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September 2012 
TigerTMS Acquires
Innovation Technologies Worldwide

We are excited to announce a change of ownership here at Innovation!

TigerTMS, a leader in voice and data management solutions to the hospitality industry, and our partner in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for the last 10 years, has acquired Innovation Technologies Worldwide, Inc. The acquisition creates the world's largest single supplier of communication and guest management systems to the hospitality industry serving over 15,000 properties including 9 of the 10 largest hotel chains.

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A Friendly Reminder...
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The distributor agreement states that no third party software is not to be installed onto our voicemail server/hardware platform.  This includes call accounting software that is other than InnCharge, using the voice mail system as a maintenance hub to access other PC's via remote desk top or other remote software applications, any games or other applications that could interfere with the functionality of the InnLine software.   Innovation Technologies reserves the right to void the system warranty if any third party software is found installed on the voice messaging system.
Your company will receive a notification via fax, phone call or e-mail, to allow the opportunity for removal of any third party software.

Serial Surge Protection

Several times a year, our support department receives calls regarding loss of communication between the Property Management System (PMS) and Voice Mail.
In many of these cases the issue is determined to be a damaged serial port, usually brought on by lightning or power surge.


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