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August 2012 - Vol. VI, Issue 7
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Most everyone loves the summer months. It is the time of the year we all hope to enjoy some fun activities with friends and family.  With that fun theme in mind; we bring you this issue of the Patti Perspective. 


Patti Engineering racingIn the spirit of our "work hard, play hard" philosophy; Patti Engineering has a 'Fun Fund'. In addition, there is the #13 Patti Engineering race car co-owned by our Business Development Director, Rick Schoonover, and Vice President of Engineering, Dave Foster. Read our article this month to learn more about the fun side of Patti Engineering!

The employee spotlight is on Dave Foster. Joining Patti Engineering fresh out of college, Dave has been a major contributor to the company's success for 17 years.   


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Fun Fuels Patti Engineering Across the Finish Line

Patti Engineering White Water RaftingPatti Engineering takes great pride in fielding the highest quality engineering team for our customers. We hire only the very best candidates who will complement our exceptional culture and company work ethic. In order to retain our 'A-Player' engineers and administrative staff, we know that work has to be more than just work!

At Patti Engineering, we work hard and we play hard. We expect a lot from our employees - they are dedicated and the reason our company is so successful. In an attempt to ensure they are having fun at work, we have an established 'Fun Fund' - just one of the ways we give back to them for all that they give to us. It is an opportunity to have fun together and get to know our fellow employees in a non-work environment.  

Patti Eng Race Car  


Patti Personnel - David G. Foster

Dave Foster 

Our Vice President of Engineering, David G. Foster, has more than 17 years of experience in management, project planning, employee development and hiring, and most importantly, engineering. He has been with Patti Engineering since 1995 and holds both a Michigan and Texas Professional Engineering license, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University (GMI) in Flint, Michigan. He has also served as the Automation Group Leader for the Southeastern Michigan Chapter of ISA.

Dave moved quickly up the ladder at Patti Engineering. He was hired in 1995 after Sam Hoff and his wife, Patti, met him at the North American Auto Show, where he displayed a Hybrid Electric Vehicle that he developed on a college team in 1994. The opportunity to work for Patti Engineering brought him from Grand Cayman back to Michigan, where he was born.  Dave was the fifth employee of the company, where he jumped straight into his first project - a paint system upgrade for FANUC/GM Shreveport. It was not long before Sam promoted Dave to Senior Engineer and he was responsible for essentially every project Patti Engineering had in the works. By 1998, Dave had excelled and displayed his expertise for the automation and integration space so well that he was promoted to the Vice President of Engineering position he still holds.


Dave Foster Patti Eng RacingClick here to find out more about Dave Foster - at work and at play!