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Welcome to 2007 and may it be a great year for us all. I hope you are all well rested after the holidays and that you're up for the challenge of a brand new year.

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  • Welcome to 2007
  • Client Based Selling - Relationship Based Buyers
  • Motivation - Interview with an Astronaut
  • Technology Tips - Text to Word Software
  • Speaking Tips - Planning for 2007 & Royalty Free Music

  • Client Based Selling - Relationship Based Buyers

    In the last issue we looked at Task focused buyers. Now we will see what motivates the Relationship based, enthusiastic buyers and how we can recognise and adapt to get the best results when selling to them.

    Relationship focused buyers - Enthusiasts


    • Personable
    • Stimulating
    • Enthusiastic
    • Dramatic
    • Inspiring


    • Opinionated
    • Excitable
    • Undisciplined
    • Reacting
    • Self Promotional


    • Open, friendly and enthusiastic
    • Wants proof of your success

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    Motivation - Interview with an Astronaut
    King Cobra

    In November I was fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the National Speakers Association enterprise lab in Phoenix.

    On the Saturday night a few of us went out to a restaurant for supper and I got speaking with the person next to me and heard an incredible story. Rick Searfoss was an astronaut and captained three missions into outer space. His story was fascinating and so much of his training and missions have principles that could apply to each of us in our everyday business.

    Can you imagine what he could share about focus, leadership, team building?

    We stayed in touch and when I returned to London, I phoned Rick and recorded a wonderful interview filled with anecdotes, stories and practical tips and techniques.

    Take a listen to the recording and then take a look at the incredible photos that Rick shared with all my subscribers.

    Rick's photos from outer space.

    Thanks Rick.

    Technology Tips - Text to Word Software

    I?m always looking for ways to use technology to save me time and money. Recently I bought a piece of software that really blew me away. It converts text to voice and gives you the choice of countries, accents and genders.

    It uses voice synthesis to convert text into spoken audio. You can listen on your PC or create MP3 or WMA files for use on portable devices like iPods, PocketPCs, and CD players.

    I now use it for all kinds of uses:

    • I buy many Ebooks and can now listen to them live or save them as recordings and listen to them on my IPod when travelling or working out at the gym.
    • Any correspondence that piles up, I record and listen to later.
    • Emails that are not urgent, I can either listen to while I?m working on something else or record them and listen while driving.
    Watch the video.

    Take a look at voice to text or go to http://www.frankfurnessresources.com/text2voice.ht ml

    Great Tool - Free Headline Analyser

    Do your newsletter subject lines or blog post titles have emotional or intellectual appeal?

    Find out using the Advanced Marketing Institute?s free Emotional Headline Analyser where you can test your headline, page title, or PPC link text for intellectual, sympathetic, and spiritual impact. Remember to take a look at http://www .headlinecreator.co.uk

    Here is a great keyboard trick that will save you a lot of typing when you surf the web.

    Intead of typing in the http://www. before the domain name, and the .com after it, just type in the site?s domain name into the address bar. Then hit CTRL and ENTER keys together. This adds both the http://www. and the .com and works in both Internet Explorer and Firefox browser.

    Go ahead, try it. Copy frankfurness into your address bar now, then hit CTRL and ENTER together.

    Speaking Tips - Planning for 2007 & Royalty Free Music

    Right now is the best time to plan for the year. Start by analysing what your average fee was for last year, NOT YOUR STANDARD FEE.

    Take into account the talks you gave pro bono or at a lower or discounted rate. Simply, take the number of all your talks and divide this by your actual speaking income and divide the two, you may be surprised by the results.

    Use this figure when you next plan your intended income target for speaking this year. Divide your target by your average for the last year and you will come up with your target number of talks for 2007. Do the same for your training, consulting, coaching and products.

    Unless you are famous, written a best seller or a TV presenter, you are going to have to do some serious marketing. Candice and I have a 17 point marketing plan each year and right now we are overhauling all our marketing materials. That clip that looked great five years ago will have you cringing now, so like any normal business we have to work on our branding, prospecting, marketing and selling, we have to see ourselves as businesses, not speakers.

    Royalty Free Music

    We are all looking for great royalty free music and I have found a great site with excellent music.

    If you need royalty-free music for your info products, to use as a music intro/outro for your voice on a web site, for your greeting on your opt-in page, your recorded audio products etc., this is THE BEST value that I've ever seen

    Click here for your Royalty Free Music

    Stock 20 charges only $7 per song and that includes multiple versions! From short 10 second ones, to the longer versions that are 3-4 minutes. That's a ONE- TIME fee.

    And if you create an account with my link above, they will send you a $7 discount -- which means you can get your first free.

    I've paid thirty dollars before for ONE version of a music track -- but no more. Stock 20 is such better value, so go to this link right now and register to get your first track free.

    Welcome to 2007

    It?s that time of year again, when we decide that we?re going to hit the gym every day to lose those excess pounds we have just gained and get a body like a Greek God. It?s the time we plan to spend much more time with the family, less time at work but at the same time make a ton of money this year so that we can retire in the sunshine and spend our days travelling to exotic places.

    Three weeks later we will be wondering what possessed us to think those crazy thoughts.

    It is the time right now to reflect on last year and to make realistic goals for 2007, but my advice is to build in plenty of personal time and fun goals for yourself. I had so much fun travelling and speaking last year and made many more good friends around the world. As you all know I love my food and Chennai and Cochin in South India were highlights as was the ?Capital Grill? in Kansas City (thanks EO).

    In this newsletter there is a ton of new info, Ebooks, software and much more.

    Please go to the free downloads link for the free Ebooks and software, and even if you have been there before, I have added plenty of new stuff including audio editors and other software and some best selling books ? all for free. Also go to my resources website where there are new videos, information and a new section on Hints, tips and tricks.

    Take a look at the ?Speaking Tips? in the newsletter for copyright free music and one free download or go straight to http://www.frankfurnessresources.com/copyrightfree music.html

    My good friend Francis West from FWCS has also contributed and opened up his resources section to all my subscribers. Take a look as there is great information and free Microsoft training videos and tips . Go to http://www.fwcs.co.uk/it_training.html

    Take a look at the ?Motivation Tips? for my section on my friend Rick Searfoss on his experience as an astronaut. Then take a listen to the interview with fantastic tips and advice on how, what he learned, can be applied to business and personal goals. Also take a look at the incredible photos taken from outer space.

    The final free gift is an Ebook called Expect More From 2007 which is a collection of resources and tips from myself and friends from all over the world.

    The next Speakers Bootcamp will be at Latimer just outside London on the 24/25 February 2007.

    Bootcamp details or email bootcamp@frankfurness.com for an eBrochure

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