Clear Tip of the Week
It's no fun dealing with sluggish or clogged drains. So here's an easy, thrifty way to prevent your drains from getting gummed up.
Pick up a mini-mesh strainer and put it on top of your bathroom sink drain. The stainless mesh is flexible so it will fit any depth.You'll be amazed at how much stuff it catches that would normally be sliding down the pipes! Extra Tip: I also put one underneath the stainer basket in my kitchen sink. It fits perfectly and collects all kinds of goodies that the larger basket misses.
The two-pack strainers sell at Fred Meyer for just $1.99. Look for them in the housewares section in the bathroom aisle.
While you're at Freddies, you might want to take advantage of their special coupon this week for storage items. After you've sorted through your stuff, a few clear containers or simple shelving units can help keep you organized and clutter-free ... and it's a nice way to reward your efforts!
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"Inspired to go home and start organizing and gifting items that I no longer use. "

 STUFF-ication Worshop, Sept. 2010

Stuff-i-ca-tion ™ 

 noun~ 1condition caused by objects crammed and stored at home or office.


Go from chaos to clear! 

 Thursday October 21st

6:00 pm to 7:30 pm
Sherwood Public Library
Refreshments provided. Invite a friend!
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