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The Conquerors are moving forward bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to communities worldwide! As we prepare to travel to the nation of Nigeria next month, some exciting things are happening here in the United States!

Conquerors CDCD cover
One of the effective tools we use to gain the attention of audiences besides the crazy feats of strength is music. The Conquerors have always used cutting edge, positive Christian music in our ministry and have had a desire to produce an album that is specific to The Conquerors. Well I am happy to let you know that album is here!
The Conquerors partnered with Crucified and ICris, two of the best artists in Rap music, to produce the official Conquerors Soundtrack! The Conquerors use a variety of music to reach audiences but Rap is by far the most effective and can reach a broader audience. But this soundtrack is not merely a performance CD, something that sounds good while we break things, this album is anointed to minister to people long after the outreach is over. You can get your copy on iTunes.

Conquerors Website
I would also like to announce that we have a new website that was launched this last week! It is still being tweaked, and some of the pages have to be loaded, but if you click on, you can get a feel for the new site!
The Conquerors are committed now more than ever to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ! With all the turmoil surrounding the economy people are searching for the meaning of life like never before. In an environment that seems so hopeless, The Conquerors continue to offer the hope of Salvation through Jesus Christ! Thank you all for helping us to reach this lost and dying world with the Life and Message of Jesus Christ!

Mike Benson

Upcoming Events:

July 11    Daybreak Church - Children                 9:30 & 11:00am
July 14    Muskottawa Council Boys Camp          5:30pm
July 16    Shulze El. Summer Program-Detroit     11:30 & 12:30
July 24    Lansing Rez Powerhouse Community   3:00pm
July 24    GospelFest-Coit Church Grand Rapids  7:30pm
July 26    Kent County Jail Work Release            4:00pm

Aug 1      Holton Days Festival                           11:30am
Aug 2      Kent County Jail Work Release            4:00pm

Aug 3-8   Nigeria Mission Trip         


  Partnership with Sky Angel to bring Conquerors to national TV
  Detroit Schools-assemblies begin in January
  Jaco Costa Rica-February
  Brisbane Australia-May
   Nigeria - August
  Phnom Phet Cambodia-November
  Indiana Prison tour
  Chicago area prison tour


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