Vol. 3 , No. 6  June 2012

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Spotlight on:                   Summer-the Construction Season Brings More Travel Options
Options:                          Staycations-A Local Vacation Idea
Tools:                              26 Ways to Store Your Bike   
Inspiration:                      Imagine an Interstate Highway System for Bicycles
Upcoming:                       4th of July Celebrations

ThemeMonthSpotlight of the Month:  Summer, the Construction Season

The construction season is upon us. Major projects that enhance the walk-bike-ride experience are complete or will be completed by end of summer. This issue of the Walk-Bike-Rider highlights improvements for walking, biking and riding. 

Roosevelt bike laneWalking and biking in Wallingford just got safer and easier. Bicyclists, pedestrians and neighbors in Wallingford are celebrating the installation of Seattle's first Neighborhood Greenway along N 43rd and N 44th streets between Stone Way N and Latona Avenue NE. The community and SDOT worked together to find solutions for making the corridor friendlier for all travelers. The new Greenway connects parks, schools, a community center and offers an alternative route to busy N 45th Street. Over eight miles of Greenways are on the docket for construction this year in Ballard, Beacon Hill, Delridge, Ravenna/Bryant and of course Wallingford 


West Thomas Street Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge will be completed in JulyThis new bridge is a dedicated pedestrian and bicycle structure over Elliott Avenue W and is the first phase of the Lake to Bay Loop project, which will provide direct access for cyclists and walkers between the lower Queen Anne area, including Seattle Center, and Myrtle Edwards ParkRead more about the Lake to Bay Loop project and see the map below: 

Roosevelt bike lane  


Paving N.E. Ravenna Boulevard Improves Greenlake Access.  Between E. Green Lake Dr. N. and 15th Ave. N.E. SDOT is repaving making the street making it easier to ride bikes. You already may have noticed the improved pedestrian curb ramps and a new curb bulb at E. Greenlake Drive N. and N.E. 71st St. making walkers more visible and the area accessible to people of all abilities. Cyclists now have a bike path that is more clearly delineated by diagonal hash lines and new striping--known as a "buffered" bike lane.  


Keeping cyclists moving during First Hill Streetcar construction. New bike sharrow corridors on S. Weller Street between 10th and 20th Avenue S. are part of the detour route for bikes that accommodate streetcar construction on S. Jackson Street.    



Roosevelt bike laneLong awaited Linden Avenue N Complete Street Project has begun.  See the latest information here  If you like to walk or bike Linden Avenue N between N 128th and N 145th streets you'll REALLY like it once this project is complete, up to one year from now.  In the meantime, use caution and go slowly! 


Project construction is currently underway along the segment bound by North 135th and North 141st streets. Sidewalks may be closed at times, so be sure to follow detour signs. Areas under construction will change during the course of construction and will be opened back up when work is completed.  Enduring construction definitely will be worth the wait! When SDOT is done there will be:

  • Continuous sidewalks with ramps and curbs
  • Cycle tracks that separate bicycle traffic from motorists and pedestrians 
  • A pedestrian crossing near the Community Center
  • Improved street lighting, landscaping and drainage
  • A connection to the Interurban Trail

In a later issue of the Walk Bike Rider, we'll give you more tips and ideas about travel opportunities as well as information about future connections to the new section of the Interurban Trail.   


Lake City Street Improvements on NE 33rd Street from 125th to 130th Avenue NE :  Narrowing this street has calmed vehicle traffic, enhanced pedestrian and bicycle safety, and connected the Little Brook Green Space with the green space at the south end of 33rd Avenue NE just south of NE 120th Street.  Also improving the pedestrian environment are:

  • Boulders and landscapes to buffer pedestrians from traffic
  • Improved drainage and lighting
  • Marked mid-block pedestrian crossings   
  • Planted center medians that create green gateways, and
  • Curb bulbs with plantings, benches and public art.



OptionsHeaderOptions to Get Around


Roosevelt bike laneVacation Option: The Chief Sealth Trail is family friendly and available by Link LIGHT RAIL and Metro buses. For a short, inexpensive vacation and a major ride, the trail provides connections to the Mountains to Sound Greenway, which you actually can ride from Seattle to Ellensburg. It's not for the fainthearted, but the scenic payoff is spectacular. Register for trips this summerOptions to riding a bike the whole way:  Take Metro route #36 to the Chief Sealth trailhead at S Myrtle Place and 32nd Avenue S or take Sound Transit route #545 from downtown Seattle directly to the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trail.  See the complete map here.


Last Chance to help build a better Seattle. Take the Bike Master Plan Survey by July 3rd. 



ToolsTools to Help You Walk, Bike and Ride


Roosevelt bike laneDown to earth bike storage.  Bikes get wet. Sometimes, really wet-not to mention muddy, gritty, grimy, etc. Don't let that keep you from owning and riding a bike. Here are 26 ways to store your bike

InspirationInspiration to Walk, Bike and Ride


Roosevelt bike laneImagine an interstate highway system for bicycles--officially recognized and signed bike routes that crisscross our country. Read how The Bicycle Alliance of Washingtonis partnering with Adventure Cycling to create the routes in our state that will be part of the U.S. Bike Route System.


The folks at Undriving share great stories about the discoveries and joys of choosing car-free travel. Check out  undriver Story #6629, how Maria celebrated giving up her car.



Roosevelt bike laneJuly 4th Celebrations:  Anywhere you are in Seattle, you'll find birthday parties for the U.S.A., and getting there is easiest if you walk, bike or ride. The annual fireworks display on Lake Union starts at 10 PM. Use this on-line map to find a the best pedestrian-bicycle routes for you to Gas Works Park; 

plan your trip via Metro; and check out events around the lake and more.   


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