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Who We Are
Global Adolescent Project, G.A.P., was born of necessity: to fill a void, or a gap, in assistance for youth. Founded by California residents, Dr. Nancy Sobel and Matt Vecere, who met while volunteering in Haiti in the aftermath of the devastating Jan. 12, 2010, earthquake, G.A.P's mission is to educate, encourage resilience, and empower disenfranchised youth globally.

Why G.A.P?

Haiti's Jan. 12 earthquake left between 200-300,000 dead and more than 1.5 million homeless. The majority of the homeless live in makeshift IDP (internally displaced persons) camps, under tarps fastened to scraps of wood. A lucky few have received tents, while others sleep under sheets--or nothing .

Inside the camps, youth services are lacking. In response, Matt gathered small donations to enroll eager students in local schools, and Dr. Nancy provided much-needed counseling.

G.A.P. works to provide shelter, education, role models, and business development skills, and opportunities. 

G.A.P's First Mission: Junior
Junior is a 15 year old boy from Port au Prince, currently living under a tarp in a squalid IDP camp. Following the Jan. 12 earthquake, he spent three days under the rubble of his fallen house, pulling his shirt over his face to thwart the stench of dead family members rotting nearby. Junior is bright,
hard-working, and adamant that he will become a doctor. His dream is to provide medical care for the Haitian poor. The recent Cholera outbreak has made him more determined than ever.

When we met Junior, he was losing hope that he would find the $70 US for the upcoming semester of school. It was July, and his school was running a summer makeup session, as schools had been closed since the earthquake. Matt gathered the funds, and they made their way to a school in Delma 19 to enroll him.

Junior showed so much potential that a large NGO sponsored him for a year of tuition at an excellent private school, located in Port au Prince. G.A.P. is currently assisting Junior with his daily necessities.

Out of Camp Danger
Girls Relocate from Dangerous Camp
Global Adolescent Project soon found it necessary to address the lack of shelter, security, nutrition, and mentorship. The natural expansion began with a pair of orphaned best friends who spent sleepless nights huddled in fear inside an IDP camp. When Joselyn and Joisiane came to us, their cheeks stained with tears and describing the sounds of rape the night prior, it was time to act. Through the kindness and generosity of a group of Irish midwives, we had the funds to relocate them to a two-bedroom apartment, with rent covered for one year. There is an adult at the apartment, and G.A.P. is covering their tuition at the same excellent school Junior, above, attends. G.A.P. is also providing for their daily necessities. We are painfully aware that there are thousands in the same predicament as the one in which Joselyn and Joisiane found themselves. Global Adolescent Project continues to work to educate, encourage, and empower this vulnerable, forgotten group.

What's Next
Through microfinancing and social entrepreneurship, G.A.P's endeavors will become self-sustaining, while simultaneously empowering youth by providing job training, mentoring and the opportunity to realize their dreams.

G.A.P. is excited about the rapidly growing pilot program in Haiti, with specific focus on mental health issues. We are also developing initiatives in Tanzania, Philippines, and the United States. 

Global Adolescent Project envisions a world in which all youth enjoy a life with dignity and hope for the future. Such a world will be a safer, more stable one. With your help, we will continue to work toward this goal.

Please visit our website at for more information.

Thank you,

Dr. Nancy Sobel and Matt Vecere
Global Adolescent Project