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  • South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup
  • Sales Strategies - How I got my book to number 5 on Amazon
  • Technology - Making Money with Teleseminars
  • How to Get a Great Title for your book
  • Goal Setting - Interview with Mr Universe
  • Speaker Tips - Speaking in South Africa

  • Sales Strategies - How I got my book to number 5 on Amazon
    Amazon Rating

    As you know I am huge believer in product and my own product range now has 32 products with over 100 CDs and DVDs. Now a new bug has bitten - the book bug. Having seen the success of 'Walking with Tigers', I have now rewritten my self- published book 'How to find New Clients and Business'. It will published at the end of November (a great Christmas Gift), but my biggest concentration will be selling it as an EBook directly and through affiliates.

    I am negotiating my next published book and will also be self publishing three more books next year, one on sales, one on how to get hired and get that job, and another on how to recruit and manage a dynamic sales team.

    Having sold thousands of my self published book 'How to Find New Clients and Business', it was a challenge with my new published book as most of the marketing and PR was to be done by the publishers. I decided that I had to do a lot myself and if I could get a high ranking on Amazon, most bookshops would take notice, so here are the strategies I used and the mistakes I learned from:

    1 - In the pre published form I had my publishers send out a copy of the manuscript to top business leaders and people I respected (I gave them the list to send it to). Many of those replied and gave some great comments that I could use on the cover. Most noted was a personal letter from Raymond Ackerman, the founder of Pick and Pay in South Africa and one of the most successful businesspeople in the world. I was thrilled that he had taken the time to read the book and write back and even more so when he sent me a personal email after he received his copy of the book.

    His testimonial reads: 'I really enjoyed reading this book, as it reminded me so much of things that I have tried to do in my life and the way I live. His story is put in such an excellent way, with huge empathy and enthusiasm - I think all people who want to become 'Tigers' could learn so much from Frank, and the light-hearted yet in-depth thinking he has put in this book. 'Raymond Ackerman, founder of Pick 'n Pay Stores.'

    2 - I asked my publishers to print me 1000 copies of the book cover. On the back there was some excellent sales copy and a pre order form. I handed these out wherever I presented.

    3 - I planned a mass buying opportunity on Amazon on the launch date. Using internet marketing techniques, I purchased some resale rights products and mailed everyone on my newsletter list informing them that if they bought the book from Amazon on the 29th September, they would be directed to another site where they could download $500 worth of products as a gift for buying the book. Everything was set up beforehand by me using auto responders and it all went smoothly. I was actually flying from Hong Kong to Malaysia that day and the automation process worked a treat.

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    Technology - Making Money with Teleseminars
    Alex Mandossian

    EXCLUSIVE - an interview with teleseminar guru Alex Mandossian

    I always tell my audiences and clients to have a 10 touch plan for all their clients. How can you touch them at least ten times a year:

    • Face to face meetings
    • Telephone calls
    • Conferences and seminars
    • Emails
    • Newsletters
    • Webinars
    • Teleseminars

    Teleseminars are a great way to keep in touch with clients and potential clients. They build great relationships and as we know, business is about people and relationships. So, what are teleseminars and how do they work?

    Teleseminars are a great way to promote your products, services, or to educate your clients and customers about a specific topic. It is one of the fastest, easiest and most economical ways to increase your sales and establish your credibility in your subject area.

    The way it works, is that everyone calls into a bridge line. The bridge line allows everyone to hear everyone else, like 3-way calling, only with larger numbers. Most conferencing services have it set up where you, as the moderator have control over muting the call or not. If the call is muted, then only the moderator can speak, if the call isn't muted, then anyone can speak.

    Teleseminars can last from 30 minutes to 3 hours. You can also record the call and have it available as a podcast download, sell the recording on a CD or even have the call transcribed and produce it as a book that you can give away or sell.

    Teleseminars should have great content and benefits for the listeners and allow them to ask questions and give feedback.

    The advantages of teleseminars are:

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    How to Get a Great Title for your book

    We all know how important headlines are. When we see an article in a magazine or newspaper, if the headline is compelling enough, we will read the article. I use a great little package to create headlines for emails, my websites and marketing promotions - 'Headline Creator.'

    .The same happens with book titles, take a look at a lot of the best sellers and they have great titles - Chicken Soup for the Soul, Richistan etc.

    You need to ask yourself these questions: is the title compelling, is it original, is it the first of its kind and will it make someone sit up and take notice. You may think of a name in the middle of the night, on a train or plane, be ready to make a note of it. Remember - If you think it - ink it.

    When you go through the thought process of coming up with a title, here are some questions to ask yourself:

    • If someone asked you about the book, how would you describe it, its attributes, why it is important, what are the benefits, why should anyone care, what is special about the book.
    • If someone asked you for more detail on the book, how would you explain it, what are the tips, behaviours and beliefs.
    • What are the advantages to someone who buys the book, what are they going to get from it.

    My good friend Sam Horn is a legend in this regard and had helped countless best selling authors with the titles for their books. I have listened to her speaking on this subject a number of times and have always been amazed.

    Some of the methods she uses are to alphabetise or go half and half. Want to find out what this means, take a look at my interview with Sam.

    Goal Setting - Interview with Mr Universe
    Brian Peters Mr Univers 2004

    I am so fortunate in my work to meet great achievers. The one thing they all have in common, whether they have great businesses or are Olympic sportspeople, is that they are all goal setters.

    I love sport, so working with the British Olympic and cricket team was a real thrill. Since I was 16 I have always worked out in the gym (you wouldn't say so looking at my body) and followed weight lifting as a sport. My son has followed and is a qualified gym instructor and personal trainer and even now while he is in the final year of his post graduate law studies, he still finds one and a half hours each day to work out at the gym. What I love about this sport is that the only person you're competing with is yourself and there is no age limit where you have to give up. I love playing soccer, but the body now just won't do what the mind tells it to do.

    When I was presenting recently in Singapore, I noticed that one of the delegates was huge and I knew instantly that he was a serious body builder. After my talk I met with him and found out that two years ago he was Mr Universe. Brian Peters is a great guy and was happy to share his knowledge with me.

    The main points that came from the chat were:

    He had set himself the goal of winning Mr Universe 20 years ago. We all need to set ourselves long term goals and never, ever give up on them.

    The most important thing in goal setting is to write down the goals and keep revising them. I have tried to do this since I bought my first course on goal setting in 1980. It is pretty scary looking back at those goals and seeing how many have been achieved.

    • Be specific about your goals. The more specific you are, the more focussed you will be.
    • Don't give up - three years before Brian won Mr Universe he was involved in a horrific car accident. People wrote him off and said he would never do it. He believed he could - and did.
    • Do whatever it takes - Brian had to put in enormous training sessions after his accident, sometimes training four times a day. To build up his legs he did up to 2,000 reps a day - there are no rules, you make up the rules as needed
    • Goal setting principles can be applied to everything - Brian is now in a different profession, International financial services. By applying those same principles, Brian is now one of the top people in the profession and writes obscene amounts of business.

    Speaker Tips - Speaking in South Africa
    African Experience

    There is nothing quite as beautiful as an African dawn. Sitting in an open Jeep, watching elephant, zebra and buck at the waterhole while the sun shows its face is a feeling that can only be experienced not described.

    I'm a South African and have lived in London, England for the past fourteen years, but still eagerly look forward to my regular visits and speaking assignments in South Africa each year.

    South Africa is a rainbow nation, with a multitude of cultures that live together in harmony. Cape Town with Table Mountain, picturesque drives and excellent seafood restaurants makes it a year round tourist attraction. A short drive takes you into the wine lands and a great day out is wine tasting at a number of vineyards and a picnic under the oaks at the Boschendal Estate is a memorable experience.

    A day of easy driving takes you up the Garden route through the picture book towns of Hermanus, Knysna and George. A short distance away is a day of riding ostriches at the ostrich farms in Oudtshoorn. If first class is your travel mode, take the luxurious Blue Train from Cape Town to Johannesburg or Zimbabwe. Fly to Natal and experience the beautiful white beaches and tropical climate and spend a few evenings in the Drakensberg Mountains.

    Johannesburg is the financial and business capital with numerous speaking engagements available. The downside is the escalation of crime, which means you need to be especially vigilant and sensible when visiting Johannesburg or the outlying areas.

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    Product Review - Video Web Wizard
    People are always asking me how to get their videos onto their websites. I use a lot of different software, mainly pretty complicated and expensive.

    Now I have discovered a brilliant piece of software that does it in less than a minute (take a look at a sample). It is so simple to use and only 29 - PLUS - you get the resale rights together with website, sales letter and everything else. You only need to sell one copy and you have made your money back. But the best part is that you will be using this all the time, I do!

    Take a look at the site with it's great features.

    South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup

    Thanks to everyone who helped me to get my book 'Walking with Tigers' to number 5 for best sellers and number 2 for movers and shakers on Amazon. In the sales column I will share the sales & marketing strategies I used to get there.

    As you know one of the favourite parts of my work is the International travel. I recently spoke at the Entrepreneurs University for the second year running and this time it was in Berlin. I love presenting to this group of young, enthusiastic and talented people from all over the world who set and achieve massive goals and are inspirational to be around. It is also a great opportunity for me to network and as a result this has produced speaking bookings in Singapore, USA and Dubai.

    It was my first time in Berlin and I fell in love with the city and its people. Our hotel was right in the middle of the 'no go zone' and I could see remnants of the Berlin wall from my room. It was fascinating to visit all the places I have read about and see how this city is now once again dynamic and thriving after breaking down the walls and welcoming in East Berlin.

    I heard many moving stories of families that were split up and who after many years came together again. I visited Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial and was even treated to supper at the house of one of the EO members. This house was located in the old East Berlin and belonged to a KGB officer in days past.

    The highlight of the event was the black tie dinner at the Olympic Stadium. Tables were laid out in the middle of the stadium and contingents from each country entered the stadium with their flag and national anthem playing, just the same as the Olympic athletes would have. The Germans were impeccable hosts and I will definitely be visiting this wonderful city again.

    After a quick engagement in Turkey my next trip was back to Asia for two weeks in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. I had one day off in Singapore, so managed to fit in 7 marketing appointments and set up my next trip in January 2008.

    My wife Candice then dragged me off for a two week vacation at our place in Spain where we proudly watched the South African Rugby team win the World cup again. Most of our neighbours in Spain are British and with the final being against England I took a lot of ribbing before the game, but strutted around proudly in my SA rugby t-shirt the next day.

    Although we have been living in London for the last 14 years and I support England whenever any of their sports teams play, my heart is still in South Africa whenever any of their teams play and Candice and I are their most ardent supporters.

    In January I will be in Asia again and running 2 masterclasses:

    Multiple Sources of Income - how to make money while you sleep.

    Sales and Marketing Skills for Speakers and Trainers - how to get engagements. Please email me at frank@frankfurness.com if you are interested and I will send you the full details.

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