Vol. 3, No. 1  2012

In this issue: 
Spotlight on:  Podcasts Help Keep New Year's Resolutions
Options:         Restored Sidewalks in South Park and Madrona
Tools:            Web Sites Dedicated to Walking
Tips:              Safety First
Upcoming:     Events to Celebrate Black History Month

Spotlight of the Month:

Resolve to walk and bike more and be healthy in 2012.   The month of January is a great time to walk or bike more.  Trips can be as short and simple as a close-by walk to the neighborhood library or as long as a bicycle commute downtown.  It's an easy way to have a positive impact on traffic congestion and air quality - not to mention working off some of that holiday cheer. Listen to podcasts about how two ladies, Barbara and Heather are changing their habits.


The Walk Bike Ride Challenge can help you on the path to a healthier you. The Challenge supports you in converting drive alone car trips to walk, bike and transit trips. SDOT will give you with information and encouragement throughout the program that will help you create new travel habits. The more car trips you save, the more chances you have to win great prizes.

OptionsHeaderOptions to Get Around


Sidewalks Make it Easier to Get Around in Madrona and South Park.


Newly repaired sidewalks just south of the Madrona business district have improved mobility for all to get to bus stops, parks, the library, schools, and local businesses. 


Safe Routes to School Program.  Recently the City put the finishing touches on the South Park neighborhood's newest sidewalk. The new facility on South Concord Street between 5th Avenue South and 7th Avenue South has significantly enhanced a designated school walking route to Concord Elementary School and improved safety on the street as a whole. Check out our great new walk-to-school opportunity!   

ToolsTools to Help You Walk, Bike and Ride


New web page dedicated to walking: If your 2012 resolutions include more walking, check out the walking maps, listings of organized walks, groups, clubs and other resources on this site, where you'll find info for people of all ages in many cities in King County.



 Seattle Walking Maps are designed to help Seattle residents and visitors choose walking routes that best suit their interests and fitness levels.  Get one today.  


 "Saddle up!" Winter is a great time to build up your skills so you can become more active. If it involves bicycling Cascade Bicycle Club has classes for all ages and skill-levels. Learn urban cycling techniques and hone your bike maintenance skills. Look here for additional quick tips to help you get started. 


New, live traffic video cameras allow you to check route conditions before you walk, bike or ride.  The City installed cameras at 24 locations in Seattle.  Test them here and give the City feedback 

InspirationTips to Walk, Bike and Ride

Safety First.  The City of Seattle wants all bicyclists to arrive at their destinations safely!  If you're riding during hours of darkness use a bright, white light on the front of your bike and a red reflector on the back. It is also the law. Learn more about it here


Reminder:  Rainier Beach Neighborhood Walking Ambassador Training is Saturday, February 25th 


Tip:  Don't be a distracted walker--turn off headphones and pay attention when crossing the street


Winter weather means be prepared for a safe walk in the snow. When it snows in Seattle, walking and riding transit are the best ways to get around. Lend a hand and shovel the sidewalk adjacent to your property and keep ice from forming. Not only is it property owners responsibility, but you'll encourage walking, help keep pedestrians safe and make it easier to get to transit. Here are some tips for getting around in the snow.


Tip:  Shovel your sidewalk when it snows! It's Neighborly--and its the law!




 Celebrate Black History Month.  Here's What's Happening and How to Get There.





Seattle Art Museum  (SAM) Premiers two Black History Month films.  SAM is conveniently located at First Avenue and University Street in Downtown Seattle-very convenient to transit riders. 




Join Ernestine Anderson, the Ugandan Orphan Choir, and local story-tellers at 

the Northwest African American History Museum, 2300 South Massachusetts Street. More than 20 public transit routes stop within walking distance of the museum. Plan your bus trip and visit the museum's web site for details and event updates.




The Cross Cultural Health Care Programis a nonprofit organization founded in 1992 whose mission is to help ensure underserved communities full access to quality health care that is culturally and linguistically appropriate. Learn more about Bridging the Gap Interpreter Training on Monday, February 20, and Friday, February 24, all day at 4700 42nd Ave S.W. Suite 580.  Visit Cross cultural health for more information.  Metro Bus Route No. 55 will get you there.


Ethnic Cultural Center at the University of Washington

More than 30 public transit routes serve the Ethnic Cultural Center at the University of Washington.   Plan your trip to this and other events.  View their calendar.


Saturday, Feb 18 - 11th Annual Pre-Health Conference

8:00 AM - 5:30 PM, Johnson Hall on the UW Campus

email: Denise Della for more info at







Elliott Bay Bike Trail: Pedestrians and bicyclists use extra caution. The Elliott Bay Trail closure north of the Seattle Ferry Terminal is part of Seattle City Light's Central Waterfront Transmission Line Relocation Project.  South of the ferries at South Main Street, the SR 99 tunnel project detours all waterfront street and trail traffic under the viaduct. All travelers, and especially pedestrians and cyclists, should watch for traffic detour signs and be extra careful moving through construction zones.


Reminder:  If you ride the bus across SR520, it will be closed Feb. 10-13 and Feb. 24-27


Paving Project on N/NW 85th Street

Phase I, between 15th Avenue NW and 8th Avenue NW is expected to last into May. All traffic, including Metro buses, is being detoured to NW 80th Street. Bus riders are encouraged to sign up for Transit Alerts to keep up with any major changes for these routes. Read more about transit impacts on Metro's project web site


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