September 2010
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Souls          2888
BOH          19435
Schools        111
Outreaches   22

(These numbers are from Jan. 1 to present date.)


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Muslim girls at assembly in Dearborn

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As students prepare for the school year, and summer slowly fades away, The Conquerors are preparing to take back the schools and the students that attend them from the hands of the enemy! We are returning to the Detroit Schools this month and the Dearborn Public Schools have requested The Conquerors to come once again to their schools!

Earlier in the year Niraj Warikoo, a reporter from The Detroit Press, did an article on The Conquerors highlighting our efforts to bring people of all ages into the Church. Niraj is a pillar in the Muslim community, and it is amazing to us that even after such huge exposure in the Metro Detroit area through his article, that the Dearborn Schools would once again request The Conquerors! Only by the grace and favor of God could this relationship be possible!

We will be returning to the largest school district in America, Broward County Florida, where The Conquerors are now vendors and have received the highest rating for any school program that district has ever had! We believe this year we will distribute more of God's Word in our nation's schools than ever before! The young people of our nation are crying out and, we are answering the call to reach them with the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Conquerors also are preparing to travel to the nation of Cambodia where we will be conducting evangelistic outreaches to millions of Cambodians who are trapped in darkness! This will be the first time this nation has ever hosted a strength team and our weekend event will be televised live to the entire nation! The Conquerors are committed to bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities worldwide and fulfilling the Great Commission!

The team is also continuing to minister in prisons with up coming events in Michigan prisons and also Indiana facilities! Wherever people are lost, hurt, and broken, The Conquerors will continue to bring the life-changing Message of Hope, the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We want to thank you all for your love and support in helping us reach and change lives and the futures of people all over the world through this powerful and effective ministry!
Mike Benson
Team Captain

Upcoming Events:

Sept 11 & 12          Victory Life Church, Mt. Pleasant MI
Sept 11                  Daybreak Church, Hudsonville
Sept 17                  Tri-Unity Christian School
Sept 25                  One Day With God, Pugsley Correctional,
                                        Traverse City
Oct 1                     Youth Lock In, Jackson MI
Oct 10                    Christ the King Church of Oxford
Oct 18                    Upward Flag Football Celebration, Byron Center
Oct 29                    Ionia Resurrection Life Church Harvest Fest


  Partnership with Sky Angel to bring Conquerors to national TV
  Detroit Schools-assemblies begin in January
  Jaco Costa Rica-February
  Brisbane Australia-May
   Nigeria - August
  Phnom Phet Cambodia-November
  Indiana Prison tour
  Chicago area prison tour

Breakwater Festival
Labor Day Weekend

Ricky Flowers

Ricky brick break


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