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September  2011

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We are in the midst of making big changes here at Innovation, including the redesign of all our marketing materials and website.  We hope these new materials will be valuable to you during your sales process.

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Product Spotlight


InnCharge™ Hospitality Call Accounting


InnCharge™ seamlessy integrates with InnLine to provide a trouble free call accounting system.  You can simply connect through a web browser to view a host of reports and even assign VIP pricing to a guest.  Additionally, InnCharges's client software is easy to use, which makes changing call pricing a simple task.



InnCharge Call Accounting comes in 4 "flavors"  

  • Stand alone on an SSD (solid state device),
  • Stand alone on book PC and
  • Co-resident on our InnLine voicemail
  • Co-resident on our ComXchange IP PBX       

InnCharge Stand-Alone Options


InnCharge may be implemented by distributors as a "stand-alone" solution, rather than as a co-resident application on an Innovation voice mail system. In this configuration the hardware & software are purchased from Innovation:



Innovation SSD (Solid State Device)


  • 2 GB  DDR2 RAM
  • 30 GB solid state drive
  • USB modem
  • USB flash drive
  • Linux OS
  • Headless
  • 60W external power supply
  • USB to Dual RS-232 Converter
  • One grey RJ-45 CAT5 network cable  
  • One red RJ-45 CAT5 network crossover cable

Innovation Book PC Hardware
Innovation Book PC Hardware
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 160 GB hard drive
  • CD-RW drive
  • 56k modem
  • Windows 7 Professional
  • Monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • USB ports
  • Comports (2 ports)  

InnCharge Call Accounting Software

InnCharge call accounting software is available co-resident on the Elite, InnLine 2020, InnLine Express and InnLine IP systems.  It is also available as a "stand-alone" purchase.  All InnCharge orders include a one year annual tariff rate update, uploaded by Innovation, and technical support for the software for twelve months.  Please ask your Sales Rep for quotes with additional extensions.

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Additional Languages 


Innovation is pleased to announce the addition of two new foreign languages.  Arabic and Mandarin Chinese are now available along with Dutch, British English, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.  Please consult your Account Manager for more information.
New Installs

ComXchange IP PBX Systems 
  • Tween Waters Inn - Captiva FL
  • Driftwood Hospitality Corp Office - North Palm Beach, FL
  • Inn of Naples - Naples, FL
     Contributing Distributors:
     Galaxy Telecom Solutions 

InnLine Systems
  • Four Seasons - Washington DC & Philadelphia, PA    
  • Four Seasons - Seattle, WA  
  • Blue Chip Casino - Michigan City, IN
  • Sams Town Casino - Shreveport, LA   
  • Omni Dallas - Dallas, TX  
    Contributing Distributors:
    MVD Communications
    XETA Technologies
    Shared Technologies
web: Innovation Technologies Worldwide




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Tech Tip

The ever growing list of malicious and fraudulent activities seem to be spreading across the country.


The Hospitality industry is no exception to this threat!   

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