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- Renier Brentjens


- George Calin


- Spencer Gibson


- Marco Herling


- Satoshi Nagata  


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Progress to Date  

- $7 million has been awarded to fund individual projects

- $7 million has been provided to develop the US/European Alliance- a program initiated by CLL Global to promote integrative research 


- 2 CLL Research consortiums (in Australia and Israel) were provided seed funding  




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A Glance at the CLL Global Alliance


A Glance at the CLL Global Alliance


April 2011 


Welcome to Tidbits, the electronic newsletter sent to you by CLL Global. Our intention with Tidbits is to provide a "lighter" perspective on information about CLL research and those involved in the community. We hope you enjoy!




New Projects Funded


CLL Global recently announced five new grants. Each recipient will receive $100,000 for one year of support for their projects. Recipients are:   


test tubes

  • Renier Brentjens, M.D., Ph.D.
  • George Calin, M.D., Ph.D.    
  • Spencer Gibson, M.D.   
  • Marco Herling, M.D.  
  • Satoshi Nagata, Ph.D.                                  

Three of these projects will focus on new treatments for CLL, while the other two seek to further understand the biology of CLL and lead to more effective treatments in the future. All individual grant recipients are required to submit a progress report after nine months of funding. Based on the progress made during that time, CLL Global's Scientific Advisory Board will determine whether an additional $100,000 is warranted for a second year of funding. To check out the most recent grant recipients and their projects, click here.



mountain climberClimb to the Top for CLL


"We all have obstacles to

face. How we deal with

them, in large part, defines

who we are." - Dr. Ed Jaffe


Living with cancer can change people. Patients tend to take less for granted and often find out that they are stronger than they ever thought possible. Dr. Ed Jaffe has always been a strong, independent man. Now he is on a mission to prove that his CLL will not keep him down. In fact, he is going up as high as he can on Mount Kilimanjaro in South Africa. He is not only doing this for himself, but also to raise money and awareness for CLL. He has been mentally and physically preparing for several months and is set to depart on July 21, 2011. A majority if not all of the funds raised will be donated to CLL Global. Learn more about Dr. Jaffe's expedition on his personal page.


Feel free to share your journey with us! Email info@cllglobal.org.




The winter months have kept us busy. The CLL Global website has recently been revamped with updated information, new videos and an introduction to the most recently funded grant recipients and their projects.

We have also been preparing the Spring 2011 issue of the Research Momentum newsletter. This issue spotlights Dr. George Calin. He discovered a link between cancer and microRNAs, genes that were once considered "junk" DNA. Also included are highlights from the January 2011 CLL Global Alliance meeting and creative ways our donors are helping the CLL cause. This issue is expected to be out sometime this month, so be on the lookout!

If you currently do not receive a hard copy of the CLL Research Momentum and would like to, please email your name and physical address to info@cllglobal.org. Your information will not be shared with third parties and will only be used to provide you updates from CLL Global.



We hope you enjoyed the first Tidbits, and we thank you so much for your support.  



CLL Global Research Foundation