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This month's newsletter has a leaning toward online sales and marketing. My internet business is growing daily and I'm discovering tips all the time that help me to automate and grow the business. Each issue I will be sharing some of these ideas as well as the traditional sales and marketing tips. Take a listen to the audio jukebox in the quick links section, there are some great tracks.

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in this issue
  • Morocco Magic
  • Marketing with Newsletters
  • Technology - Is your website working for you
  • How to develop a Powerful Salesletter
  • Speaking Tips - How to market your self Internationally.

  • Marketing with Newsletters

    We all know how difficult it is to find new clients. When we have them as clients we have to do everything we can to keep them and provide them with great customer service.

    What we need to do is develop a 10 touch plan so that we can be in contact with them at least ten times a year. Often we think that we have sold them our product or service and they won?t need us again. There is always going to be staff turnover, executives leaving the organisation and joining other companies and as long as we stay in touch, more business will follow. I recently returned from speaking in Sydney and this was as a result of a CEO selling his company in the UK and taking a senior position in Australia. By staying in touch he hired me to speak at the company in Australia.

    So we either have to be with them face to face, on the telephone, by email, or the easiest way to keep in contact is by newsletter. I like to produce the electronic newsletter as the costs are minimal and I can see all the statistics of how many people open the newsletter, unsubscribe or link through to the website. (I?ve always been driven by ratios; I feel they are so important in selling)

    Publishing a newsletter is a cost effective way to build your loyal customer base. You keep your clients updated about your business, latest offerings, as well as new products and services. It keeps you and your business visible

    Good information gets distributed. So, a newsletter is a means of viral marketing, your clients will pass it on to their clients and before you know it the telephone will be ringing from new clients that you never even knew existed. When I sent out my first newsletter, I received a call the next day from someone who had been forwarded my newsletter and this resulted in a number of talks and training days with that company

    Here are some tips for producing your newsletter

    • Always ensure that you have a main article that provides information that your readers will find valuable. Your articles form the body of your newsletter. They should be informative and arouse the interests of your readers. Articles should be well written, and checked for spelling and grammatical errors. Your readers will be appreciative of the fact that you have given much thought and preparation to your articles. I always try to add value with good practical information.
    • Keep abreast with the current developments of your field. Your readers want to know what is new and what is hot.
    • Within your Ezine, throw in links to related articles that you have written or been featured in when appropriate.
    • Offer testimonials from satisfied clients
    • Give real life examples and show how you?ve helped clients
    • Case studies always position you as the expert in your readers? minds more than you coming out and saying so.
    • Jot down eight questions your clients have asked you in the past
    • Answer each one in a short article, as there may be many other clients who have the same questions in mind.
    • If you have been to any industry conference workshops or seminars where you?ve picked up some helpful hints, share these with your readers
    • Recommend books or resources and offer reviews on some of these books. By the way, take a look at my new list of recommended books at http://tinyurl.com/s6j 67

    Watch a video on creating a newsletter

    Technology - Is your website working for you

    When speaking to audiences around the world, I always ask who has websites and most of the people raise their hands. I then ask who generated a large or even small proportion of business from their website or generated some decent leads. Very few hands are raised. What is happening is that so many organisations have developed websites that are really worthless and it is like receiving the glossy brochure in the mail that goes straight into the bin.

    Most of the time, they will have a decent website, but it is not seen by anyone, it does not market the goods or services and clients don?t return because the website is not updated with new information or reasons for clients to return. I now have six websites and developing another ten.

    The only purposes of my websites are to both sell products or services and give good solid information. Millions of people are looking for free information each day on the internet, so, how much free information are you giving to your potential clients. Give them articles or eBooks where you develop an online relationship. They will then see you as the expert in your field and in turn this will result in enquiries or sales.

    Some of the essentials for a good website are:

    • Great content ? provide good valuable content.
    • Links ? develop a linking strategy. Have all you clients linking to your website and in return you link to theirs. Also, develop a strategy to link to other sites with high Google rankings. I use a great piece of software that finds me linking partners based on keywords and then automates the complete system for me. See it at http://tinyurl.com/p mcfo
    • Articles ? Write articles with valuable information. There are thousands of magazines that are looking for articles. Find the magazines in your sector and submit them to the editor. As a footnote always have your contact details. Some years ago, I approached the Financial Times regarding one of their international newspapers. This resulted in me having my own column for two years in an industry newspaper that was distributed to forty two countries. I didn?t earn much from it, but the recognition, branding and business generated was incredible. It was low cost, no cost marketing (my favourite).
    • One of the things that I discovered when I first built my website was that every time I made any change to the site, I was sent an account and this amounted up over time (my wife asked if I had shares in the website company). I changed website providers and now use a great company called called Advenzia

      The biggest advantages to me are that I now have a back office system where I am in complete control of the site; I can make changes, add articles, and add products at any time. I also have a full ecommerce system for selling my products as well as a great affiliate system where people can sign up as affiliates to market my products and earn healthy commissions for doing so. (If you would like to become an affiliate, go to http://tinyurl.com/syb 5l ). The system I have on my website tracks all affiliate traffic, commissions and is simple to use.

      This month I managed to catch Peter and Mark from Advenzia and interview them on how to develop a website.

      Take a listen at:


    How to develop a Powerful Salesletter

    I am presently developing a number of websites. My main website is great, but it also confuses people. I?m selling speaking, training, recruitment services and 42 products. One of the changes I?ve made is that I am now developing one page websites to promote each product. I?m not the best at doing this kind of thing, so I use a piece of software called 60 second salesletters. I fill in the gaps on the questionnaire and voila - I have an instant one page website. I can import images, use any payment system for orders, change the colours and look.

    For me it is ideal because I know nothing about HTML, but can now make my own websites. Take a look at some of the websites that I have produced using 60 second salesletters:

    Speak for High Fees

    Walking with Tigers


    Busine ss Card Scanner

    Articles for Business

    It's a huge misconception that people don't read long salesletters. Billions of direct mail pieces have proven that people buy, in general, at a higher rate from long, benefit-laden salesletters.

    While you may not personally read long salesletters, people who are honestly, genuinely interested in your product, idea, concept, or service will not only read long letters but also buy from them.

    Many years ago a very famous advertising man named John Caples said "A letter can never be too long, it can only be too boring."

    "60-Second Salesletters" forces you to load your salesletter with benefits. And this is what makes the copy and the letter interesting to your prospects. That's why they'll read it.

    60-Second Salesletters" forces you to spell out the features and benefits of your product, with proven direct response principles plus an offer, guarantee, bonuses and so forth built right into it.

    • Create a separate letter for each of your products or services
    • Create multiple letters (as many as you want!) for each product so you can test to see which works best.
    • Use different letters for the same product to target different audiences who may be interested in the same product for different reasons
    • Develop different versions of your salesletters to use for follow-up promotions
    • Save as many different letters as you want -- or even drafts and different versions of letters -- and organize them in your personal archives

    And more! With the ability to automate your sales copy writing process and produce unlimited professional salesletters on demand, you can create a library of killer sales materials and watch its impact on every aspect of your business and profits.

    Speaking Tips - How to market your self Internationally.

    Here are this months tips on how to market yourself internationally as a speaker

    • Find five clients that will provide you with 50% of your work each year. I have five large international companies that each book me for between six and thirty talks each year. I also have two or three Companies that I am developing should any of the ?big five? drop out.
    • Actively prospect when speaking abroad. When speaking overseas, I will scan the local papers, magazines and yellow pages for potential clients. I?ll then phone and establish who the decision makers are and endeavor to set up a meeting and sell my talks. A lot of these Companies are open and receptive to meeting with you.
    • Referrals ? always ask for referrals. Apart from existing clients who I do repeat business with each year, I have over 200 potential clients that have been given to me as referrals. If you leave the client satisfied, they will always give you referrals ? IF YOU ASK!
    • Network and socialize ? Before going on an international talk, surf the net to see what social events are happening while you?re there. Then arrange an invitation, as you?ll always meet potential clients at these events
    • Have fun and take a tour ? If we visit a country for the first time, we?ll always take an extra few days to see the place. This normally includes a half-day bus tour. It?s amazing who you can meet on these tours. We?ve met and become friends with the Vice- President of one of the largest insurance companies in the USA and a grand old lady who turned out to be the wife of the owner of one of the UK?s biggest supermarket chains

    Also, soon to be released is my new series ?How to Find New Business and Clients for Speakers, Trainers, Coaches and Consultants.?

    Morocco Magic

    I recently returned from a fantastic trip to Marrakech in Morocco. I ran two workshops at the Entrepreneurs Organisation University. What really overwhelmed me was the positiveness and energy of these young and successful entrepreneurs. Some still in their twenties have already reached incredible heights.

    People travelled from over twenty countries around the world to attend the university and the EO staff organised a memorable event. Each night we were treated to something really special and even now my body is trying to catch up with sleep.

    On one afternoon we enjoyed a special 4 x 4 excursion to the Atlas Mountains and there were three others in our Land cruiser. One of the chaps was British and now lives in Las Vegas. Mark, at the age of 37 was living in Singapore and worth $75 million and ready to retire and two weeks later worth minus $5 million when the markets collapsed. He struggled through the hard times and is now once again on the top of the world and builds multi million dollar casinos around the world. He enjoys suppers with Celine Dion and has a wonderful story about Michael Jackson. Take a listen to my interview with Mark, it will really motivate you to take a chance to become an entrepreneur and with the right attitude overcome any obstacle.

    Last week I spoke in Abu Dhabi and experienced airline mayhem. It was a late booking and the only flight was via Holland, so on Wednesday morning I flew into Amsterdam ready to connect with KLM at 1pm and arrive at Abu Dhabi at midnight and be ready to speak at 8am on Thursday morning.

    Unfortunately a technical problem developed and everyone waited until 6pm to be told that the flight was cancelled. I managed to arrange a flight back to London at 7pm connecting with the new Abu Dhabi airline Etihad (superb) at 9pm and landed at Abu Dhabi at 7.10 am and walked in to deliver my talk at 8am. Thanks to KLM and Etihad for all their great assistance and customer care in making it happen

    I don?t know what it is about Leeds; its hotels spoil me for everywhere else. Last Monday I spoke in Leeds and stayed at 42 The Place - and what a place! When checking in I was offered a glass of wine and then personally shown up to my room which was fabulous. There was a bowl of fresh fudge, a complimentary bottle of water and state of the art sound, television and internet system. The service throughout was excellent and if you?re planning a trip to Leeds, this is the hotel to book.

    Staying in hotels so much of the time, I find most hotels impersonal, cold and lacking in service. I have had such bad experiences that I have registered a domain www.hotelsthatsuck.com so if you have experienced a bad hotel please send me any photos and details as I will soon have the website up.

    The next Speakers Bootcamp is in May in London, Please email me at mail:frank@frankfurness.com for details.

    If you haven?t had a chance to see the last newsletter about the great tool that creates headlines automatically, take a look at http://tinyurl.com/qg ke8

    I?m still buying and reviewing a ton of software and giving feedback each month. A special offer this month is from Jay Jennings, the developer of Sonic Memo (I use his software for all my audio production) and he is giving away Sonic Memo Lite for free (normally $37)

    Take a look at a little video I produced showing how I use this product at http://tinyurl.com/lca c5

    Download the free version

    Another new addittion will be the viral video sales tips each month. You can use these for training, to enhance your business and please pass these on to as many people as you know that could use them. To see the first viral video sales tip, please click here

    Download the latest updated version of my Internet Marketing eBook, click here

    Take a listen to my interview with Mark Vlassopolus
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