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binsKitchens can get especially cluttered at holiday time. Out come the cookbooks and favorite recipes and in come the extra ingredients for baking and roasting. So here are some tips for keeping the clutter to a minimum.
ingredientsI use inexpensive plastic bins to keep my bulk ingredients organized. As shown here, they fit in my pull out drawer but could also go on a cabinet shelf. I use one for grains/nuts, one for herbs and one for spices/flour. Take it a step further and clip together the ingredients you need for specific recipes. It's a great way to save time and keep a handle on what you may be running out of or missing.  

cabinet clipFinally, here's my favorite way to keep your kitchen clutter free. Use the INSIDE of your cabinets for a posting area. Use push pins or self stick hooks to hang clipped recipes and shopping lists for easy access. I have one section for recipes I want to try some time, one for upcoming menus and one just for health and diet. This is a great solution for anyone who has an abundance of notes on the fridge or taped to the outside of cabinets. Just be sure to purge your notes periodically to keep your clips current.

SHOPPING TIP: New Seasons has all bulk Frontier spices and herbs at 25% off through November. Good time to get those chai spices and roasting herbs. While there, pick up their Fall Healthy Clippings and save on some great products.



fall leafThis just in ...

"Love your page on the benefits of leaves.

Some years ago when my older daughter was on a college-student overseas study program she began our tradition of exchanging leaves collected on walks in the fall. The tradition continues -- this afternoon I'm out on a leaf-collecting journey for my triplet grandchildren." Jeanette F.


Thanks for sharing your tradition, Jeanette. What a lovely way to celebrate connection.


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