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This issue of Cooper Oates Air Conditioning TRENDS marks a new, more updated format along with more interactive features. Our mission, in everything we do, is to help increase the returns on your building investments, and we hope to do that with this new newsletter format. We welcome and encourage your feedback.

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Protecting HVAC Investments

Vandalized Copper PipeHelping our clients improve the return on their building investment includes protecting that investment. As an April 2nd front page article in the Sac Bee exclaims (Read Sac Bee Article) and other media highlight regularly, there is an epidemic of copper and precious metal theft. Thefts of copper and other metals have increased 81%, driven by increasing prices of stolen recyclables. In a recent example, a client of COAC's National Account Rep. Ken Burgin, was the victim of copper thieves. This client had 13 units stolen and did not want their remaining 16 units destroyed or stolen.


The client had contacted a cage fabricator and was told there would be a 6-8 week delivery time. In order to protect the remaining units, he was going to remove them temporarily. COAC came up with a better, more cost effective solution, custom fabricate and install the cages in 10 days. The client enthusiastically agreed and COAC went into high gear to prevent further losses.


A custom design was crafted for each of the remaining units and the units to be replaced. COAC sheet metal Shop Foreman, Ivan Vakulich, fabricated the custom cages and the install team, led by Field Superintendent Dave Armenta, installed the completed cages in record time. As replacement units were installed, new cages followed quickly thereafter. In theCOAC HVAC Unit in Safety Cage end, the client was exceptionally pleased with the creativity, speed and quality of the work done by the COAC Team.


If you are worried about or have been the victim of copper thieves, contact COAC for solutions on protecting your building investment and the comfort of your tenants.

EPA Curtails Supply of R22R22 Refrigerant Canister

On 1-20-12, the EPA announced an immediate, 45% reduction in both production and imports of R22. This constitutes an additional 35,000,000 lb reduction, in the level already legislated by the Clean Air Act. As a result, all the major manufactures have announced significant price increases, and are currently limiting shipments.


40 year HVAC veteran, Bob Plotner, COAC's Service Manager explains, "Our primary concern is being able to service our customers when they need it. In the heat of the summer, if their AC unit is not working, that is a critical problem. We need to be able to fix it, but without the needed refrigerant, the unit will not cool the space, and that will drastically affect the business."


Although R22 production will continue thru 12-31-2019, it is likely that this action will have a dramatic effect on both the price and supply of R22 moving forward.


Plotner explains, "There are alternative refrigerants that work in R-22 units, but there are significant hurdles with changing refrigerants types that create additional problems. Currently there are no 'drop-in' mechanical replacements for the conversion of a unit from R-22 to 410a. Previously, we have seen other refrigerants phased out and these times are always marked by volatile pricing and availability. The installed base for R-22 units is so large the market will most likely come up with competitive solutions."
Retrofits Almost Always More Sustainable Than New Green Construction

Green Commercial Construction ExpertsDespite all of the available technology and new green materials available today, retrofitting an existing building is almost always a more sustainable option than tearing an old building down and rebuilding it. The National Trust for Historic Preservation published a new study comparing the environmental impact of retrofitting an old building with tearing it down, trashing the debris, clearing the site, crafting new materials, and putting up a replacement from scratch.  More... 

Cooper Oates Air Conditioning
is committed to increasing the returns on your building investment. We are a proven and trusted partner for all your heating and air conditioning, energy management, building controls and construction needs.


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April 2012
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COAC Earns EPA Award
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COAC Becomes Energy StarŪ Partner
Recently Cooper Oates Air Conditioning earned the Energy Star Partner designation due to our "fundamental commitment to protect the enviroment". The EPA has now designated COAC as one of their most active service and product providers. (EPA LINK) 

"We haved helped many building owners and managers become more energy efficient and lower their energy costs", explains Bill Schmalzel, COAC Energy Services Director. "We are proud the EPA has acknowleged our efforts and look forward to helping many more clients save money and earn the Energy Star Certification for their building."  Call COAC today to  reduce your energy expenses.
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Industry Information and News


Open Windows
Help Fight Airborne Infections.
Benign bacteria found outdoors could fend off the potentially deadly microbes that cause hospital-acquired infections.      READ MORE 



California Benchmarking Legislation Compliance Pushed Back (Again).  The California Energy Commission recently released an update to the language of rules surrounding AB 1103. This legislation requires commercial buildings to benchmark their energy use whenever a building is sold, leased to one tenant or refinanced. The newly pushed-back dates for compliance are:

Jan. 1, 2013 for >50k sqft.,

Jul. 1, 2013 for 10-50k sqft.,

Jan. 1, 2014 for 5-10k sqft.

Official CEC Announcement.



COAC to Sponsor ACRE May Meeting   COAC is excited to announce our sponsoring the May Meeting for the Association of Commercial Real Estate (ACRE). Mark your ACRE logocalendars for the May 9th meeting at 11am, for an informative and enjoyable event. We hope to see you there!  Meeting Link

Industry Events: 


4/18   CREW Monthly Mixer


4/12   IREM Mixer
4/16   BOMA Education
          "Ethics Is Good Business"



4/18   IFMA Monthly Program


4/26   ACRE Educational  


5/3     BOMA Golf Tourney



5/9     ACRE Monthly Meeting 

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5/17    IFMA Golf Tourney

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