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May 2005


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  • Sales Tips - Close that Sale...

    For the past two editions we have been looking at closing techniques and scripts. If you follow the entire sales cycle, develop rapport, ask relevant questions, listen and provide a solution suitable to the client, you will not need to use any fancy scripts because it will just be an assumed close - you just start to complete the order form. You would say things like:

    Shall we commit to 50

    Will that be okay with you

    Pete, you seem to be in agreement, how do you suggest we move forward

    Mary, what can we do to speed up the process

    Here are three closing scripts for this issue:

    The High Costs Close - With this close you need to make decision makers aware that by settling for the cheapest price, they could lose on quality or service. An example would be "That you can find this product for less elsewhere may well be true, and in today's economy, we all want the most for our money. A truth that I have learned over the years is that the cheapest price is not always what we really want. Most people look for three things in making an investment: one, the finest quality; two, the best service, and three, the lowest charges. I have never found a company that can offer all three - the finest quality and the best service at the lowest price. I'm curious. For your long-term happiness, which of the three are you willing to give up? Quality, service or low price?"

    The Puppy Dog Close - Let someone have a puppy for a week and then ask for it back and you will receive a lot of resistance: It has become part of their life. The same applies to business, leave a sample product with a client for a week and let them get used to it, "Let me leave it with you and you see how you get on with it..." If they see the benefit they will purchase it. I see a lot of this on the internet where companies offer free software on a 30 day trail, after 30 days you are so dependant on the software that you purchase.

    The Great Leader Close - You would use this close if someone is really reluctant to make a decision. Simply replace 'Winston Churchill' with a great leader from your country e.g. (Benjamin Franklin, Nelson Mandela). An example would be: "I recently heard about something that Winston Churchill, one of the greatest minds of our time, said. Here are his words: "Indecision has cost the British, British business, and the British government billions of pounds. Far more than a wrong decision would have cost. What we're talking about now is a decision, isn't it? What will happen if you say yes and what will happen if you say no? If you say no, nothing will happen, and things will be the same tomorrow as they are today. If you say yes, (you will have financial freedom/you will have a hassle free holiday)"

    Technology Tools & Tips - The 60 Second Salesletter

    One of the first things that I purchased when I first became interested in internet marketing five years ago was the entire product range from Corey Rudl, the internet legend who was under 30 years old and making over five million dollars a year. I constantly use his methods to develop my one page sales sites for each product, I use his 60 second sales letter software (take a look at the software at the link on the right)

    Take a look at http://www.walkingwithtigers.com/ where I used the software to develop the letter and site.

    The 60 second sales letter is an online service that helps you to create long copy sales letters very quickly. Even people already good at copywriting use this because it saves a lot of time. If you sell products or services on the internet and mess up the advertising copywriting, you will fail miserably. You MUST be able to write the words that move people to action . . . to make them want to invest in your products or services. The 60 second sales letter saves enormous amounts of time and helps you organize your thoughts quickly. It used to take me a week or more to write a good sales letter and this tool has reduced that time to a few hours at most.

    If you're curious to see video footage of Corey Rudl with a small group of his clients, talking about some of the most advanced profit secrets he's been using to make over $20,821 per day using the Internet, this is your last chance......because he's only making these video clips available for a very short time. These video clips reveal a truckload of Corey's most advanced Internet profit secrets -- techniques he knows about making money on the Internet that he never thought he'd share with anyone.

    I'm talking about secrets like how to guarantee all your e-mail gets delivered (and not accidentally deleted as spam) by setting up "whitelist relationships" with Yahoo!, Hotmail, and AOL... How anyone can turn an idea into a profitable web site with almost no up-front cash -- in less than a month

    How Corey made $2,031,959 last year using JUST one "forgotten" marketing technique... plus much more!

    So if you want to see it, I highly recommend you move quickly and visit the link below

    P.S. Please don't underestimate the value of the video footage on this page. Just ONE of the secrets Corey gives away took him over 2 years to learn and cost him $100,000 in research and expenses to figure out... and he's just going to give it to you!

    Inner Motivation

    Often when the chips are down, we start feeling sorry for ourselves and feeling like the world is closing in on us. A real fact of life is that we all lead privileged existences and 70% of the people in the world would love to be in our position. Their biggest goal each day is to walk five miles to fetch water or to have a bowl of rice to eat. We should focus on what we have and not compare ourselves to others. One of the best things that I have learned in setting goals is that I don't have to compare myself to anyone else, just strive to be the best 'me' that I can be. Michael Baryshnikov once said: 'I don't try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself'.

    I recently spoke in Scotland and enjoyed a lunch with my friend Chris Moon. Chris is an incredible person, speaker and writer. He is one of the few westerners to have survived an abduction by the Khmer Rouge, successfully preventing execution and negotiating his release and that of two Cambodian colleagues from a remote jungle base, finally walking 50km overnight through a patrolled and mined jungle.

    In 1995, he stepped on a landmine in what he thought was a cleared area. He lost his lower right arm and leg but does not consider himself a victim and accepts total responsibility because he chose to work in mined areas, whereas people who live there have no choice. He survived against all the odds because of his high level of fitness (he was a keen runner) and because of his knowledge of first aid.

    Since then he has run numerous marathons and in April 1997 he was the first leg amputee to complete the 250km Great Sahara Run described as the toughest footrace on earth. His book 'One Step Beyond' is a must for your reading list.

    Speaking Tips - conquer the international market

    I am fortunate enough to speak in forty four countries on a regular basis. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to travel to exotic locations, meet fantastic people and enjoy wonderful cuisine. I recently spoke in France where there were delegates from 45 countries and eight incredible ladies who were doing simultaneous translations including all the expressions and enthusiasm of the speakers. Many people have asked me how to break into the International speaking market and I will be focusing on this over the next few issues.

    Your Business Plan - If you want to work the International Circuit, you need to plan for it. Work out how many days each year you want to speak overseas, the market you want to work, and develop an action plan.

    Your Unique Market - Choose your unique and niche market. My market was initially the English speaking International Financial Services market. Over the years this has spread to include the IT, Software and any market involved in sales in any country where people can understand English.

    Marketing yourself - the key to success

    • Identify clients you have spoken for in the past that have international offices. Get a referral to the decision maker in the overseas office. Email or send a letter and follow up with a phone call.
    • Dial and Smile - Pick up the phone and cold call. When I started out, I identified companies and banks that have international offices and phoned the President. One of those calls resulted in a business relationship with a company that spent between $50k - $100k each year sponsoring me to speak to their clients around the world.
    • Find five clients that will provide you with 50% of your work each year. I have five large international companies that each book me for between six and thirty talks each year. I also have two or three Companies that I am developing should any of the 'big five' drop out.

    More next issue

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    Spring is in the air

    Can you believe that it's May already? The year seems to be flying by. I've just recently returned from speaking in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai and preparing for my next trip to Australia and Singapore (I leave on Thursday). At least Candice & I have had a break visiting my son, Jared, in Portugal where he is at University. He has just spent six months at a Spanish University and is now in Portugal for another six months. Porto is a beautiful city with incredible restaurants on the river Dora, definitely worth a visit.

    I really enjoy working with companies that reinvent their industries and create a new direction and opportunities. About a year ago I was booked to speak at a conference for Champion Accountants. When I spoke there a few weeks ago I was amazed to see that they had organised a conference for their clients at a wonderful venue with four top industry speakers and an exhibition area. Can you imagine what value this adds for clients and how it sets them apart from other traditional accountancy practices? What are you doing in your business that sets you apart from the competition? Think of ideas to do things differently and create a client loyalty that will ensure repeat and referral business.

    Last weekend I worked with the Coaching Academy and ran a session on sales and marketing and also a day on product creation and internet marketing which went incredibly well. Take a listen on the links below to the live recording we made. If you would like to attend the next product and internet marketing day, please find the info in the links below.

    Product creation has been going well with seven new products created since November. There are some great sales products and there is a one off special offer to all subscribers of a 50% discount on the special sales package. If it doesn't make you at least ten times its value in the next year, please send it back & I'll give you a full refund. 'Sales Success Strategies' and 'NLP 4 Sales' will explode your sales if you implement the strategies on these great audio and DVD series. You will only be able to order through the special link which will be open for fourteen days.

    This month I'm also giving away over $100 of eBooks and software as a free gift to all subscribers, just go to the link below to download them. If you enjoy the newsletter, please forward it to your contact list to share the free gifts with them.

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