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Who We Are
Global Adolescent Project, G.A.P, was born of necessity: to fill a void -- a gap -- in assistance for youth. Founded by California residents, Dr. Nancy Sobel and Matt Vecere, who met while volunteering in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake. G.A.P's mission is to educate, encourage and empower global youth. We work to

provide shelter, education, role models, and business development skills and opportunities.  


Since our last newsletter, we have grown tremendously and continue to be astounded by the resilience and positivity of the growing G.A.P-Haiti family, as well as every Haitian we encounter. They have taught us so much! We now have 20 boys and girls in our family, with a wait list topping 100.

G.A.P. Teen, Dinaud Jean-Pierre, Sings with Conviction  


Meet Dinaud Jean-Pierre, 19. She currently resides in the G.A.P. apartment in Petionville, a few miles away from the rubble of her former home in Port au Prince. Also nearby is the displacement camp where Dinaud, along with her sisters and brother, slept under a small tarp for six months after they were orphaned by the powerful Jan 12, 2010, earthquake. The 1,000+ (yes, a year and a half after the quake) camps in and around Port au Prince are rife with sexual violence and gang activity.


Your generous donations have allowed us to keep Dinaud and her six siblings sheltered, clothed, fed and in school.

Global Adolescent Project 










Mrs. Seguy Back in Business! 


Juniors Mom in Tent 

In keeping with our mission to empower, we have put Mrs. Seguy back in business. Some of our sponsored children, such as Sinilove and Junior Seguy, have surviving parents, and we are actively investing in their business skills.  Prior to the earthquake, Mrs. Seguy was able to feed her family by running her small business. She would purchase coffee beans in the hills, grind them and sell wholesale grinds to local coffee sellers, as well as selling her own blend by the cup. The quake claimed her equipment, as well as her home and belongings. G.A.P. bought her a new coffee grinder, a sack of beans and a sack of sugar. With a loyal customer base and a reputation for a stellar cup of joe, business is good!
In the video clip to the left, Mrs. Seguy thanks you for helping her send her children to school from her temporary home under a tarp in a displacement camp near their former home in Delmas 32, Port au Prince, Haiti.
G.A.P. Co-Founder Dr. Nancy Sobel on LA Talk Radio!

LA Talk Radio LogoG.A.P. co-founder Dr. Nancy Sobel appeared on the LA Talk Radio show, "Answers for the Family," with Allen Cardoza and Dr Megan Foxx. She spoke about G.A.P's programs and the other positive things happening in Haiti, as well as the many issues surrounding poverty. Click here to hear a rebroadcast of the show!

Our Vision


What They're Up Against
G.A.P. kids, above the rubble
Many children perished underneath this school. Above the rubble, 3 brave survivors - G.A.P. participants - point to a brighter future.

As stated above, we now have 20 boys and girls in our family, with a wait list topping 100. Their personal stories are mind boggling. As one of the poorest nations on Earth, life in Haiti has always been a struggle for survival. The Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake exacerbated living conditions from bad to horrid to downright deadly. A fallen prison unleashed more than 4.000 of the most-hardened criminals and gang leaders, who use the displacement camps, home to one million survivors, as their new stomping grounds. Security is minimal, at best. As if the rape and other violence wasn't enough, the lack of sanitation made conditions ripe for a cholera outbreak, taking more than 4,000 lives. Hurricane Tomas ripped through the camps last October, followed by an election marred with corruption and violence. Now, another rainy season--and hurricane season--is upon us.

How We Are Helping

It sounds overwhelming, but many small victories combine into large ones. We have succeeded in getting birth certificates and other forms of identification lost in the rubble reissued. We have opened ten bank accounts for our participants, in their names, at Fonkoze bank. We are pioneering a tele-med trauma counseling program.

We are educating. There are almost no free schools in Haiti. It costs on average 60 percent of a family's income to send one child to school. Education is highly valued in Haitian culture, and families make incredible sacrifices to educate their children. G.A.P. is currently paying the tuition of 20 young Haitians, in addition to food, transportation and other living cost assistance. In keeping with our Do No Harm policy, we purchase food from local vendors, avoiding the perils of food aid on local economies.

G.A.P. is now leasing three apartments in the Port au Prince area, keeping twelve vulnerable young people out of harm's way. We hope to purchase a permanent place to call our Haiti home soon. G.A.P. board members and participants have been actively conducting market research and creating business plans. We envision a social business, run by Haitians, that funnels its revenues back into our Haiti programs, fostering sustainability.



Global Adolescent Project envisions a global network of young people who will encourage and support each other in good times and in bad. G.A.P. youth share ideas, interests, coping mechanisms and educational tools via online communication outlets. Through communication, they teach, and learn, about their different cultures and customs, thus becoming more aware of the world. Their solidarity will dissolve national boundaries and prejudices, leading to a more prosperous, sustainable and peaceful world. Thank you for your support

Love Is Why

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Global Adolescent Project