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Janie What brings you joy? That's really what creating the perfect place is all about. When you capture the spirit of joy in your surroundings you create an environment that nurtures your well being. This holiday season as you are putting up the decorations ask yourself - "What about doing this makes me smile?" Sometimes it's the simplest step or smallest item that brings the sweetest response. A photo, an ornament, cleaning the eggnog mugs ... be mindful of what triggers your happy button. Make a clear choice to let go of the rest. Here are a few of my "simple joy" decor favorites:new covers

I love pillow covers. They are the perfect answer for quick-change artistry. It's so fun to be able to mark the seasons
with the pull of a zipper or undoing a few buttons. Covers are easy to keep clean, require minimal storage space and can last for years if well cared for. Hint: Down or down alternative pillow forms work best for shape and comfort.

quiltQuilts are another way to change the look and feel of a room in a matter of seconds.  I've had this hand-stitched quilt for 15 years and enjoy bringing it out each year no matter where I am. Not only does it remind me of the dear friend who gifted it to me after she returned home from Manila, it's SO versatile. I've used it as a wall hanging (two push pins inserted in the back layer so they don't show), a table covering, a tree skirt and a cozy throw on the sofa. It rolls up or folds flat for easy storage. This is one of the simple things I'll be handing down to Holly so she can have her own holiday smiles as she remembers mine. Hint: Keep fabric fresh by misting with your energy clearing spray or lavender essential oil. Use on your pillows, too. Always clean gently before storing.

NOTE: Coming next week - Ways with Wrap. Earth and budget friendly tips for your holiday packages.


Reader Response to Last Week's Garbage 101 Clear Tip:

"Jane, This is great.  I would also like you to mention that people can take ALL plastic bagstrash and wrapping film to a recycle site such as Beaverton Recycling (also known as Far West Fibers). I just save up plastic bags and take them all at once.  The other gremlin in our lives are the clear plastic "clam shell" containers ... those apparently are not supposed to go into our recycling bins and I think that we probably can take them to the recycle site as well, although I have yet to determine that.  ALSO, I don't think we are supposed to put just any Christmas wrapping paper into recycling... do you know about that?     Donna C., PDX

Thanks for writing, Donna. Those clam shells are confusing for everyone. You are right - they DO NOT go in your curbside recycling but they CAN go to a recyling station like Far West.  You can put them in with your hard plastics and take together - be sure to rinse first. I'll be covering wrap options in next week's Ways with Wrap but for now just know that due to inks, fibers and metallic content; wrapping paper (unless marked otherwise) is not recyclable and needs to go in with the garbage. Thanks again and keep up the good earth work!


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