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May 2005


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  • Sales Tips - Close that Sale...

    In this edition we will keep focusing on the skill of closing the sale as this is so essential to productivity (and bucks in the pocket). We all know that you have to sell to people the way they want to buy, not the way you want to sell to them. People making their buying decisions in different ways. This is because we all have different personalities and make decisions either on logic or emotion or a combination of the two.

    Personality Styles and Closing

    The manner in which a sale is concluded depends on the style of the decision-maker - watch out for the signs: Drivers (decision makers/task focused people) are likely to decide very quickly and may be a little irritated if you leave matters hanging after they've indicated they're happy; Analyticals (accountants, engineers) will want every detail covered and may need time to think, so don't push them, but do stay in touch and make sure they have all the information they need.

    They will buy when they are ready, you can't rush the close; Amiables may actually say yes before they're ready because they want to please you, in which case you need to ensure that everything is suitably covered so nothing can rebound later: Expressives - make sure they understand all the details and always follow up and put all of the details in writing.

    Here are this month's closes:

    The 'I want to think about it' close - This is most probably the most common objection you will be faced with. Once again you need to find the 'hidden objection'. An example would be: "That's fine. Obviously, you wouldn't take your time thinking about this unless you were seriously interested. So, may I assume you will give it very careful consideration? Just to clarify my thinking, what part of this opportunity is it that you want to think over? Is it the quality of the service I'll render? Is it something I've forgotten to cover? Is it the return on your investment? Is it any of the financial aspects? Seriously, please level with me'- (Wait for the hidden objection)

    The Financial Freedom Close - You'll have financial freedom for the rest of your life, you'll have the satisfaction of -(watching your son walk across the stage on graduation day, and you'll be-(part of a Blue Chip company offering unlimited career opportunities.) - (driving your new car for three years with free roadside assistance anywhere in Europe)

    The Scale Close - This is very similar to the Balance Sheet Close, you would just use different words and drawings. "I understand how you feel, and weighing the facts before making a decision makes a lot of sense. In fact, when I'm in this type of situation, I use a method called the "Weighing the scale Approach". Here's how it works: First, we draw a scale. On the left side

    More next month...

    Technology Tools & Tips
    PenPower Cardscanner

    I have discovered two great pieces of technology that I really want to share with you.

    PenPower Cardscanner - On my last trip to Asia I found a tremendous product that had an immediate effect on my productivity. Speaking all over the world, I collect thousands of business cards and need to input them into my database, but this takes time. I bought the PenPower Cardscanner and was impressed by the accuracy and size. It is just bigger than a business card so can easily be packed for my travels and I can input the information immediately. Take a look at the full specs on the link below

    Ezimail - Have you ever had to reply to emails with a standard response to an enquiry and had to constantly cut and paste from word or retype the response each time? This has been something that has frustrated me whenever I have enquiries for my Bootcamp or products or a speaking engagement and for sometime I have been looking for a product that would automate this process. Along came the answer in the form of Ezimail which is absolutely brilliant. Why not take a look at this great product and try it for free for 7 days. Follow the link on the right to find out more.

    Also, this month I have two free eBooks for you. The first is one of my favourites: 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill. I have also included another: 'Blogging made Easy' as I get so many people asking me about blogs.


    Sporting Champions

    One of the most enjoyable thing I do, is to share speaking and presenting skills with top achievers. I love sport so you can imagine how wonderful it is for me to work with Olympians and other sportspeople from every field.

    I have recently finished a roadshow for Sport England where I worked with 'Sporting Champions'. This is an incredible initiative where sports legends go to schools and educational organisations to encourage children to partake in sport.

    These champions are heroes to the children and the stories and knowledge they share inspire and motivate them. Being a sports lover I know that skills like teamwork, attitude, focus, discipline and hard work not only apply to sport, but to business when these children go out into the big world.

    With my wife's recent illness, it has really brought home to me the importance of healthy living. This is an area that many people neglect. Set yourself a programme for healthy eating, living and exercise and start today.

    Speaking Tips - conquer the international market

    In this issue, we continue with marketing tips to conquer the International speaking market. The tips are practical and proven, I use them all the time. (I only share those that work, not those where I have fallen on my face - and there have been plenty)

    Actively prospect when speaking abroad. When speaking overseas, I will scan the local papers, magazines and yellow pages for potential clients. I'll then phone and establish who the decision makers are and endeavor to set up a meeting and sell my talks. A lot of these Companies are open and receptive to meeting with you.

    Referrals - always ask for referrals. Apart from existing clients who I do repeat business with each year, I have over 200 potential clients that have been given to me as referrals. If you leave the client satisfied, they will always give you referrals - IF YOU ASK!

    Add on an extra day to meet with potential clients - Wherever I speak in the world, I add on an extra day to see potential clients and bureaus. I can normally fit in 5 appointments for the day and this always results in at least one extra booking. On a recent trip to Singapore, I managed to give a keynote speech to a large Insurance Company and in the same day have five meetings with potential clients. One of these meetings was a cocktail party where I met with twenty of the most influential business leaders in Singapore. This was only achieved because I had developed a center of influence in Singapore who had arranged the talk and all of the meetings. He is rewarded with a percentage of the fee, which makes it a win-win situation for everyone.

    The good news is that my new audio and DVD package on platform speaking and marketing is nearing completion, it should be out soon.

    More next issue

    Sales Success Strategies
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    Welcome to Oz

    I recently returned from a speaking trip to Australia. It was my first visit and I was so impressed by the country, the people, the food and the hospitality. My trip started in Brisbane which is a terrific City and is a short drive from some of the best beaches around. As usual, I fitted in some time to see the Gold Coast and take a tour of the city. Then it was off to Sydney which was really amazing. I did the normal tourist things around my talks like visiting the Opera House and taking a trip to Manley Bay and of course Bondi Beach. A special thanks to all my friends In Australia who made me feel so welcome, I will be seeing you at least twice a year.

    The one thing that really struck me was the positive attitude with everyone I met. You can see it in their sports teams, especially cricket and rugby where they have only one goal and that is to win. They are the same in business, positive, focused and goal directed. I think we can all learn from the Australians who always look at the positives and seem to have the perfect balance between work and play.

    On my return I dropped in at Singapore where I ran my speakers Bootcamp where we had delegates from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It never ceases to amaze me how people from different cultures, ages and backgrounds can synergise if there is a common goal of helping each other as well as themselves.

    Unfortunately back home in London we face the ongoing threat of terrorist attacks. My son has just completed his third year at University and is doing his work experience with a law firm in London. He uses the tube to travel in each day and this is a worry for us as his parents.

    On the positive side, Londoners are all pulling together and going about their business as normal. The same happens with us in business, we sometimes face challenges and if we apply these same principles of positive mental attitude, belief and focus, we can can achieve great results.

    In this newsletter I am still focusing on closing skills in the sales process. Take a listen to an excerpt from my 'Sales Success Strategies' package which contains four CD's, a DVD and Camtasia video tips. For the next seven days you can invest in this series at a 50% saving, great value!

    Sales Success Strategies discount package....
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