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Welcome to the May edition of Cooper Oates Air Conditioning "TRENDS " Newsletter. In this edition we introduce a new program for PG&E electric customers, the PG&E Quality Maintenance Program. This program pays you directly for performing quality maintenance on your HVAC Systems. Not all systems qualify (but most do) and you have to use a PG&E certified HVAC provider (which we are), but the incentives are extraordinary and your HVAC systems will run better, be more efficient and last longer. 

We have also culled through the industry to bring you articles and information of interest that can assist you in the operation and management of your commercial buildings. We hope you find it interesting and useful.



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PG&E Pays You To Do
Your HVAC Maintenance

PG&E Quality Maintenance TechnicianPG&E and the California Energy Commission believe that raising the quality bar on the maintenance of your roof-top package units will significantly lower energy utilization in commercial buildings, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, extend unit life, and reduce emergency service calls. They are backing up this belief by offering significant incentives for enrolling in a comprehensive three-year Quality Maintenance (QM) Program. 


PG&E will pay up to $3,488 PER UNIT directly to its electric customers for entering into a three-year service agreement with an approved service contractor. The incentive recognizes that raising the level and intensity of the prescribed maintenance and required documentation costs more because it takes more time and effort, so it helps offset the incremental cost of the service agreement.  In many cases, the financial and qualitative benefits can be significant.


PG&E's Commercial HVAC Quality Maintenance (QM) Program utilizes the new industry benchmark, ASHRAE/ACCA Standard 180, which supports increased HVAC performance with enhanced planned maintenance.  The Standard addresses the often inconsistent practices for inspecting and maintaining HVAC systems on commercial buildings and prescribes specific tasks and documentation. The PG&E program also includes random audits of the contractor's work.


To qualify, service address must have a commercial electric account with PG&E. (Gas only customers are not eligible.) The program is designed for rooftop package units of three tons cooling capacity or greater. Some units may not be eligible for incentives. These include units in a serious state of disrepair or those recently (within the last three years) serviced as part of PG&E's AirCare Plus Program.  A PG&E certified Quality Maintenance Provider can evaluate your equipment and develop a complete list of your qualifying units and the incentives. Incentives will be paid directly to the PG&E customer each year, over the course of the three-year service contract.


Cooper Oates Air Conditioning is a certified PG&E QM Provider which allows our customers to participate in the new program and get paid to perform an even higher level of maintenance on their HVAC Systems. Download our information and FAQ Sheet, which provides further details of the program and how the incentives work or contact us for more information.

Retrocommissioning Can Cut Costs by Improving Controls Performance

Errors in building controls - especially for HVAC systems - can cause an array of problems within a facility. Wasted energy is only the starting point. Controls that weren't properly designed or programmed, or that have been overridden or otherwise gotten out of whack, can make building occupants uncomfortable and shorten the life of equipment.     (MORE) 

Improving efficiency in commercial buildings

According to a recent industry survey that interviewed nearly 4,000 building owners and operators in 24 industry segments, business owners cite four main barriers to improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings:

  • A lack of funding to pay for improvements
  • Insufficient payback or return on investment
  • Uncertainty of savings and performance
  • Lack of technical expertise to evaluate or execute projects

Fortunately, these barriers are simple to overcome with a common-sense approach to the bigger energy savings picture, and the help of a well-trained industry expert. Here are three factors to consider when deciding to make energy spending decisions:


1. Increased utility savings

Lower energy bills are the number one driver of energy efficiency spending decisions in the U.S. and Canada. Over time, simple changes such as upgrading lighting systems with energy-efficient light sources and fixtures, installing high-efficiency HVAC units or even adding solar panels to the mix can have a big impact on a company's bottom line. You will see immediate savings on energy bills, and enjoy a greater return on investment over time, thus helping offset the upfront financial commitment.  (Download Controls Retrofit Case Study)

2. Government utility incentives and rebates

There are many incentives available to businesses that invest in energy-efficient products. Government incentives and rebates can further decrease initial costs. In some areas, reduced-rate loans for energy-efficient investments can offer another incentive to help overcome financial obstacles. (Download Energy Saving Case Study)

3. Enhanced brand or customer image

Tenant enticement and retention are two great reasons to invest in energy efficiency. Environmentally conscious consumers take note of businesses that take measures to increase efficiency and lower their carbon footprint, often rewarding them with additional purchases and higher loyalty rates.


For more information, and to find out how COAC can help you achieve your energy-efficiency goals, visit or contact us directly at 916.381.4611


Source: Energy Management: "Driving Efficiency," Chain Store Age, Oct. 2011

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The scope of the Energy-Saving Measures included: 23 buildings with 210 HVAC units diagnosed and serviced for increased efficiency through measures relating to refrigerant, thermostat controls, and economizer optimization.  (READ CASE STUDY)

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