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July 2012 
Introducing our New Website

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We at Innovation Technologies Worldwide are proud
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InnLine IP Virtual System
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The InnLine IP virtual voice messaging system is great way to save on hardware cost and management, while reducing energy consumption and space required. Executing on one physical server, the system supports multiple instances of a voice messaging system, each configured and run independently. This allows true multi-tenanting or multi-property support with connectivity to one or many PBX systems.
Each instance can integrate with a separate PMS and call accounting application, or it can run InnCharge call accounting co-resident. InnLine IP virtual messaging system is the best way to improve functionality of your hardware and save money.

Windows XP Professional OS
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Recently our customers have been concerned regarding Microsoft's EOL date regarding the Windows XP professional OS.  At present, our InnLine voicemail application is shipped out on PC's running this operating system. Windows XP downgrade licenses will be available to Innovation until April 2014.
Innovation does have plans to transition to Windows 7 in the near future. Until that transition takes place,  InnLine systems that are sold with the Windows XP OS will be fully supported based on its individual system warranty or TSSAP agreement.

For more information, please contact us at 800-424-6757 or

How to Record a Custom Prompt

The recording of custom prompts can be useful to a property that wishes to change their Auto Attendant Greeting or Menu, Wake-up Call message or even a Check-in message.

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