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It's that time of year again. Time to buy gifts, visit friends and indulge far too much in the better things in life.

Because everyone will be so busy at this time of year, this will be a short newsletter, but loaded with goodies. Right now go to the '12 days of Christmas' giveaway of software and Ebooks worth thousands of dollars.

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  • Customer Service & Sales - The Vital Link
  • Complimentary Gifts for You
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  • Customer Service & Sales - The Vital Link

    I'm always on the lookout for good and bad service wherever I speak in the world. For me the best service is experienced in Asia, the Middle East and the USA. With great service, your sales increase and your clients become your biggest source of advertising.

    I speak in Dubai at least twice a year and the service and hotels are always superb. Last year I decided to take Candice for a two week vacation in Dubai and we stayed at the 'Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa.' We had booked on a bed and breakfast basis and were planning to spend around $100 at different restaurants in Dubai each evening.

    When we checked in we were told that all our evening meals were included (underpromising and overdelivering) and we could eat at any of the 8 restaurants, one of which had just won an award for being the best steakhouse in Dubai. The restaurants were so good that we ate all our dinners in the hotel and spent our $100 budget on great wines, cocktails and liqueurs each night. Where do you think the hotel makes the most profit, of course, alcohol.

    All the staff knew our names within hours and it was a memorable experience where we were pampered and treated to outstanding customer service. I met with the manager who had turned this into one of the best hotels in the group and she shared her plan of action. All the points covered are just as relevant in your business. See how many would apply to your business

    The action plan:

    • Treat everyone as an individual
    • Remember names
    • Customer first, tasks second
    • Fun focus on everyday things
    • Commitment to excellence scheme
    • Teambuilding for staff

    I have shared this story with thousands of people around the world in my talks and I know it has generated many bookings for the hotel. You see, having had a brilliant experience, I am now a walking, talking advert for the hotel. Are your clients doing the same for you?

    Complimentary Gifts for You
    King Cobra

    I've done something special for you this Christmas. I've joined together with a marketing friend of mine, Mark Hendricks, and decided to really get into the holiday gift giving season.

    Mark has put together his own version of "The 12 Days of Christmas", and has pulled in favors from his friends who are among the sharpest marketing minds on the planet.

    You'll be receiving gifts and goodies from Mark, plus you also get great software and Ebooks from all the others who have contributed to this incredible holiday goldmine of true treasures.

    What you will also find is my Ebook 'Finding New Business and Clients.' This is sold on my website for $19, but is yours totally free in this Christmas gift. Not only do you get it free, you also have full resale rights which allows you to sell it on your site for $19 and keep all the profits.

    Technology - Coming next month....

    How to create your own one page sales website.

    Right now, if you haven't already done so, download this great Ebook on Search Engine Optimisation.

    Sales Bloopers

    I'm keeping an eye open for sales bloopers. I'm now adding an extra column with sales bloopers. I'm fanatical about customer service and when I experience bad service I'll be sharing the news.

    I was recently doing a speaking tour of the UK with Sporting Champions and we had just stayed at a great hotel in Manchester, done our presentations and then headed for Loughborough where we were presenting at the University the next day.

    We arrived late at night and as there are not many hotels in Loughborough, we were booked into the Ramada. It was really cold, so all I wanted to do was have a hot shower and sleep. When I tried the shower, the water was freezing, no hot water.

    I called the night duty manager and explained the problem. I was floored with his response. He looked me straight in the eye and said, 'Well what do you expect, this is an old hotel with old pipes'.

    When I asked him to move me to another room, he replied 'It won't make any difference, they're all the same'.

    I have now registered a domain 'hotelsthatsuck' and hope to have the site up soon.

    So well done to the Ramada Loughborough for winning the blooper of the month.

    Seasons Greetings
    San Francisco

    Candice, Jared and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for 2006. May you be healthy, wealthy and happy.

    We have had a challenging year with Candice's health, but the best news we heard a few weeks ago was that she is in remission, so we're looking forward to 2006 where we take a lot more time out for ourselves and spend a lot of time at our place in Spain. I may even take up golf again as I am now over the trauma of nearly killing my caddy some years ago by slicing the ball so badly that it hit him and nearly rendered him unconscious. I've been told that he has since given up caddying and is now a successful injury claims lawyer.

    I've just returned from a week's speaking (don't read weak speaking) in Dubai. I last spoke there in February and can't believe the growth (and traffic) in such a short period.

    Two new shopping centres have gone up in that time. The IBN Battuta which is beautiful. It is made up of six themed malls connected together (a mile long): China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia. Each has it's own unique architecture, shops and restaurants.

    The second mall which has just opened is the Mall of the Emirates. It is huge, I believe the second biggest mall in the world. It has an indoor ski slope together with the ski lifts and real snow, amazing!

    Something must have gone wrong with my genes when I was born, because I'm a shopaholic, especially when it comes to gadgets and computer equipment. I bought the latest DVD recorder that can record 250 GB of TV to the hard drive and can also record directly to any format of DVD. I told Candice that this can be my Christmas present (with a number of other gadgets that I discovered in these great malls.) As usual, the customer service in Dubai was superb everywhere that I went to.

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