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We recently went to Australia for the third time to work with our friend Shaun Hansen from Dunamis Christian Center, and conducted school assemblies and outdoor night rallies for 10 days. God moved and there was a ton of fruit from the trip, with 300 decisions for Jesus and 1,000 editions of Book of Hope distributed! Something that blessed us more than that were the stories of the lives changed as a result of our two previous trips to the land down under.
As an Evangelist it is our role and office to build and strengthen the Church and we do this through winning souls and setting the captives free. Being in this office we have seen hundreds of thousands of people make decisions for Jesus Christ! So it was a real blessing to meet and hear the testimonies of young people who were now serving in the Church and winning others to faith in Jesus as a result of The Conquerors visiting their school and getting them to come to the night rallies!
One young lady, Amy, saw The Conquerors come to her school 6 years ago and as a result was saved in a night Rally. She is now a Chaplain at the very same school and was instrumental in getting us back in to that school!
Another young man, Andrew, saw The Conquerors 4 years ago at Dunamis Christian Center and was saved. He is now finishing Bible College and is involved in Youth Ministry at Dunamis! He was one of the people who traveled with us to the schools this time around!
God is good and faithful! The Conquerors do more than just hold "events", we create an environment through the preaching of the Gospel where someone can experience and come to know Jesus Christ and be radically changed forever! We are seeing lives changed through this ministry like never before!

The Conquerors are now official vendors for the Detroit Public Schools! That means we have the endorsement and full access to all schools in the Detroit district! And we are approved to continue to distribute God's Word in those schools!

The Conquerors will also be returning to Broward County Schools to reach the largest school district in America with the Hope of the Gospel in the Fall!
I want to thank all of you for supporting this team of men and women who lay their lives down every day to reach the lost with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Sky Angel
Watch The Conquerors Community Outreach event that was held held at Resurrection Life Church on February 4 on Sky Angel (Angel 2), on June 26 and 27 at 8pm! We will be reaching millions with the message of salvation and speaking to the heart of America!
Again, thank you all for your love and support of this team, it is reaching lives and changing destinies!!
Mike Benson

Upcoming Events:

June 11      Owen Academy - Detroit                           9:30am
                 Malcolm X Academy - Detroit                   12:00pm
                 Malcolm X Academy - Detroit                     1:00pm

June 18      Heritage Baptist Church VBS                     6:00pm
June 19      Dowagiac Family Festival                           6:00pm
June 21      Kent County Jail Work Release                  3:00pm
June 26      Lansing Resurrection Life Powerhouse        3:00pm
July 11       Daybreak Church - Children            9:30 & 11:00am


  Partnership with Sky Angel to bring Conquerors to national TV
  Detroit Schools-assemblies begin in January
  Jaco Costa Rica-February
  Brisbane Australia-May
   Nigeria - August
  Phnom Phet Cambodia-November
  Indiana Prison tour
  Chicago area prison tour
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