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After a day's work, so much rests on the re-entry into the castle. Will it be all hugs and happiness, or quickly devolve into some kind of parent-child sinkhole, made worse by my exhaustion? So there I was the other night, getting more and more exasperated by my eight-year-old son's excuse-filled resistance to join me to walk our dog, and then he came up with this whopper: "I'm not going outside in my pajamas. That would be so gay!"...[More Here]

--Eric Messinger   
Parenting Tips

*A boat cruise around the city is one of the most magical NYC experiences. And the summertime is often the best time to schedule one for your fun-loving fam. Here are ten suggestions for cruises that will take your family around the city and back.


*From tropical storms to full-blown hurricanes, August is the time of year for severe weather. With incidents of natural disasters come questions that are, for many parents, not easy to answer. We recommend our feature story, "When The Earth Rocks And Rolls," for guidance on how to talk to your kids. 

Contests & Giveaways

*Jodi's Gym has been celebrating birthdays with NYC families for over thirty years--and your child has a chance to win his or her next amazing birthday bash at Jodi's! To win a birthday celebration for up to 15 kids, click here


NJ Camp Fair Dates*In the urban jungle, sprawling gardens aren't always available, but these little landscaping trinkets make starting up a balcony garden or pitching in at a community plot easier than ever. 


For more shopping finds from our Treats blog, click here.    

Hot Topics

*Does your babysitter earn more than you do? When it comes to her family's child care, our money blogger Hillary Chura argues in favor of child labor (just kidding!...sort of). 


*Happy travels to all families taking a summer vacation this month...though Parenting In Progress blogger Tali Rosenblatt-Cohen's summer escape to Cape Cod holds both worry and promise.  

*"School's out for summer" may soon become "school's out for a couple of weeks," as many institutions are choosing to extend the school year to optimize learning. (NY Times)


*We all know about postpartum depression, but what about the prenatal kind? One woman tells her story to help bring attention to this issue. (Slate)


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