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  • On the Road Again...
  • Client Based Selling - Detail Based Buyers
  • Walking with Tigers - Book release
  • Speaking Tips - Speaking in Hong Kong
  • Blogging for Fun - and Profit
  • Product Review - Super Affiliate Handbook

  • Client Based Selling - Detail Based Buyers

    In the last issue we looked at Security focused buyers. Now we will see what motivates the Detailed based buyers and how we can recognise and adapt to get the best results when selling to them.

    Detail Focused Buyers

    Think of engineers, accountants, computer analyists and any detail focused professions and you will normally be dealing with an analytical or detail focused buyer. You can't sell to these people in the usual way. They will analyze, research and buy only when they feel they have explored every possibility. Dealing with this type of buyer, realise that they like to buy from specialists, so ensure that you know what you're talking about and have as much relevant data with you as possible.

    This is the total opposite of my style, yet when we moved to London, my biggest client base was dentists and computer analysts. As I know their buying patterns, I was very successful and they referred me to many others in their profession who saw me as a specialist. I would always give them an abundance of data and a few different options as well as sufficient time for analysis. Then I simply asked which option they felt was the right one and the business would follow.

    Impress them by: Thoroughness Ask questions that: Are detailed Support their: Thoughts Demonstrate your: Detailed knowledge Make benefits: Provable Show commitment by: Being systematic Be impressed by Their status Best close: Detailed summary

    What this is really illustrating, is that you must be like a chameleon when selling. Very quickly recognise what type of buyer you are selling to and change your selling style to suit the way they buy, not the way you sell. For instance, let's say you are an over the top enthusiast, you will need to tone down and have a lot more facts and information than you would normally feel comfortable with if you are dealing with a detail focused buyer. Remember, people like to do business with people similar to themselves who they like, trust and feel comfortable with.

    Walking with Tigers - Book release
    King Cobra

    It has taken years to happen, but finally my book is being released around the world with the launch date of 29th September. Last November I was approached by the UK's largest independent publisher to write a book called 'Walking with Tigers' which has been my main keynote speech for the last number of years. With a lot of sweat and help (thanks Karen) I managed to complete it by the deadline.

    The book is called - Walking with Tigers, Success Secrets from the World's Top Business Leaders. It is all about the great achievers I have met and worked with over the years and filled with great stories, information and ideas to grow your business and yourself.

    One of my aims is to get the book to number one on Amazon when it launches and this is where I need your help. If you purchase the book on the launch date and email me the Amazon receipt, I will direct you to a download site with over $500 worth of software and Ebooks.

    Speaking Tips - Speaking in Hong Kong

    In this and the next issues, I will be sharing tips and experiences of the various countries where I am lucky enough to be speaking on an ongoing basis. I have to say, I think I have the best job in the world.

    Welcome to Hong Kong. How many of us can remember the old airport with the runway in the sea and the greatest challenge for every airline pilot. All that has changed now and Hong Kong airport is amongst the most modern in the world. A short train ride on a clean modern express takes you into either Kowloon or the Island of Hong Kong.

    It is a country of fascination, history, and wonderful foods and of course the best shopping in the world. The main business district is on the Island of Hong Kong in the "central" district. It is easy to get around as the MTR underground is fabulous, clean, efficient and always on time. I normally buy an "octopus" ticket for HK$150 (approx US$20) and this can be used for a week. The hotels are first class as are the restaurants but be prepared, Hong Kong is an expensive city. Taxis are efficient but get your hotel to write out the address, as many taxi drivers don't understand English.

    Most speaking venues are in the hotels or at the World Trade Centre and are super efficient. Do your homework before you go. I made some unforgivable blunders in the beginning. The first time I went to Hong Kong, I spoke to a group of approximately 100 Chinese business people. After the talk, many came to meet me and handed their cards to me, which I put into my pocket. I was politely told that I had insulted everyone and was then shown the correct behaviour. The card is handed over and accepted with both hands. You should read it, show appreciation by feeling it and making some gesture and then put it away in your pocket. Always carry a supply of business cards as the culture dictates the swapping of cards immediately.

    As I travel to Hong Kong about 4 to 6 times a year, I bought some books on Chinese etiquette, which has assisted me tremendously. The Chinese can appear almost shy to start with, but they enjoy entertainment as much as anyone else. Your talk must contain many educational points, as this is a priority. The people are serious, professional and the hardest working nation I have come across. Never be late for an appointment.

    Always expect the unexpected. On a recent trip I spoke to the sales force of a Chinese client that I had worked with twice before. They had moved into new offices where I would be speaking. They have a sales force of around a hundred people and I was expecting to speak in an auditorium. I was surprised to find that I was speaking in a huge office where they would all be sitting at their desks watching me on three giant TV screens. I was standing at the front of the office on a platform where a cameraman was filming and projecting the images (it reminded me of the old machine shops where everyone would be sitting working while an overseer controlled things from the front.)

    Get the full article here

    Blogging for Fun - and Profit

    Everyone should by now have their own Blog. It is so easy, in ten minutes you can have your own blog published and the best part is that there is no cost or low cost and no complicated knowledge needed. The two most popular places to start are http://wordpress.org and www.blogger.com

    Blogs are a great way to get your message across on the internet and have it published almost immediately. It is the ideal way to provide information, education and if done well, can create wealth and multiple sources of income for you.

    For your blog to be effective you need to ensure that it either solves someone's problems, removes their pain or increases their pleasure. To me, it is the perfect online selling tool that will drive business, leads and sales. I have found that the best way of having an effective blog is to make it conversational, interesting with valuable content, but also engaging and involving the reader.

    I started my blog three years ago and now have twenty blogs covering different subjects and all producing me money one way or another (I love that word) I initially just published my existing articles to my blog, now each month when I produce my newsletter I also include those articles as well as other information that may be of interest. The search engine spiders love blogs as they always have new and interesting content. I try to share a combination of personal stories and high content business articles so that the blog will appeal to a large audience. I have a lot of links within the blog articles back to sections of my websites and my products.

    The quick tips section in the blog drives traffic to www.frankfurnessresources.com website where there are videos, tips, resources and a subtle sell to my products (there we go again) I also use the blog to drive traffic to the section in my main website with free Ebooks and software. This takes them to a form that also signs them up to my newsletter and in turn I get hundreds of new subscribers each week

    I submit my Blogs to the many Blog Directories and whenever I add articles I 'Ping' the blogs to http://pingomatic.com/ I drive traffic to my Blog from a lot of other sources, the most popular right now being Youtube. I have 70 videos on Youtube and at the end of each video I have a message offering free information or Ebooks that drives a ton of traffic to my blogs.

    I recently learned a great traffic strategy for my Blog. I search for very high ranking blogs in my niche and then add a comment to articles on those blogs with a link back to my website. This is great for the spiders as they now see high ranking sites linking back to my Blog and this pushes me up in the rankings and drives traffic.

    Product Review - Super Affiliate Handbook

    I love internet marketing and making money while I sleep. One of the best books I have ever bought that taught me what to do was the Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosaling Gardner.

    Read the amazing true story of how one woman, with no previous business experience, earned $436,797 in 2002 and now earns MUCH MORE than that ... just by selling other people's stuff online!

    In her down-to-earth, sincere and often humorous style, Rosalind Gardner guides you through the entire process of building an affiliate marketing business on the 'Net.

    Frequently revised and updated to reflect industry changes, the Super Affiliate Handbook now consists of 235 pages and 116 screenshots words that will show you step-by-step how to become a Super Affiliate

    You'll learn how to install a blog, pick the most lucrative programs, negotiate a commission raise and save time, money and effort on everything from affiliate software to web hosting.

    To read a full review, click here.

    On the Road Again...

    It is ages since my last written newsletter. I have been on the road constantly with trips in the last 3 months to Asia, Dubai, South Africa, USA and for a sorely needed vacation to Spain.

    It has its drawbacks and advantages, every time I return it is like a honeymoon, but I get worried when my son calls me uncle and my dog bites me.

    Asia was as wonderful as ever and in Manilla I presented to Young Entrepreneurs organisation which is one of my favourite, dynamic groups worldwide. One of the members owns the second largest TV station and numerous magazines. We were all invited to the 'Maxim top 100 models' party and I really had to force myself to go along. When I tried to convince my wife Candice that it was all in the goodwill of developing relationships, she just didn't seem to buy it. I can never understand women!

    Malaysia was as wonderful as ever. I don't know what it is about the country that I love so much, the food, the atmosphere - really it is the people. They are the most wonderful people on earth, friendly and warm and hospitable.

    I ran my 'Speakers Bootcamp' in Kuala Lumpur and Johannesburg and once again was blown away by the people attending. Delegates included the famous adventurer Zuraina Dato' Zaharin, TV programme 'Survivor' winner Vanessa and Ricky de Agrela who is the first person to fly around the world in a microlight. I have just finished reading his book Freedom Flight which makes fascinating reading. It makes us realise we have one life to live, so let's make the best of it and do the things we always wanted to do before it's too late.

    Life has its wonderful twists and turns. I lost contact with my cousins on my mother's side 25 years ago which was a great pity as we were very close. Three months ago, I received an email out of the blue from my cousin Nicola in Cape Town who had traced me through the internet. This was incredible and after so long it was as if no time had passed at all. She told me that her brother Harry was now living in Singapore and sister Debbie in California. The timing couldn't be better, I was leaving the following week for Asia so met up with Harry and his fiancÚ Eve in Singapore and a month later had a trip to California and could spend the weekend with Debbie, Ron and the boys. I love it when a plan comes together.

    When I returned from my trip to South Africa, I brought my mom with for a three month vacation with us. When she arrived I had a new laptop and multitude of other gadgets for her and she amazed me (not really, she is fantastic) at how quickly she picked up everything to do with the latest technology. Right now she is submitting my articles to the directories and my videos to all the online video sites. Okay, you may be thinking this is cheap labour, but where else is she going to get hugs and kisses every day at work from some good looking guy. (That would be my son who is home on vacation from his law studies).

    Something new I will be adding to the newsletters and video tips is a product review. As many of you know, I love Internet marketing and now have 52 websites producing income. My aim is to get this up to a couple of hundred and then sit back in the sun at our place in Spain and watch the money roll in. I want to tell you, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication in the begining. I spend a fortune on tools, software and affiliate programmes. Some work and some are aload of rubbish, so I will review those that work and are making me money (there'e that word again).

    When I was in San Diego I was fortunate enough to be speaking in a session with some of the world's top internet marketers including Alex Mandossian, Mike Stewart and Tom Antion. After the session I conducted video interviews with some of them to share with you and in this newsletter take a look at what Mike Stewart, the Internet video and audio guy has to say.

    Take a look at the special feature on Rosalind Gardner who makes a fortune with affiliate programmes. I bought her Ebook and it is the one book I refer to all the time.

    Please order my book when it is released and email me the receipt for the link to $500 worth of software.

    Also, take a look at my Wealth Creation Masterclass in October. Places are limited to 25 and will be run in beautiful Oxford

    Pre order your copy of 'Walking with Tigers'
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