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November 2011
Our Holiday Gift To You!

Four Cable

Special Discount on InnCharge Call Accounting!


November 16th - January 31st

Pay a buck an extension on any co-resident
new InnLine messaging platform sale! 


Contact your ITW sales representative
at 800.424.6757 for more details

or  click here for more information


Thank you all for your ongoing support over the years!




Holiday Hours

Closed November 24th & 25th

Closed December 23rd & 26th (to observe Christmas Eve and Day) 


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Product Spotlight





InnCharge call accounting seamlessly integrates with your
phone system to provide a trouble-free call accounting system.
You can simply connect through a web browser to view a
host of reports, and even assign VIP pricing to a guest.
Additionally, InnCharge's client software is easy to use, which
makes changing call pricing a simple task.

There are different ways that InnCharge can be installed at
your property.  Either co-resident on your existing InnLine
voicemail system (provided the system is not more than 3 years old) or as a stand alone option on a windows or linux OS.
All options include a web user interface for ease of viewing
and running reports at the property,

When you purchase InnCharge co-resident from Innovation,
you are eliminating extra hardware which means less components
to go bad.  When the application is co-resident, this is also a plus
from a technical support viewpoint, you only have to access one
system for remote support.



Click here for more information.


News from ITW Development

InnLine 3.2 release for 2020, Elite and Express.  It includes Arabic, Mandarin Chinese languages.  "Guest Group Distribution" guest menu prompt has also been fixed.



For more information contact your sales rep.


Did you know that it is possible to manually set a
Message Waiting Indicator?

This is an excellent way to test MWI functionality during
initial installation or during troubleshooting procedures.

Click here to find out how...

web: Innovation Technologies Worldwide




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