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Good news, as you know each month Terry Brock & I have a technology tip of the month. Terry will be coming over from the USA to join me in a great morning presentation on the latest technology and how this can increase productivity in your business. This is a session not to miss, whether you are a large or small business, speaker, trainer or coach. Download the details from Quick Links.

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  • Telephone Tips

    Most people fear cold calling. The most difficult part is actually picking up the phone and starting to call. We would do almost anything rather than phoning, so we spend time looking busy doing things like emails and filing. The biggest fear is the fear of rejection. Here are some basic rules for making cold calls:

    Plan your calls Phone every day Phone when your energy levels are highest Know your script Be organised Be enthusiastic Set yourself mini targets Focus on results Keep ratios Have the right environment Always try to have referrals to phone than a complete cold call Do some research on the website about the organisation you are phoning Watch your posture - stand and call Know the most common objections and how to answer them Get ENTHUSIASTIC

    Here is another phoning script. This works well if you have been referred.

    Hello, is this Mr Jones, My name is Pete White from XYZ. How are you today? The reason I'm calling is that we specialise in helping retirees to plan their vacations (this is your benefit to the client) And I thought I'd give you a call to see if you'd be interested in chatting about the various options available. Is (benefit statement) Something to which you've given much thought?

    It doesn't matter what they answer, you should always get the appointment. If they have thought about it, you're in! If they haven't given it much thought, then now is the ideal time to meet with you to discuss their options. Try it, it works!!

    The triple CD pack 'Finding New Business and Clients' is filled with ideas that will drive your business forward, invest in your copy today!

    Technology Tips

    While I was in Los Angeles, one of the other speakers on the programme was Dave Larner who is a technology specialist. When he offered me the opportunity to take me to the biggest computer and technology stores, I jumped at it. I was like a child in a sweet shop, walking around and being shown the latest gadgets by Dave, who writes for a number of publications on technology in the USA. As you can guess, there were a number of new items in my suitcase coming home, thanks Dave!

    I was really impressed with the latest laptops with the new Pentium M processor. These laptops are now lightweight and have great features such as 802.11b/g wireless technology, USB2 (40 times faster than USB1), Bluetooth, Firewire (for downloading videos), S-Video and multiformat DVD writers. Absolutely amazing, and the prices in US dollars are the same as we would pay in Pounds in Britain. My favourite is the new Sony X505, it is beautiful. Oh well, I'm in Asia next month so should return with one of in my case (I hope my wife doesn't read this, as my other laptop is only a year old)

    This month's technology tip:

    Problems with Clear Type

    Windows XP has a feature called Clear Type that purports to make text easier to read. Unfortunately, it can have the opposite effect, particularly with very small text. The degradation in readability is particularly apparent on a projected image. Many new laptops now have Clear Type enabled as default. As a result, much of the texts in their projected images suffer from a degree of fuzziness. To turn off clear type, go to start/control panel/display/appearance/effects, and adjust the 'Smooth edges of screen fonts' box, changing it from Clear Type to Standard.

    Good news, as you know, each month Terry Brock & I have a technology tip of the month. Terry will be coming over from the USA to join me in a great presentation in the morning focussing on on the latest technology and how this can increase productivity in your business. This is a session not to miss, whether you are a large or small business, speaker, trainer or coach. Download the details from Quick Links.

    Speaking Tips

    I've just returned from speaking at Dottie Walters Magnificent Marketing Symposium, what an experience. You quickly realise how much more you need to do to keep up with technology, products and platform skills. Dottie was great as usual, sharing the latest ideas on corporate sponsorship. Dottie and I will be holding a joint Symposium in London early next year, details to follow shortly. And so to this month's speaking tip: Hidden notes - Have you ever wondered how to give yourself a breather during a talk or check on any notes that you may need to refer to that you don't want the audience to see.

    I sometimes have notes hidden around the stage and can sneak a look at them when I do the following:

    Show a video clip - this gives me a chance to have a breather, check my notes and gauge the audience.

    Tell an amusing story - while the audience is laughing I can take a quick look at the notes

    I sometimes have them pasted on the floor and when I look down pensively I glance at the notes

    I sometimes have a flipchart at the back of the room (if it's a small audience) and I can look at it whilst maintaining eye contact with the audience. They don't see it because they are facing forward

    I sometimes do a rope or card trick and when I walk to the table where they are laying, the notes are conveniently laying there

    If working with a flipchart, I have the notes written lightly in pencil.

    I have recently had some book cover design work done by someone who is young, creative, innovative and comes with great ideas. I met Emma Smith in Gloucester at one of my talks and was really impressed when she showed me some of her design work. I am currently writing a book and Emma is doing the designs, take a look at some of her work.

    Speaking in Hollywood

    Right now I'm sitting in one of my regular haunts, an airport lounge. I have just spoken at the Hollywood Sheraton for Dottie Walters 'Magnificent Marketing Symposium.' I was privileged to be one of ten speakers during the four day event which was tremendous. The other speakers included some of the greats in marketing including Joel Christopher who in recognised as the king of list marketing on the internet. Joel speaks about building your lists (his list of subscribers is 160,000), the power of webinars as well as many other internet marketing strategies. He recently wrote a book and managed to get it to number one at Amazon within days of its release. I have tied in with Joel as a strategic partner so keep reading the forthcoming newsletters for developments that will help you with your list building and other internet strategies.

    Another great speaker was Tom Antion who speaks about internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization. Tom runs specialist retreats at his million and a half dollar house in Virginia Beach. I believe that half the rooms are done out in luxury and the others in techno with all the latest gadgetry imaginable. Delegates spend weekends at the retreat learning all the latest internet marketing strategies. I have also tied in with Tom, so watch this space for further developments.

    Other speakers included top creative designer Kathi Dunn, who designs books covers and marketing materials and her clients include Anthony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and many other superstars. The other speakers shared ideas on working with the media, handling procrastination, book writing and publishing. I realised just how more I need to do to reach those levels. I'm now totally rethinking the way I do business and changing my business model, so I'll be sharing some of the ideas and their success as they happen.

    The California experience was wonderful. The Sheraton is situated right next to Universal Studios in Hollywood, so every night I visited the City Walk at Universal which is filled with great shops and restaurants. I left two days for exploring and hired a car and went to all the usual tourist places including Santa Monica, Venice Beach (bought my son some muscle beach t-shirts) and then drove down to Newport Beach which I fell in love with. What an incredible part of California, if you're planning a trip sometime in the future, be sure to spend a few days there. Another picturesque town is Balboa Island where almost every house is built on the water, the only challenge being the starting price of $2million for the houses.

    Keep an eye out in the future newsletters for tips and ideas from the marketing symposium. Please download our free articles from the website. We will add to these each month, so please feel free to send me your articles to share with our readers.

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