preaching of the Gospel has been strongly opposed.


The Conquerors were able to boldly proclaim the Message of Jesus Christ to several thousand Cambodians during our time there and we saw 2,000 of them come forward to make Jesus the Lord of their life! We were able to distribute 3,000 editions of Book of Hope! The Conquerors were also blessed with unprecedented favor with the Cambodian government, specifically the military, when we were invited to minister on two military bases.


After our feats demonstration and sharing the Gospel on the second base, The Conquerors were invited to come back and minister to the entire Cambodian military! The tentative dates are June 5-18, 2011 to minister to the military as well as conduct several more crusades in the outlying provinces, and conduct crusades in the capital of Phnom Penh in venues that seat several thousand!  A huge door has been opened to The Conquerors to bring the Gospel to a nation that has been ravaged by the enemy for years!


The Conquerors were also able to visit and minister in the city dump and slums where hundreds of children are the victims of the Human Trafficking industry, specifically the sex trade. Our hearts were broken to see the conditions these little ones were living in and also the obvious mental state several of them exhibited due to being sold out to Pedophiles by parents desperate for money to feed their families.


The Conquerors partnered with Prison Fellowship International and ministered in one of Cambodia's main and notorious prisons where 66 inmates made decisions for Jesus Christ!!


Because of the huge door of favor opened up to The Conquerors, and the opportunity to effect change on an entire nation with the Gospel, The Conquerors will be partnering with ministries and companies to continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and also feed malnourished children all over Cambodia. Please continue to pray for the work God has opened up to us in this hurting nation.


If you are interested in partnering with us in the ministry to Cambodia please contact us for more information. Be blessed!

Mike Benson


The Conquerors



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December 4      One Day With God Camp - Muskegon
December 4      Gymnastics Unlimited Christmas Party - Hudsonville
December 9      Kentwood Rotary Club Christmas Party
December 10     Lake Center Bible Church Event - Portage
December 15     School Assembly - Pine Ridge El. - Detroit
December 17     School Assembly - Ada Elementary - Ada


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Phnom Phen Cambodia

Mass Salvation
Mass Salvation

School Assembly
School Assembly

Mike praying with man
Mike praying


Reaching prisoners
Reaching prisoners

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Many receiving Jesus

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Cambodian General
Cambodian General

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