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Summer is in full and your HVAC Systems are being pushed to their operating limits. These are the days where your energy saving activities of the past bear their best fruits or not. We hope that your gardens are verdant and you are maximizing the return on your building investment (even in this heat), if not, we can definitely help you!


We hope these articles and industry event dates help keep you informed and engaged. If you need more information or are curious about any building industry topic, please let us know. We want to make this newsletter as valuable as possible and well worth your time.



Energy Efficiency Important for Branding  

Improving energy efficiency at America's businesses is as important to brand building as it is to growing the bottom line, according to a new Deloitte report.


The study, "reSources 2012" shows that while 85% of companies claim that electricity cost reductions are essential to staying financially competitive, almost as high a proportion - 81% - believe they are critical to brand building.


Are you promoting your energy efficient brand? Let us help  916.381.4611     (Read More)

4 HVAC Gains With
No Budget Pains

 Facility managers know there are plenty of ways to get buildings to use less energy. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve HVAC performance that do not cost a lot of money to implement. Some have more to do with the manner in which the building is operated than the actual HVAC system itself.


Most low- and no-cost items fall into four categories: Equipment Scheduling, Sensor Error, Simultaneous Heating and Cooling, Outdoor Air.  (Read More)



Data Loggers Identify Hidden Energy Waste 


COAC Data Logger  Your utility bill is a great indication of energy consumption, but it says very little about energy usage. If you want to get a clearer picture of that, add a new device to your toolbox. Low cost data loggers show specific system-by-system statistics, allowing you to hone in on inefficiencies and make informed, data-driven decisions.  (Read More)


Let us help you make data-driven decisions about your systems. Contact us to get started

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8/15   IFMA Monthly Program



8/16  BOMA Networking     

8/16   ACRE Social


9/13  BOMA Taste of the Town


9/19   ACRE Speed
           Networking Event


9/19   IFMA Monthly Program



9/20   IREM Member Lunch

            Leg. Update 


10/4   IFMA Beer Tour



9/20   IREM Mixer



10/17   ACRE Monthly



10/17   AFE Golf Tourney
             @ Teal Bend
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News & Information 

Air Conditioning Turns 110 Years Old

It started as an invention to control humidity in a New York printing plant in 1902 and turned into technology that forever changed the way people around the world live, work and play.  (Read More) 



Optimisim Returning to Sacramento Office Market?

Sacramento Business Journal reports that although business appears to be picking up in recent months, it will be years before some neighborhoods are back to a "healthy" occupancy level.  (Read More)


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