Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of The College of the United States,

The College of the United States is expected to open with its first undergraduate class next year. But you don't have to wait. I'm happy to announce our first summer student seminar this coming July - an exciting and challenging week of intensive learning sessions, provocative discussions, and stimulating off-campus events.

This seminar is a preview of what The College will be like...but no matter which institution participants choose to attend, this unprecedented experience will serve them well. The knowledge and skills they acquire here could prove to be their most valuable asset in college - and life. For details, please read on...

                                                          Stephen Hicks
The Great Connections:
Mastering the Intellectual Tools that Transform
a College Education into Lifetime Success

                   Stephen Hicks

The First College of the United States Seminar
for High School and College Students

Saturday, July 25-Sunday, August 2, 2009

To the high school or college student....

Are you prepared to face the stifling ideological conformism and collectivism rampant at most colleges - and can you do so while keeping your intellectual integrity intact?

Do you want to gain powerful knowledge and skills that will equip you for college, for success, for life?

If your answer is "yes," then join us for a unique "total immersion" learning experience in one exciting and challenging week of intensive classes, interactive sessions, off-campus expeditions, and rewarding camaraderie.

A preview of what you'll experience...

Through this seminar, you will:
  • Discover why philosophy is crucial to your survival and flourishing. Learn how to apply it to all facets of reality, from personal dilemmas to political issues.

  • Become an "ideological detective."  Train your mind to find the assumptions behind any set of ideas and judge their objective truth.

  • Sharpen your reasoning abilities and develop valuable introspection skills.

  • Investigate the relationship between reason and emotion, and acquire the indispensable skills needed to integrate them and avoid painful conflicts.

  • Confront riveting questions about personal matters: friendship, love, courage, honesty, productivity, and more.

  • Explore issues of evidence and objectivity in relationship to art, and decide whether toilets, paint splatterings, and recycled garbage fit the criteria of art.

Connect timeless principles to today's hottest issues...

Explore, enjoy, and understand challenging works that have changed the world. Through Aristotle, Locke, Madison, Marx, Rand, and others, you'll discover the often-hidden relationships between classic principles and contemporary controversies. For example:
  • Presentation on "Statistical Literacy and the Liberal Arts" - Evaluate the accuracy of statistically-based arguments for public policies such as gun control, IQ testing, and racially-based affirmative action.

  • Seminar on Poetry - learn how poetry works and consider the role of reason in the most romantic and spiritual of poems.

  • Presentation on "Global Warming/Climate Change: Dissecting the Evidence" - Understand the scientific evidence and theories on both sides of the climate change argument. Apply your newly acquired reasoning skills to significant issues in the news.

  • Seminar on Property and Money - Debate the views of James Madison, Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Carl Menger on the nature of property and money. Develop your economic literacy and understand how they relate to current economic developments and crises.

  • Seminar on the Powers of the President - Consider the role of the president's Constitutional authority and how it has been interpreted. Wrestle with the pros and cons of the rise in presidential power.
Look for the complete schedule of classes to arrive by email shortly.

Enjoy close, individual attention from instructors....

Instructors won't force-feed you prefabricated notions. Rather, our talented faculty will teach you one of the most important lessons of all: the skills to grasp the meanings of events and ideas for yourself.

We are intentionally limiting the seminar to 30 students.

Why? On of our priorities is interaction between instructors and students. Participants will work individually and "hands-on" with superb teachers and mentors who will coach them one-on-one in achieving their goals. Instructors won't simply deliver a lecture and depart but will be available for face-to-face discussions both in and out of class.

In our off-campus excursions, you'll meet accomplished professionals in a variety of careers of potential interest to you. You'll see first hand how they do their jobs and get personal answers to your questions.

Meet your instructors....
     Marsha Familaro Enright
   Lead Tutor and Seminar Guide
    Marsha Familaro Enright
M.A. Psychology, President of the
    Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute, the Foundation for the College of
                   United States

Ms. Enright brings a remarkable range of knowledge and analytical ability in both the sciences and the humanities to her role as the seminar's primary instructor and facilitator.  She will guide students in class discussions throughout the week.

An educational entrepreneur, Ms. Enright founded Council Oak Montessori School, for children ages 3 to 15, 19 years ago. It was named one of the top private schools in Chicago by Chicago Magazine in 2006 and is regularly recommended to parents and teachers by Montessori experts.

Ms. Enright has extensive teaching experience with adults and adolescents in schools, conferences, and summer camps. She has written articles on topics ranging from the psychology of happiness to the novels of James Clavell, newsletters on human development for parents of young children, and
research papers on the neuropsychology of music and the relation of reason and emotion.

Special Presenters

Stephen Hicks
   "The Fate of Art Under Capitalism"
   Stephen R.C. Hicks
Ph.D. in Philosophy, Professor of Philosophy
and Executive Director of the
                          Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Rockford College.

Dr. Hicks is renowned for his excellent work teaching undergraduates for over 12 years. He directed the honors program at Rockford College for four years. His many research publications and projects include the book
Explaining Post-Modernism, the DVD "Nietszche and the Nazis," and the article "What Business Ethics Can Learn From Entrepreneurship." He is working on a book, The Fate of Art Under Capitalism.

Larry Gould Head Shot    
   "Global Warming/Climate Change:
    Dissecting the Scientific Claims"

Laurence I. Gould
Ph.D. in Physics, Professor of Physics, the University of Hartford, Chairman
                       of the International Symmetry Association.

Dr. Gould's quarter of a century of teaching and research include dozens of scientific publications and  presentations at institutions here and abroad. His interests include mathematical physics and nonlocal field theory, philosophy of science, quantum physics, computational physics, history of science, and interdisciplinary education. Recently, he has been examining the reasoning and evidence for theories of anthropogenic climate change.

Milo Schield
 "Statistical Literacy and the Liberal Arts"
  Milo A. Schield
Ph.D., Space Physics, Professor and Director of the W.M.
  Keck Statistical Literacy Project, Augsburg College.

Dr. Schield's 24 plus years of teaching and research include work in statistical literacy and data analysis, the algebra of association and confounding, and key problems in the humanities. Since 2001, he has developed courses, materials, websites, written papers, and given presentations in the U.S. and abroad to increase students' ability to analyze the evidence and implications derived from statistics.

The above distinguished faculty members will be joined by others, to be announced.                   

Think hard, work hard, and play hard...

Our program includes informative seminars and mind-expanding presentations, plus adventurous off-campus expeditions that connect classroom theory to the concrete, real world. We will draw upon Chicago's rich intellectual, cultural, and commercial resources. We'll capitalize upon classic films, music, and works of art. We'll journey to museums, research facilities, restaurants, retail stores and industrial plants and beyond.

You'll tour the dynamic architecture of Chicago and consider its artistic power.
You'll enjoy spectacular free outdoor concerts followed by discussions with the performers.
You'll talk to highly successful professionals in business, medicine, the arts, and higher education and learn why they love their work.

Enjoy the excitement of America's "super-campus" - downtown Chicago - with over 56,000 college students attending 20+ institutions. You'll attend classes in the beautiful, fully equipped, multi-college University Center. You'll live in Fornelli Hall, a newly remodeled, state-of-the-art dormitory, carved out of an historic landmark building. You'll be just steps from Millenium Park, the Art Institute, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the beautiful beaches of Lake Michigan. 

Seminar Package
The $1,300 tuition includes all sessions, housing for eight nights and the opening and closing dinners. Students will attend seminars in the morning, hear presentations or go on excursions in the afternoon, and enjoy movies, concerts, and extended discussions in the evening. University Center houses a cafeteria and inexpensive restaurants surround the dormitory.

Save $250! If you register by Friday, May 8th, pay only $1,050.

Otherwise, you can guarantee your place with a non-refundable deposit of $200 until Monday, June 1st, at which time the balance of $1,100 is due. Registration after June 1st, if available, will cost $1,500.   

Due to the individual attention each student will receive, enrollment is limited to 30. Don't risk being left out - enroll today! Enjoy an exciting week with your peers from around the country.

There are two easy ways to register:

1. Click below on the link to the Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute's "Donation Page" in order to register online and follow these instructions:
     a. Fill in your payment amount next to "Other" under "Donation"
     b. Pick "Program Designation - Summer Program 2009"!
     c. Choose "Provide my full contact information."
     Donation Page Weblink for Seminar Payment

Unfortunately, your payment for the seminar will not qualify as a donation!

2. Register by postal mail by printing out the form below, and completing and mailing it with your check payable to the:

"RIF Institute" (Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute)
9400 S. Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643

After you register, we will send you reading materials, the schedule for the week including the complete list of seminars, presenters, activities, and excursions, and practical information such as transportation and maps.
The Great Connections
Mastering the Intellectual Tools that Transform
a College Education into Lifetime Success

Presented by
The Reason, Individualism, Freedom Institute
9400 S. Damen Avenue
Chicago, IL 60643

Seminar Registration Form

Student Name_____________________________________________________________________



State________________Zip code____________________

Phone______________________Email Address_________________________________________

Seminar Fee

_____$1,050 early registration tuition enclosed - due in full by Friday, May 8th
- SAVE $250

_____$200 deposit enclosed - $1,100 balance due Monday, June 1st

_____$1,500 tuition after Monday, June 1st

Questions? Email or call 773-677-6418.
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Program subject to change

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