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butterflySpring is finally here and we enter into the greening of our world. This is the season that celebrates promise, innocence and birth. The ruling element of air blows the winds of change - and we sense newness all about us. Now's the perfect time to clear out your stuff and look at life with fresh eyes. Let yourself delight in the simple joys of nature, splash in puddles and laugh with abandon.
And try these spring cleaning tips at home or work: 
Clap for joy and clean the air, too.  Ever watch a baby when it learns to clap?  Their whole face fills with delight - they just love that feeling. Capture that innocence again by clapping your hands to clear the air.  Rub your palms together (to energize those minor chakras) and then clap in each corner of your room. Start by reaching way up towards the ceiling and then clapping down to the floor.  Clapping helps break up stagnate energy and gets the chi flowing again. Don't forget to wash your hands when you're done.
Geranium essential oil embodies the essence of Spring. It supports and nurtures the feminine. Use it in your diffuser to inspire, promote creativity and support new beginnings and rebirth. (Remember to use only quality oil from a trusted source.)
Place an image of a butterfly in your work space for inspiration and to honor the season of Spring. Butterfly represents the air element and creative energy.
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Shine your light ... it's brilliant!

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